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August 6 2020, 10:44am

Only few months away from getting the chance creating a Set for this game in 2020 (same as the title of the game).


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August 6 2020, 2:19pm

Set please


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August 26 2020, 9:36am

Not to break Keltron's anyone's heart, but i'm not confident I can give this game what it deserves right now. Hope someone else can make a good set in 2020! Open for development again.


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August 26 2020, 9:56am

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I'm working on a set for this game. I'll post a list of potential achievements later, but all suggestions are welcome as well!

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October 3 2021, 6:42pm, edited October 3 2021, 6:46pm

Potential set below. Suggestions/Feedback welcome:

Win as American Dreams
Win as Tokyo Samurais
Win as Naples Seagulls
Win as Taiwan Megapowers
Win as Korea Dragoon
Win as Battle Angels
Win as Battle Heroes
Win as Ninja Blacksox
Win as Aussie Battlers
Win as Mechanical Brains
Win as Metal Slashers
Win as Tropical Girls
Win a game without buying any upgrades
Win a game without switching out your initial pitcher
Win a game by shutting out your opponent (0 runs)
Win a game by shutting out your opponent AND not switching your initial pitcher
Win the pennant/league
Win the world series
Strike out a batter
Get a batter out while at 'full count' as pitcher
Pitch a no-hitter
Score a double play
Score a triple play
'3 up, 3 down' (three outs on three batters while fielding/pitching)
Perform a dive catch
Perform a jump catch
Hit a double while batting
Hit a triple
Hit a home run (via the Home Run Zone)
Infield home run (HR via outside Home Run Zone)
Hit a grand slam
Successfully steal a base
Get on base after a 'full count' as batter
Successfully Bunt
Go through your entire batting order within one inning
Buy an upgrade/powerup
Break a robot

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Sorry for the delays... life's been busy but I should have more time soon. Claim is open for now but I'm looking to be able to start back up in a week or two (Mid-Late March 2022) unless someone else has a huge desire to work on this game.

I've got the easy achievements above done, just working a couple of the more complicated ones.


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March 5 2022, 2:29am

The previous claim has expired, the set is open for development.

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March 12 2022, 10:58pm, edited June 12 2022, 4:29pm

I'm back and have time to finish this set. Should only take a claim or two until I'm done - If i can't finish them all within two claims I'll post up to the ones I have completed.

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June 12 2022, 4:31pm, edited June 12 2022, 4:32pm

I'm still working on this set but have made good progress. Most will be in unofficial soon while I continue to test the rest and update images/points. Should only take another month or two - if the more difficult ones aren't working by then I'll post all the others.

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September 6 2022, 12:17am, edited September 6 2022, 12:18am

Achievements have been pushed to unofficial and are in the queue to be code reviewed. Below is a list of the achievements that made it in. It's mostly the same as earlier, but with a few small differences.

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Manifest Destiny (2)
Win a game as the American Dreams team

Land of the Rising Sun (2)
Win a game as the Tokyo Samurais team

Spreading Your Wings (2)
Win a game as the Naples Seagulls team

Taiwan #1! (2)
Win a game as the Taiwan Megapowers team

Seoul Winner (2)
Win a game as the Korea Dragoon team

Femme Fatale (2)
Win a game as the Battle Angels team

Shock and Awe (2)
Win a game as the Battle Heroes team

Men in Black (2)
Win a game as the Ninja Blacksox team

'Straya Slayers (2)
Win a game as the Aussie Battlers team

Dreaming of Electric Sheep (2)
Win a game as the Mechanical Brains team

Heavy Metal (2)
Win a game as the Metal Slashers team

Tropic Thunder (2)
Win a game as the Tropical Girls team

Goose Eggs! (10)
Win a game by shutting out your opponent (allow 0 runs)

The Best that Money Can Buy! (2)
Buy a power up (hitting, fielding, pitching, or robot)

Going, Going, Gone! (10)
Hit a home run via the Home Run Zone

Strike out! (2)
Strike out a batter while pitching

No Time For Losers (10)
Win the pennant for your league (win first place after 15 games)

We Are The Champions! (10)
Win the world series

Three Up, Three Down (5)
Get three outs on the first three consecutive batters while fielding

Who Needs a Bullpen? (10)
Win a game without ever changing your starting pitcher

Grand Slam! (25)
With the bases loaded, hit a home run (via the home run zone)

Bunt! (5)
Get on base from a bunt hit

Good Eye! (5)
Check a swing (don't fully swing) on a ball pitch

Catch Out! (5)
Catch an out via a jetpack assisted jump or dive catch

Batting Around (10)
Have each of your 9 players bat in a single inning

Under Pressure (5)
Strike a batter out while at full count (3 balls and 2 strikes)

No-Hitter (10)
Win a game by not allowing any hits

RBI (5)
Sacrifice an out for a run while batting

No Artificial Ingredients (5)
Win a game without using any powerups (hitting, batting, pitching, or robot)

Double Play (10)
Score a double play (2 outs during one play)

Double Trouble (10)
Hit a double while at bat

Triple Threat (10)
Hit a triple while at bat

Crowding The Plate (5)
Take a base after being hit by a pitch

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September 26 2022, 3:01pm

Achievements have been promoted and are now unlockable.

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