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Parasite Eve

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Posted: 02 Apr, 2020 14:30

Wayne keeps the Junk you collected you started from before. If you turn on Fast Forward/Turbo, then steal farming Junk (with Club 2) in Central Park with the avoidable spawn of the 2 Crows and 1 Monkey makes it doable in about 2 hours.

Pick either the Handgun or Machine Gun for the best weapon. The Machine Gun, P90, can have the best single shot (100% damage) and the fastest speed per shot along with 7 slots. The Handgun, DE50AE7, can have either Rate of Fire 3 (126% damage) or 10 (130% damage) and a slightly less fast speed per shot along with 10 slots. You do not want a Rate of Fire beyond one if you plan to finish the Chrysler Building as stopping your shots helps prevent healing from the Purebred (which starts at 1000 and increases all the way to 10,000) and Command 2 or 3 let's you work around the less damage.
Posted: 02 Apr, 2020 16:02

Ok, thanks for the tips. I'm on my way to complete the game and then I'll start grinding for junks. Actually I think there's a better spot to get junk.
Spoiler (Click to show):
Chapter 3, when the Police Office is under attack, you have birds so you're close to Wayne's office to store your junk ;)
Posted: 19 Apr, 2020 04:36

Another good spot for the junk grind is the first 10 floors of the Chrysler Building. In the vertical straight pathed rooms, a flock of five birds will spawn or two rats with two birds. A good thing to do is use the second floor with a straight vertical path right near the staircase. You can then run back and forth, collecting junk. Once you are full, run out and return to the police station. Keep in mind though that once you beat the boss on the 10th floor, no more monsters will spawn in your current and any future runs.
I like the idea from the spoiler above too. I feel like my idea might be faster though.
Posted: 20 Apr, 2020 14:56

my rom works on RaLibRetro, but doesnt detect cheevos on Lakka - anyone had this problem? :'(
Posted: 11 Jul, 2020 00:59

If I still have game saves on an old memory card and they transfer, could I theoretically use them to help get the achievements? I'm unsure of this as it seems like you could just use any game saves to get the achievements.
Posted: 11 Jul, 2020 01:18

My original interpretation was *all* save files must be made in an RA-supported emulator, but looking at the rule I feel like it's not very clear? It only specifies using a non-RA emulator (IE, one where save states could potentially be used) to earn achievements in Hardcore.
Posted: 11 Jul, 2020 13:12

If you're playing on real hardware, you're already playing in "hardcore", plus it's your own save file. It says not to use a non-RA emulator. Well, it wouldn't be even an emulator in this case. It's actual hardware. I would say your own saves are perfectly fine to use. However, I will say that loading your save file doesn't guarantee that achievements will pop automatically.
Posted: 17 Mar, 2021 11:55
Last Edit: 17 Mar, 2021 12:04

Is there any hope to support the FR patched version?

I think the most up to date french translation is here
Posted: 17 Mar, 2021 13:04

I linked the Spanish one recently and it didn't seem to have any issues.

I'll look into the French patch later today. Should be fine so long as it uses the US version as a base.
Posted: 18 Mar, 2021 10:29

I had seen for the Spanish translation, hence my question for a possible French translation.

Thank you anyway!
Posted: 20 Mar, 2021 10:25

Synorus - I've linked the French translation and posted the checksum info here. Please verify that it works on your end.

Posted: 20 Mar, 2021 13:49

Thank you very much. I launched the game and the successes are recognized.

I don't plan on doing a run right away, but when I do, I'll report any issues.
Posted: 02 Jul, 2021 02:17
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2021 05:12

Please link the Brazilian translation
[Admin edit - Please do not share links to copyrighted material]
Posted: 07 Aug, 2021 04:22
Last Edit: 08 Aug, 2021 01:20

When I star the game, retroarch says: "Could not activate rich presense: Duplicated value expression" That's normal??

PCSX ReARMed & Spanish Translation
Posted: 08 Aug, 2021 01:20

I let Ryudo know since he did the rich presence.
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