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New Set Request Feature

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Posted: 31 Dec, 2019 05:58
Last Edit: 31 Dec, 2019 05:58
You may have noticed it already, but in case you haven't, recently added a long overdue feature to the site: set requests!

If a game does not have an achievement set, its entry will have links to request a set and see other requests for the game. Also, in the navigational bar, you can find "Most Requested" under "Games" and "Manage", and "My Requested Sets" under "My Pages"

To request a set, simply click "Request Set" where the game star rating would normally be. You can also withdraw a request.

Why would you want to withdraw a request? Well, there's a limit to how many requests a user can make. This is to prevent spamming requests with new accounts. The details are as followed:

- Upon reaching 5000 points on the site, you are allowed 1 request.
- You get 1 more request at 10,000 points, 15,000 points, 20,000 points, and for every 10,000 points after that.

For example, I currently have 81,264 points so I can make 10 requests. Once I reach 90,000 points, I can have a total of 11 requests.

Have fun with it. :)

Posted: 31 Dec, 2019 11:58
Last Edit: 31 Dec, 2019 11:59
To clarify: The points that count are the blue ones, the achievement points, not the white ones, the retro ratio points.

I assume that requests are automatically revoked (i.e. given back) when a game receives achievements?

Posted: 31 Dec, 2019 13:05
Yes, and yes. After a request is fulfilled your request will remain on the page until you withdraw it though it won't count toward your request limit.

Posted: 31 Dec, 2019 17:44
What happens if you recalculate your score after some sets are rescored lower and you drop down a tier (80,000 to 79,950) but have used all 10/10 of your set requests?

Posted: 31 Dec, 2019 18:57
You’ll have 10 out of 9 requests made. I don’t imagine too many users will be affected by this.

If you want to make a new set request at this point you would need to get back to a state where you have some available. That could be by gaining more points, withdrawing your existing requests, or by someone creating a set for a game you requested which will free a up a slot.

Posted: 31 Dec, 2019 20:14
Last Edit: 31 Dec, 2019 20:14
I only have 4 of 4 requests by default :(

Posted: 31 Dec, 2019 23:32
Nice going ! And i have some free requests...if you need just tell me the game! A great 2020 for all retrogamers!

Posted: 01 Jan, 2020 00:03
I think is a cool feature. I'm glad some precautions were put in to prevent spamming.

Posted: 01 Jan, 2020 16:12
The site keeps getting better, and better. Thank you guys for all your hard work!!!

Posted: 01 Jan, 2020 18:51
This is a superb idea. The points system giving you a certain amount of requests is brilliant.

Posted: 02 Jan, 2020 06:45
Last Edit: 09 Jan, 2020 15:10
I think is a great idea guys, I’m looking forward to earn 1.000 points and start asking for Saturn achievements;)

Posted: 02 Jan, 2020 20:28
good move. that way we not get spam, only people who truly want new sets to have a good time in the future. thanks for the hard work, guys!

Posted: 05 Jan, 2020 00:24
That's insane! Just saw the feature on one game so I went here to check up if anything was new, and I gotta say this is great! Love it!

Posted: 09 Jan, 2020 14:31
In a Request is Filled, will the slots be cleared, allowing for other Requests to be made?

Posted: 09 Jan, 2020 16:07
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