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Alien Crush

televandalist21 Nov, 2019 07:31(Edited 22 Mar, 2022 15:38)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Alien Crush (PC Engine) Alien Crush (PC Engine)
Created 21 Nov, 2019 07:31 by televandalist

Logic, Icons, Badges, and RP by televandalist

1. Alien Crush (USA).pce
RA Checksum: 0088d1d20861490677edb147d2de60bd
CRC32 Checksum: EA488494

2. tg16/acrush
RA Checksum: b79b937168344378a03c58b20c2df304

televandalist21 Nov, 2019 07:32
Since this was the clear second place choice in the poll I did on Discord, I will be working on a set for it. Plan soon.
JMaio21 Nov, 2019 16:26
televandalist26 Nov, 2019 03:19
Added four leaderboards
jplima26 Nov, 2019 04:17
televandalist26 Nov, 2019 05:08(Edited 27 Nov, 2019 15:00)
I will probably add a few more cheevos sometime in the next few days.

- Get 10 perfects in any bonus stages during one game.
- Open all paths at least once during one game.
- Kill at least one of every enemy during one game.
- Completely destroying one of the alien centipedes without entering the top half of the screen.
- Having 6+ enemies in the red at the same time in bonus stage 2
- Light up three blocks with one hit in bonus stage 1
- Get an extra ball via points
- Getting back to the plunger through the top screen
- Getting back to the plunger through the bottom screen
- Possibly some for total enemy kills
- A handful of these would have cheevos for both slow and fast modes.
- Open to suggestions for more.

Also, I realize that is completely insane and probably worthy of being a 100 pointer, which I'm not against at all... But chances are, someone will try to vote it out of the set via a revision vote at some point. And it will probably be the only "beat the game" achievement to get demoted from a set for being too hard. For those of you who don't know, as soon as you get 999,999,990 points, the table blows up and you see the ending. Thing is, it would involve not getting a game over for 10+ hours of straight playtime :D

Can you really say you've mastered Alien Crush without having done that?
JMaio26 Nov, 2019 18:41
Good "extra" cheevos and YES...beating the game is really insane!
xcommander22 May, 2021 19:36
If you want some extra information and the pinball map, go to:
televandalist04 Aug, 2021 14:24
Gamechamp11 Jan, 2023 20:47
I would just like to voice that I am sad there is no achievement for beating the game. :<

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