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November 15 2019, 11:59am, edited November 29 2019, 2:09pm

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Created 15 Nov, 2019 11:59 by SporyTike

1. Pokemon Party Mini (USA).min
RA Checksum: e0a064e6d758f958752a49c0ce798388
CRC32: 938D3819

2. Pokemon Party Mini (Japan).min
RA Checksum: 4266d987e4203c3da2a2da1b3c2e2d39

3. Lunch Time (USA) (GameCube).min
RA Checksum: 199aaed9afb5851c4d39ef78c29b86d1
CRC32: 05C5C126

4. Snorlax's Lunch Time (Europe) (GameCube).min
RA Checksum: 0823b8d49dc88033659f0d4eae114907
CRC32: B9324F30

5. Snorlax's Lunch Time (Japan) (GameCube).min
RA Checksum: 96f6a0cedc7471a0357271dc799ed342
CRC32: 0186EA70



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November 15 2019, 12:00pm

I will do some achievements for this game. There isn't a lot to do so the set won't have a lot achievements

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November 17 2019, 11:51am

On witch emulator is it supposed to run ?


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November 17 2019, 12:05pm

The newest version of RALibretro.

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November 17 2019, 10:05pm

along with retroarch

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November 18 2019, 2:12am, edited November 18 2019, 2:20am

On retroarch none of the achievements are unlocking for me, though the I do get logged into RA and the achievements list is shown. Using Pokemon Mini Party Japan. I'll try USA and see if those work.

Edit: Nevermind, I can't try USA so until Japan gets fixed I'm out of luck :/


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November 18 2019, 4:09am

how do i get Infradead Feature Infradead Feature

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November 21 2019, 8:41pm

How to get Infradead Feature?


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November 21 2019, 8:43pm

Try to use a infrared feature and get an error message


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November 24 2019, 9:16pm

Volt Tackle Volt Tackle (10) is insanely tough, should be 25 points at least, in my opinion.

With some little training you can get pretty good at Rattata. On Eevee, I think it is worth to get good at reacting too. My win rates on Eevee:

.240 to .249 = 21.42% (12 out of 56)
.250 to .259 = 18.51% (10 out of 54)
.260 to .269 = 26.08% (12 out of 46)
.270 to .279 = 25.00% (9 out of 36)

Some variance I suppose. Logically the faster you react the higher should be your chances. My best lose time on Eevee was .240, and my worst win time was .279. Opponents times varies, you gotta count on Eevee not reacting too fast.

On Pikachu I had 40 fail tries from .201 to .303, and I always got behind. Didn't even make side to side on all my losses. I could only win by making a lucky .076 pre-react. I wonder if it is possible to win against Pikachu by really reacting.


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July 7 2020, 2:06am

Baby rescore; set would become 80 points.
Quick Attack Quick Attack (5) 10 -> 5
Master of Time Master of Time (5) 10 -> 5

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