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Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 22:33
Last Edit: 10 Nov, 2019 06:04
Welcome to the 2nd edition of the VGM Contest! In this contest, I would like to hear suggestions about how it can be improved from the first time. If you have any input on what could be better, let me know!

If you're unaware of what this contest is about, let me fill you in. This contest is not about creating your own music. Instead, this contest is about submitting your favorite video game music songs as nominees for the "best" video game music song in the contest (as chosen by the exquisite tastes of the RA community). You don't need to be a musician to enter, you just need to love game music! If you want to join, simply post in the thread saying so! Please do read the rules as well.

Due to some time constraints, I will not be able to anonymize this contest's songs. I apologize if this spoils anything for anyone, but I just won't have the time to do it. As a result, you're free to post your song submissions directly into your signup post. Please read the submission rules to understand how to do this.

The round of 96 (pt.1) is now underway!
Link to the song groups

Countdown until the next round starts: Countdown clock

Submission rules
- Each entrant must submit 3 songs. Include a Youtube link, or some way for people to be able to listen to the song. You'll need a link that is not blocked in certain countries, as everyone needs to be able to listen to your submissions.

- You don't have to make all of your submissions at once; if you know one song you want to submit, you can go ahead and post it, then come back later and edit your post with the other 2. However, once the submission period is closed (1-2 weeks from now, depending on how many entrants join), you'll need to have all 3 of your submissions.

- If you edit your post to change a submission, please let me know by posting here in the thread, PMing me on RetroAchievements, or DMing me on Discord.

- Only new submissions are allowed for this contest. Nothing submitted in the previous contest can be submitted. Here is a playlist of all the songs previously submitted (thanks yet again to BenGhazi for that).

- Only songs actually written for the game that appeared in the game will be acceptable.

- No licensed tracks (basically anything from Guitar Hero, for example). To further clarify that statement, however: games that traditionally include licensed music may also contain music originally composed for that game. If this is the case with a particular song, then the song is allowed for use in this contest.

- Licensed tracks, or tracks that were otherwise not originally composed for video games, but that are redone for video games, are acceptable. An example of this is various songs from Kingdom Hearts, which contains recognizable Disney themes that have been redone for the game. Insertions of original versions into the games do not qualify.

- No arrange CD tracks, whether they be arrangements by the original composer or fan/doujin arrangements. However, rearrangements of old game music that appear in newer games, like those found in the Smash Bros series, for example, are acceptable.

- Songs that appear in games that were unreleased, or even beta versions of completed games, are still game music, and therefore still qualify.

- Songs that are new for romhacks that were written for the romhack qualify as long as the romhack is a legitimate game (rather than a movie, means of playing high-quality music, etc).

- Songs appearing only in game trailers/commercials do not qualify.

- Only one song per composer per entrant.

- Only one song per franchise per entrant. These rules are to ensure there is at least some variety in style and source.

- Because of the two above rules, I do not find it necessary to limit submissions by era/console. You may submit as many as you'd like from a particular console.

- Please try to keep your songs under 10 minutes. If the song is very long because it repeats, consider finding one that does not loop. If you're unable to do so, ask me and I might be able to help you.

- If two or more people choose the same song, it goes to the first submitter.

Voting rules
- Each round will last 3 days, and will consist of multiple sets of songs. In the beginning, this will be groups of 3+ songs; in all future rounds, it will (ideally) be one-on-one pairings.

- Listen to each set of songs and pick your favorite out of the set. Tell me each of your favorites **privately**, whether it be in a PM here on, or a DM on Discord (I am Rimsala#6595 on Discord). DO NOT post your votes publicly. You are allowed to discuss songs you like/dislike in the #vgm-contest channel in the RA Discord, just please do not publicly reveal what you voted for.

- To help me out, please give me the titles of the songs **as I wrote them**, not as they appear in the videos. Please also group your votes up into one PM/DM, or at least as few as possible.

- If your song is in a set, you absolutely CAN vote for it. There is nothing stopping you from you liking your song the most in a set. Conversely, if you like someone else's song more in a set, you're not obligated to vote for your own; in fact, you are encouraged to vote for whatever song you truly like most in each set, as it is the spirit of the contest.

- In the case of a tie, both songs will move on to the next round.

- While the song orders have been randomized, I have taken certain liberties in the exact order for the first rounds. I have prevented a person having more than one song in a set, and I have prevented a person from having all 3 of their songs come up in the first round (the first half of the 96 songs). This is to space everyone's selections out nicely and make it fair for everyone. Future efforts will be made to do this in later rounds as well, when possible.

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 22:44
Last Edit: 26 Oct, 2019 23:03
I'm in ✋ 😃

Track 1 - Sunset Bridge from Persona 5
Spoiler (Click to show):
Composed by Shoji Meguro

Track 2 - Do You Want More! from No More Heroes 2
Spoiler (Click to show):
Composed by Akira Yamaoka

Track 3 - Love Deterrence (Acoustic) from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Spoiler (Click to show):
Composed by Akihiro Honda

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 22:46
Last Edit: 27 Oct, 2019 03:45
Song 1:
Spoiler (Click to show):
Song: Diving
Game: Waterworld (SNES)
Composer: Dean Evans

Fun Fact: I'm going to make a set for this game sometime in 2020. Also the virtual boy version has decent music too, though obviously not as good.

Song 2:
Spoiler (Click to show):
Song: Creepy Forest
Game: Plok! (SNES)
Composer: Geoff Follin and Tim Follin

Fun Fact: oh look more tim follin the one from last year earned me a lot of points so

Song 3:
Spoiler (Click to show):
Song: Global Terminal
Game: Pokemon - Platinum Version (DS)
Composer: Hitomi Sato

Fun Fact: rads when

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 22:51
Last Edit: 26 Oct, 2019 23:49
I would like to join the contest.

My 3 submissions
Spoiler (Click to show):
MediEvil 2 - Main Menu
Artist: Bob and Barn
Platform: PlayStation

Spoiler (Click to show):
Enemy Zero - Opening Demo
Artist: Kenji Eno
Platform: SEGA Saturn

Spoiler (Click to show):
Oh No! - Riding the XTC
Artist: Ichi
Platform: Sony PlayStation

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 22:52
Last Edit: 27 Oct, 2019 01:41
I'm entering the contest, here are my submissions!

Track 1
Spoiler (Click to show):
There were just a lot of options in the OST to choose, but I decided to pick Cannon Ball.

Track 2
Spoiler (Click to show):
Deltarune has an awesome soundtrack (Better than Undertale, IMO). This one was originally supposed to be VS Susie but I changed it to Rude Buster because I think I like it more so there it is

Track 3
Spoiler (Click to show):

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 22:57
A shame about this no longer being anonymized but oh well, I'm definitely still joining.

Spoiler (Click to show):
+Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia - EXEC_HARMONIUS/.
+Artist/Composer: Akiko Shikata
+Platform: Playstation 2
+Year: 2006/2007

Spoiler (Click to show):
+The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Don't Be Afraid
+Artist/Composer: Jared Emerson-Johnson
+Platform: Multi
+Year: 2018

Spoiler (Click to show):
+9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors - Morphogenetic Sorrow
+Artist/Composer: Shinji Hosoe
+Platform: Multi
+Year: 2009

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 23:12
how to win free badge in VGM Contest 2nd Edition easily (no virus)

Spoiler (Click to show):
just post stickerbush symphony and some undertale song lol

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 23:31
Last Edit: 26 Oct, 2019 23:36
True gamer moments ahead

Spoiler (Click to show):
from Touhou 17 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Entrusting this World to Idols ~ Idolatrize World
by ZUN

Spoiler (Click to show):
from Elebits
The Zero Elebit
by Naoyuki Sato and Michiru Yaman

Spoiler (Click to show):
from Einhander
by Kenichiro Fukui

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 23:34
Last Edit: 26 Oct, 2019 23:36
Let's go!

Spoiler (Click to show):
The Red Locus
Game: Radiant Historia
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Platform: Nintendo DS/3DS

Spoiler (Click to show):
Hyrule Castle (Outside)
Game: The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild
Composer: Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata and Hajime Wakai
Platform: Nintendo WiiU/Nintendo Switch

Spoiler (Click to show):
Obligatory Etrian Odyssey song
City of Radiant Ruin
Game: Etrian Odyssey IV - Legends of the Titan
Composer: Yuzo Koshiro
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 23:44
Last Edit: 27 Oct, 2019 00:03

Song 1:
Spoiler (Click to show):
Perfect Dark - Chicago: Stealth (N64)

Song 2:
Spoiler (Click to show):
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - Boss Battle (SNES)

Song 3:
Spoiler (Click to show):
F-Zero X - Devil's Call in Your Heart (N64)

Posted: 26 Oct, 2019 23:57
What I remember that could be improved from last event:

- Users had 1 week to vote, felt like too much. 3 days seems fine.
- Users had to select 6 songs (and rank them) in a pool of ~30 songs iirc per round. Really tiresome. I would do the event in a "tournament bracket" format, users just needing to choose the songs in head-to-head battles. The winner song advances, the loser song is eliminated.

Well, knowing who submitted which song and knowing what game is it from definitely is a big lose for the event. Maybe you could have asked if some admin/staff would do it for you. Anyway, better to have the event this way than not having the event at all. It is fun, afterall, thanks for hosting again, .

Posted: 27 Oct, 2019 00:14
Last Edit: 27 Oct, 2019 00:19
I don't really care about the submissions being anonymous (it's fun to see other people's taste), but I like Thoreau's idea about the tournament bracket. Sounds like less work than rating things in order.

Song 1:
Spoiler (Click to show):

Song 2:
Spoiler (Click to show):

Song 3:
Spoiler (Click to show):

Posted: 27 Oct, 2019 00:17
I'll join
Spoiler (Click to show):
Game: Granblue Fantasy
Composer: Tsutomu Narita
Platform: Mobile/Browser

Spoiler (Click to show):
Game: Tower of heaven
Composer: flashygoodness
Platform: PC

Spoiler (Click to show):
Game:Sonic: Before The Sequel
Composer: Funk Fiction
Platform: PC

Posted: 27 Oct, 2019 00:43
Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Posted: 27 Oct, 2019 00:49
Last Edit: 30 Oct, 2019 02:12
I ended up listening to all of the songs anyway during the last contest, so I figured I might as well submit something and participate fully this time around. Having abstained from the voting process in the previous competition, I don't think that I have any criticisms or suggestions.

Song 1. "VS. Lancastrians"
Composer: Waichiro Ozaki
Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Spoiler (Click to show):
Game: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses (Playstation 2)

Song 2. "Kokoro no Kakera - Pieces of a Broken Heart -"
Composer: Joe Hisaishi
Franchise: Ni no Kuni/Studio Ghibli
Spoiler (Click to show):
Game: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Playstation 3)

Song 3. "Tears of the Light"
Composer: Yoko Shimamura
Franchise: Kingdom Hearts
Spoiler (Click to show):
Game: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PlayStation Portable)

Honorable Mention (Swapped Out)
Spoiler (Click to show):
Song Title: "Game Over"
Composer: Waichiro Ozaki
Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Game: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom (Nintendo GameCube)

Original Song Title: 心のかけら
Localized Song Title: Pieces of a Broken Heart
Composer: Joe Hisaishi
Franchise: Ni no Kuni/Studio Ghibli
Game: 二ノ国 漆黒の魔導士 | Ni no Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn (Nintendo DS)

Original Song Title: "時間旅行〜ピアノver.〜(Instrumental)"
Localized Song Title: Time Travel Piano ver.~Instrumental
Composer: Tomohito Nishiura
Franchise: Professor Layton
Game: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (Nintendo DS)

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