Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collectors Edition

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matheus265328 Sep, 2019 17:18(Edited 20 Dec, 2021 15:55)
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Created 28 Sep, 2019 17:18 by matheus2653

Set coded by GalacticSpear
Set icon and badges by Rafatenck

Mega Man 8 (USA) [T-1216H]
RA Checksum: 96fb18cbfed4447c30fb1ff3ff64557b

matheus265328 Sep, 2019 17:37(Edited 28 Sep, 2019 17:37)
I planned to make achievements for the PSX version of the game, but since the Saturn got support in RAlibretro recently, I will add this achievement for this version instead since it has more content than the PSX version (Like exclusive boss fights for Cut Man and Wood Man), I will start make achievements for this game when I fix all my tickets.

Note: I will use some of the achievements ideas from the PSX Version + some extras achievements.
rabbids4eva29 Sep, 2019 20:34
Can you list what the Saturn version has in contrast to the PSX version?
matheus265329 Sep, 2019 21:12
The fact that the Saturn version has two extra bosses (Cut Man and Wood Man) that the PSX version don't have was already enough to make me want to work on this version instead, but there is more differences between the two versions:

- The Saturn version have Bonus Mode which includes artworks, voice test, music test and others;
- The soundtrack is a little different from the PSX (Tengu Man's song is completely different);
- This version adds more enemies (Like the two mettals at the start of the intro stage)
- And more stuff that you can find here.
matheus265304 Oct, 2019 20:02
matheus265312 Oct, 2019 13:14(Edited 12 Oct, 2019 13:51)
And the first Sega Saturn's set is here! Huge thanks for Rafatenck for making the badges of the game.

Don't forget to before playing the set putting the bios on the system folder for RetroArch (in that case, mpr - 17933.bin for USA isos), you can do the same thing in RALibretro, but RetroArch is more recommended for playing the game using Bettle Saturn core.
matheus265312 Oct, 2019 13:25(Edited 12 Oct, 2019 13:28)
The set only have 4 missable achievements:

NOTE: Like in my Mega Man X4 set, you can earn the robot master related achievements like damageless and in the boss rush.
fianovale13 Oct, 2019 05:54
Hi! wich core works on this set, im using retroarch 1.7.9v2
Bl4h8L4hBl4h13 Oct, 2019 08:58
matheus, im having a lot of issues with the game running very slow. It was fine before the update. i have used retroarch to update Beetle as well.
Gamechamp15 Oct, 2019 13:35
Any chance of having Rockman 8 linked, as well?
BerserkerBR11 Jan, 2020 14:49(Edited 11 Jan, 2020 14:59)
Hint for any emulation that requires a cue sheet:

Many ISO and BIN files that are downloaded in the internet have a wrong CUE file with them.

If you are having any problems try opening the CUE file with a NOTEPAD Program and see if the CUE file has the right BIN/ISO file mentioned in it.

Always make sure that the name for the BIN/ISO file IN the CUE file matches the name of the BIN/ISO file you actually have. Otherwise just write it properly and dont forget to save the CUE sheet as a CUE archive.
Red1313 Apr, 2020 16:05(Edited 13 Apr, 2020 16:05)
No recognizing the achievements of the game.
Kawanlb08 Aug, 2020 03:02
matheus2653 tem como vc mandar um link de uma rom que funcione ? nehuma funcionou , ja tentei em varios sites , ja fiz ate esses negocio do cd mage e do notepad e nada funcionou , nenhum cue
Genryusai09 Feb, 2021 19:37
Any solution if bettle saturn runs super slow?
AlexGatao24 Jun, 2021 19:38(Edited 24 Jun, 2021 20:46)
RP Added. Removed from No Dynamic RP Hub

RP by AlexGatao

Here the backup of text before the add the RP
"Mega Man is fighting roboots again, because Dr. Wily is back, that was unexpected."
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