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georgemcbain20 May, 2014 17:46(Edited 31 Jul, 2022 15:55)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Final Fantasy (NES) Final Fantasy (NES)

Yes. Not identified


Final Fantasy (USA).nes
RA Checksum: 24ae5edf8375162f91a6846d3202e3d6
CRC32 Checksum: AB12ECE6

Final Fantasy (Japan).nes
RA Checksum: 881ecc27f0d3b10ed63dcc68c2b20adc
CRC32 Checksum: 23C13B15

Final Fantasy (Japan) (Rev 1).nes
RA Checksum: 4dd4c6f2ff32da4d75dcd139f75150ec
CRC32 Checksum: 92B1B80A

Final Fantasy (USA) (Fr) (2.1).nes
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RA Checksum: 049bcc090c19306d5657fceac947a3f0
CRC32 Checksum: 8E2BD0F4

Final Fantasy (USA) (De) (StarTrans) (1.0).nes
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RA Checksum: afe22cc848201250ea320ad7b4d762a1
CRC32 Checksum: FEDB9EFA

Final Fantasy (USA) (Pt) (1.3) (CBT).nes
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RA Checksum: b3b22884e6eb8555eb74ed565a8a7a80
CRC32 Checksum: 6B736CB8

Final Fantasy (USA) (It).nes
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RA Checksum: 04865335bd8e715c873d69e0aee8de01
CRC32 Checksum: F081DB7A

Final Fantasy (USA) (Ru) (ConsolGames).nes
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RA Checksum: 3ba1c398381f311c47c7bcb5a5d35b57
CRC32 Checksum: D5FDA0DD

Final Fantasy (USA) (Es) (2.0).nes
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RA Checksum: 405ea90c2615074ff0fbdda5dcc33ca3
CRC32 Checksum: A6498EFE

Final Fantasy (USA) (Eo).nes
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RA Checksum: 3e162f3968dc3d5de1ebce8456e6e44c
CRC32 Checksum: 3757FBD6

Final Fantasy Original (FF1 Hack).nes
RA Checksum: 20790e405a3cd5e0fef997c33f32cc61
CRC32 Checksum: 4C93BEAA

Adventure Guide (pdf)
Game Manual
cirellio20 May, 2014 17:58(Edited 20 May, 2014 18:51)
Dost thou haveth any suggestions, G-McB?

I know I'd personally love to see an 8-bit Theatre reference or two.
I think it's mandatory to have the prerequisite 'clear the game with a team of White Mages' achievement. All Thieves would be another good one, though I think those were already done on the GBA version.

This game definitely could use more achievements -- The points were artificially inflated to 400, but there's plenty of room for plenty more here. A few icons also don't seem to be properly cropped/scaled.
georgemcbain20 May, 2014 20:04
Just off the top of my head:

Equip Ultima Weapon
Equip Xcalibur
Equip Thor's Hammer
Equip Masamune
Have your White Mage/White Wizard have all their magic slots filled
Have your Black Mage/Black Wizard have all their magic slots filled
Have your Red Mage/Red Wizard have all their magic slots filled
Have 99 potions (like 5 points ... achievement name something like "Just in case ...")
Reach level 50 with X Class
Reach level 99 with X Class
Zigouigoui22 Jun, 2015 12:42(Edited 22 Jun, 2015 13:24)
Not sure that reach level X will be fun because of all the farm it need only for achievement.

Find and defeat WarMech
Do the Ship puzzle game
cirellio22 Jun, 2015 13:14
Oh yes definitely need WarMech and the puzzle game, good ones!
Zigouigoui23 Jun, 2015 12:42
I will try to add those, but i'm without experience for those things, so maybe it will take some time.
Dexterspet16 Aug, 2015 15:07(Edited 19 Aug, 2015 03:21)
Added some new achievements for WarMech, slider puzzle and full magic slots as well as Excalibur and Masamune. Will add a Thor's Hammer one when I get to it again. Added Thor's Hammer.

If you've already gotten Thor's Hammer or Masamune, you can return to the chest containing it and the achievement should unlock.

If you've already obtained Excalibur, I've added the option to trigger it if you equip your leader's first weapon slot with it, then return to the smith. With this, all the new achievements should be obtainable even if you have a save from the end of the game.

"Heroes That Never Were" has also been fixed and should work from both entrances to the temple now.
Dexterspet09 Sep, 2015 19:25
I just noticed this game has 13 whole leaderboards, but only three have ever been scored upon, so there are only three visible on the game page. Just thought I should point that out somewhere.
CookiemonsterIke03 Dec, 2016 05:12(Edited 03 Dec, 2016 07:00)
I think "Talk to the invisible man." should be an achievement. I got gypped out of the ruby bonus, but I still need to play the game again for the "kill X with X" achievements.

Edit: "Kill Garland in level 1" may be a good idea too. Re-edit: Croossing the bridge in level 1 is probably better.
jimstrom11 Aug, 2018 16:36
A game with so much replayability need more achivements.

some party achievements would be golden.

I like swords - Four Fighters
Hadoken! - Four Black Mages
Lock up your Gold - Four Thieves
It will never work - Four White Mages
Jacks of all trades - Four Red Mages
It will really never work - Four Black Belts
The heroes we desserve - Play with the 8-bit theatre party
Who need nuke anyway - Play a party without a black mage
Who need Fade anyway - Play a party without a white mage
Never hit puberty - Defeat Chaos without being honored
Hollow Girl - Talk to the Invisible Girl
I really like swords - Defeat chaos without purchasing a single spell
ikki511 Aug, 2018 18:02(Edited 11 Aug, 2018 18:02)
If those were achievements, I'd never master the game... let alone even attempt to finish it.
ENZYME111 Aug, 2018 18:36
Too many playthroughs. FFI is a solid RPG to come back to once in awhile, but forcing the player to replay it for every single class (only) party would aggravate a lot of people.
jimstrom11 Aug, 2018 22:55(Edited 11 Aug, 2018 22:59)
My philosophy of achievements, almost never has the goal of mastering the games, more to try out things you never would have tried otherwise.

Just playing a game for story achievements is quite boring, achievements is perfect for challenges, sidequests and things like that.
jeftah28 Oct, 2018 18:41(Edited 28 Oct, 2018 18:42)
I know I'm late to the party, but nothing is stopping anyone from making a bonus set with the parameters jim suggested (and I think it'd be for the best as Bonus sets are all about pulling off crazy ass -but possible- stunts, perfect for anyone willing to go an extra mile. Take, for example the Mega Man X and Starfox 64 bonus sets).
Alexavelino12318 Dec, 2018 11:38
Suggestion icon.

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