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PlayStation is Now Officially Supported

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Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 01:05
what is the core of PS1 to open the achievements in Retroarch?

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 02:12
can you guys write a tutorial for me? this is very dificult run the ps1 games because of the spch5501.bin error...

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 03:21
Excellent! A bit of searching turned up the BIOS needed, as well as a one-stop place for PSX Roms (connected to my previous one-stop place for other consoles). Something I discovered that hadn't been mentioned yet: when the OP says it takes "BIN/CUE" files, it doesn't mean either/or. You need BOTH for the game to work. The BIN holds the game, the CUE holds the launch sequence.

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 03:33
Also, if you're like me and prefer to change the file names... don't. Seriously, DON'T. The CUE won't know what to do in that case.

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 03:36
but i have the bios the spch5501.bin and try with Mega Man X4 and show the error screen of "dont have the bios" but i have the bios on system in the retroarch.i dont understand why this error screen.

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 03:38
Last Edit: 08 Sep, 2019 04:14
excited to try this when it comes to the nightly retroarch. thanks guys

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 03:39
only show this screen for me and i have the bios in the retroarch and ralibretro.i really dont understand this error screen...

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 03:40
If I read the OP right Red, RetroArch is currently still unsupported, but will be announced here when it's ready. Only RALibretro has PSX at the moment.

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 03:40
Just in case, you need to put the bios in the "System" folder of RALibRetro.

Be also sure it's the exact same bios.

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 04:30
Totaya i tried again name "bios" on RALibretro and the file inside folder "bios" and again say the image screen error "spch5501.bin is missing"...

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 05:58
pcsxrearmed in retroarch is fully functional as far as i know. Ive played many games with it

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 06:16
Haven't had a Best Day Ever in a real long time. This will last for a long time!

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 06:30
The achievements works fine with eboot extension?

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 06:31
i'm trying many ways with retroarch, all the beetle cores and nothing of achievements in yugioh. i tried eboot and cue/bin files.

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 06:49
The RALibetro is closing right after i choose a game to load. tried with 2 different cue files
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