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PlayStation is Now Officially Supported

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Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 17:03
@LordArchantos right that makes sense thank you very much for that.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 19:10
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 19:40
when ever i load nightly build for ps1 it gives me blank screen

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 20:44
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 20:44
Make sure you have the proper bios files for the region of the game you are running placed in the retroarch system folder (see OP for details)

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 21:00
Also I would use as well the opengl graphics driver it is the most compatible graphics driver for all cores.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 21:44
Finally got it working! Tony Hawk 2 achievements have been a dream of mine ever since I popped my first cheevo back on 360.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 22:34

Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 02:06
I can't make ir work in Android retroarch. I guess I'm doing something wrong with te nightly build..

Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 06:39
So, since this nightly can anyone tell if it's more or less stable than ralibretro which some previous comments also said is problematic?

Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 07:12
@mentifisto Sorta. I can't really play anything beyond the default settings in whatever configuration ralibretro has it's software mode running in. So for me Retroarch isn't just the already preferred method, it's sorta the only to unlock achievements unless I want the games to look like an unholy mess. I've played three games now with varying degrees of success. Medievil runs just fine with achievements unlocking with no problems. But both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro immediately crashed Retroarch upon achievement unlock for no reason. Even though the games crashed the achievements registered the unlock. Very strange.

Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 07:12
Last Edit: 13 Sep, 2019 07:12
double post

Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 07:38
@vidiot , that's weird I won 4 achievements yesterday in Crash Bandiccot with the nightly, no crashes, on Android. Which core are you using? Maybe try another dump of the game?

Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 08:13
@kikeminchas Good to know. I'll do some more tests momentarily. Beetle HW for core.

Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 08:13
Last Edit: 13 Sep, 2019 08:14
another double post. x.x

Posted: 14 Sep, 2019 04:26
@kikeminchas Reset achievements for Crash and tried again today with another dump of the game. Retroarch again crashed at achievement unlocking while playing Crash Bandicoot. I guess windows versions are more susceptible to instability. Unsure how to move forward.

Posted: 14 Sep, 2019 09:50
Vidiot hmm it working great for me the nightly build, I am using windows 10 build 1903 just be sure to use the openGL graphics driver in retroarch and that your games come in bin/ cue
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