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PlayStation is Now Officially Supported

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Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 10:31
i got the nightly retroarch for sept 12 and loaded up final fantasy 7
so far i got it to show "0 out of 98 achievements unlocked"
we'll see if it works once i get the first unlock
(currently on my nintendo switch using PCSX-rearmed)

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 10:32
Just tried PS1 achievements with the nightly build of Retroarch on Android. They work.

I tried first RA32 with the PCSX Rearmed Core. I know recommended is Beetle PSX HW but that won't be an option for 90% of the Android base so wanted to try PCSX first... and it works... kinda... I got quickly 2 cheevos in Crash Bandicoot, but the third one, (beating Papu Papu in Crash bandicoot ) didn't pop. Curiously, beating Papu Papu in less than 15 seconds , another cheevo, did work.

I tried then Beetle PSX HW and the cheevo did pop... so RIP for PCSX Rearmed... not fully reliable :( ... going to try more cheevos/games with PCSX though.. .don't wan't to base the results on only one cheevo but for now, as previously stated, the most reliable option is indeed Beetle PSX

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 11:03
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 11:28
Yeah PSX support is now in the latest nightly. I also noticed that sadly there are sets (e.g. both MediEvil games) that don't have Redump hash linked or don't function with it. IMHO that should be the required standard to use for disc-based systems' cheevos.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 12:05
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 13:20
I'm kinda confused, so It is not working on retroarch? I need to use another plataform? Will It ever get to retroarch?

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 13:10
Moving saves from RAlibretro to RetroArch

-backup your saves FIRST it took me like 2 days to get this to work shoutouts @televandalist for helping
-check where retroarch stores your saves
-copy them to that directory
-there should be 2 saves from RAlibretro (.1.mcr) and (.cue.sram)
-rename the (.cue.sram) to (.srm)

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 13:20
It's available on the latest nightly builds.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 13:28
What is a nightly build? Aaaaah i'm confused hahahaha

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 13:30
Anyone know how to make Ralibretro windows game shortcut?
I think i got pretty close but couldnt get them working.

This is kind of personal preference but im really not keen on Retroarch's ps3 style menus. So if i can set up some sweet sweet game shorcuts im good to go :)

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 15:11
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 15:31

Nightly Build is like "beta release/version"

I think you can't do that, but you can change the menu layout btw, there is one like the Switch and another one like a bios menu xd

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 15:16
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 15:17
in software development you get stable releases (recommended most of the time) and nightly builds which include all updates in the source code up to that day but either are not as critical for a new release or tested enough to ensure stability/optimal performance.
Just go to retroarch downloads page and you would see the option for nighlty build downloads, make sure to get the most recent one out of them.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 15:34
The nightly build only goes up to 9/11. How did you guys get 9/12??

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 15:51
The naming and actual build time are sometimes off, probably time zone related. It's the one that in the file name says 11th.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 15:52
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 15:53
Yeah I wondering as well how people got 9/12 nightly as well

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 16:08
So I have gone to the nightly build of the retroarch site for latest core 2019-09-19 and nothing is coming up in the folder.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 16:17
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 16:21
Only the folder called 'latest' contains the cores. It's been that way for quite some time, at least for Windows builds. Update the Beetle PSX core through RetroArch itself instead, that's the easiest way. Although that's not necessary at least if your core is a relatively recent version; RetroArch itself is what needed support implemented, not the core.
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