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PlayStation is Now Officially Supported

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Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 18:49
Last Edit: 08 Sep, 2019 05:53
PlayStation support is finally released!

Unfortunately, the RetroArch support did not make 1.7.8. In fact, we're still waiting for it to be accepted. Once it is available in a nightly build, we'll announce it here. For now, if you want to play PlayStation titles, you must use RALibretro with the Beetle core. Unfortunately, RALibretro only supports software rendering, and the Beetle core is pretty demanding, so many of you may not be able to play games at full speed (or even at all). RALibRetro uses 32-bit cores, and the 32-bit PSX ReARMed core does not appear to be currently functional - even in RetroArch itself.

Note that the new version of RALibretro allows you to manage cores on your own. As such, when you download the new version, it will not be immediately ready. In addition to placing your BIOS files (scph5500.BIN, scph5501.BIN, scph5502.BIN) in the RALibretro/system folder, you need to download the core. From Settings > Manage Cores, select PlayStation and click the download button to download the Beetle PSX core.

RALibretro currently only supports BIN/CUE files for PlayStation. If your game has a single CD, open the .CUE file. If it has multiple CDs, open the .M3U file. If you open a .CUE file for a multi-CD game, you will not be able to switch CDs when prompted. You can change between discs using the CD-ROM submenu under the File menu.

Once available, RetroArch will support BIN/CUE in the same manner, as well as CHD files and real CDs. PBP support will not be available as there is not a PBP decoder available where the hash is calculated. Additionally, RetroArch will support hardware rendering via the Beetle HW PSX core, which should address most, if not all, of the performance concerns from running within RALibretro. Preliminary testing suggests that the PSX ReARMed core also works in RetroArch for those of you with the least powerful systems, though it has not been thoroughly tested.

For games that use the DualShock controller, you must switch to it in the Core Settings dialog _before_ loading the game. Similarly, many games won't work with DualShock selected, so you must switch back to RetroPad or PlayStation controller before loading those games.


If you are experiencing the "black screen" issue while attempting to play PS1 games in RALibretro, make sure you have the correct BIOS files named exactly how they are in this photo. Also, make sure the BIOS files are in the RALibretro/System/ folder.

p.s. Please don't ask how to obtain BIOS, since they are treated the same as ROMs.

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 18:58
Amazing Work 👍

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:00
Big Day

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:00
How are there not more people already on this?! Argh! I'm so excited to get started on these games!

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:00
It begins...

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:01
Last Edit: 07 Sep, 2019 19:07

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:05
Last Edit: 07 Sep, 2019 19:07
Any games with achievements yet?

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:08
Last Edit: 07 Sep, 2019 19:09
Thanks to all developers!!!

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:10

Here's a list of PS1 games with achievements:

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:10
There are currently 20 games with achievements, with a few more likely to pop up today, and many, many more in progress.

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:17
This is great!

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:29
Last Edit: 07 Sep, 2019 20:07
Sweet! Gonna have a blast with these classics

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:32
Playing suikoden just now!
Can't wait until its available for the odroid or pi.
Laptop will have to do just now!

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:38
Awesome job guys, thank you!

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 19:40
Last Edit: 07 Sep, 2019 19:42
what settings do i use in RALibRetro to fix the Performance Problems?, Crash Bandicoot just Freezes
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