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RA News June 2019


Posted: 03 Jul, 2019 20:58
Last Edit: 07 Jul, 2019 15:45
Here's a list of what our community, staff and developers have done in June 2019 to keep moving RA forward.

I've added a lot of details; please let me know if I'm missing something, should add something else or have made mistakes.

General News
- An Apple II emulator has been released with 5 playable achievement sets so far; | Current Apple II games list
- , , and were all promoted to the admin role; by and other admin review
- Convinced Google to remove their "dangerous content" flag on the site for emulator downloads;
- Various emulator and site updates (see below; RAWeb and RAemus); various
- The 400 point set cap was removed and replaced with a per-achievement scoring system; , the admin team, the developers and community discussion
- Rescoring sets is a community collaboration; you can help here
- A community calendar is now available. It is mostly pulled from RA Discord news, so some syntax will be off;
- The staff is now holding periodic staff meetings on how to better further Retroachievments; RA staff
- Our Discord has a Nitro boost, thanks to , ,

Community Events and Competitions
- Achievement of the Week is an ongoing official community contest; and
- Hardcore Masters of the Month is an ongoing unofficial competition; winner for May: . Hosted by
- Retro Points Master is ongoing unofficial competition; hosted by
- The three month team based unofficial community competition Challenge League has ended. Team "There is No Error" won! (, , , ); hosted by

Full list of RAWeb commits here.

- Added: Support for RAppleWin (Apple II emulator)
- Added: Vandalism protection: Code notes deletion is dev-only, non-devs can still create and delete their own code notes. Issue brought by .
- Webcode style optimizations
- Various bug fixes including issues brought by
- Updated code which prevents new accounts from submitting tickets
- Disabled notification for banned users (Issue by )

- Added protective code against phishing attack
- Improved interface; see details.
- Some bug fixes
- Improved interface responsiveness

- Bug fix for Game Topic Longplay URL Invalid
- Game page: Similar games: Sort similar games by title instead of game ID.
- Game page, Dev Tools: Multiple similar games can be added at once, instead of one-by-one.

- Removed unused file

- Change: Only admin can see "authorize unofficial forum posts" (previously devs could see it)

- RAIntegration 0.76. See Details
- RALibRetro 1.0.15
-- Pass ROM name to unknown game dialog
-- Make Pause on Reset/Trigger actually pause the emulator
-- Allow turbo in hardcore
-- Don't allow stepping when paused in hardcore
-- Also updated the RAIntegration version to pick up the fix for the 12005 error
-- Remember window size and position between sessions
-- Many cores now accept zip files.
- RANes 0.17
-- Upgraded to 6 Jun 2019 version of fceux
- RATools 1.6.1
-- support for AndNext and prior
-- support for multiple OR'd groups AND'd together

Game and Hash Database
Removed 350-400 junk/orphaned forum posts;

RADocs (Notable) Full list of changes
- Added documentation of community rule to Code of Conduct: Publicly accusing others of cheating is unwelcome behavior; documented by after admin discussion
- If you are inactive as a developer for roughly 2 years your dev status will expire and will need to be reinstated. (ongoing); documented by after admin discussion
- Updated the about us page and documented Site developers and Integration Contributors;
- New: AndNext and Prior achievement toolkit flags pages;
- New: How to configure OBS Studio to see the popups;
- New overlay themes were added to the Downloads page;
- Expanded the free games page with new titles;

Achievement sets published
07 by
08 by
12 by
19 by
19 by
20 by
23 by
23 by
23 by
23 by
23 by
23 by
23 by
23 by
24 by
24 by
24 by
26 by
27 by
Total: 19

Achievement Developers News (Notable and public)
- The set cap of 400 points has been removed, devs are expected to create new achievements using the new achievement based tiered scoring system.
- If you are inactive as a developer for roughly 2 years your dev status will expire and will need to be reinstated. (ongoing)
- Developers are now rescoring many of their previous sets under the new scoring system.
- Salsa created a tutorial for devs on how to make bonus sets and bonus set pages, check the stickies channel in Discord
- Veteran devs (developer who've worked on 20 or more sets and have been a developer for 18 months or longer) are getting better recognition. Vets: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

New Developer Promotions
- No new developer have been promoted in June but here's a list of all new developers this year and the work which lead to their promotion:

- for
- for
- for
- for , ,
- for
- for
- for ,
- for and
- for and
- for
- for ,
- for
- for ,
- for (Collab with ),
- for and
- for and

Ongoing Maintenance
- Achievement of the week; and
- Achievement news on site and on Discord; and
- Developer compliance: Tracking all new published sets, set reservations, work-in-progress sets;
- Moderation and user verification; , , , , , and sometimes others
- Manual unlocks; and and sometimes others
- Icon gauntlet (users submitting new game icons);
- Entry database management;
- Hash database management;
- Account deletions;
- Code reviewers (inspecting jr. devs new sets); (lead), , , , , , , , ,
- Categories/hubs project; (linking sets to other by various categories); (lead), , , ,
- Player rankings (RA Top 100):
- Many Patrons continue to support RA which keeps all server costs community funded! The site is not-for-profit, and ad free.

Posted: 03 Jul, 2019 22:35
Thank you for acknowledging me for adding some notable free games and my new overlay content, kdecks :)

Posted: 04 Jul, 2019 03:50
Congratz. :D

Posted: 04 Jul, 2019 12:29
Some news about Playstation?

Posted: 04 Jul, 2019 20:13
Great work ! Tks to all the RA team who makes this the best retrogaming site in the world...;)

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 13:16
nice post .

just a small correction... actually the credit for making only admin can see "authorize unofficial forum posts" goes to (the commit is from me because his PR had some conflicts, but the credit is his).

keep rocking dudes!

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 14:57
Petite question d'un noob : La fin de la limite max des 400 pts signifie t'il aussi par la même occasion la fin des ensemble dit "bonus" qui pourront donc s'ajouter aux ensembles de base des jeux ou cela n'a-t'il rien à voir ?

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 17:37
@Keny94140 bonus sets still exist. It is intended that at some point you will be able to earn achievements for bonus sets at the same time are basic / core sets. No eta on such a feature.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 18:05
Yes okay :) Thx for you're answer :)

Posted: 09 Jul, 2019 21:39
Awesome report and great to see things being improved!

Posted: 12 Jul, 2019 17:38
Last Edit: 12 Jul, 2019 18:13
just a small correction... actually the credit for making only admin can see "authorize unofficial forum posts" goes to BenGhazi (the commit is from me because his PR had some conflicts, but the credit is his).

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