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Set Cap Limit Removal Annoucement

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Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 04:18
You understand, that with a new system of points you need to Re-Score ALL (!!!) games that already has any achievements or sets ??
Other way, it would be unfair to them, if only new released sets has 400+ points.

Also, add more points to jRPG, Strategy games and Sports games where there is a Seasons or League Tournaments, because MASTERing this games can took a 10-80 hours.
For example, Chrono Trigger (SNES) or Final Fantasy I - VI (NES/SNES).

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 04:46
Last Edit: 30 Jun, 2019 04:52
I think all games will be recalculated eventually. But be ready to the fact that games with too simple sets, like only progression achievements, will cost even less points than they cost right now.

Regarding the RPG and sports games, in my opinion that time should not be the main evaluation factor, because time consuming is nature of this games, but points should represent actual difficulty of the achievement.

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 04:48
We plan to eventually cover every game, right now we're handling popular games to get a baseline. For example and have already gotten a point increase and Chrono Trigger/Mega Man II are going to get the same treatment soon.

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 09:48
I absolutely agree, that "easy/light" sets must cost cheaper than 400 points.
Another quastion is, why such sets even exists ??
Flintstones (GB), Joe & Mac (GB), BattleShip (GB) and many other games with poor sets need to re-visit first, and re-scored second.

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 09:51
This is a very important and hard work for you, devs, and I only can wish you good luck with this "Recalculated Revolution". Hope you are do your best.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 03:42
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2019 03:48
Agreed, some games like F-Zero X Expansion Kit's bonus group and it's 36 staff ghosts and master class need to be worth way more than 400 points. >_> Because that game mind as well be the hardest N64 game and Nintendo game ever created. I dare anybody else to do it.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 03:43
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2019 03:49
Best of luck!!!! If I can help let me know!!!! :D

~ Travis Ray Hernden

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 09:16
I think this is a very bad idea ... It will still create unnecessary discussions between developers to judge the difficulty (or not) of an achievement. And it will still be less known games that will be affected.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 09:50
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2019 09:52
Achievements should be measured by how many people completed it and how difficult the achievement itself is.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 12:21
It's not a good idea.
If 930 people finish "Sonic The Hedgehog" while only 82 people have passed the first level of Escape from Atlantis, that does not mean that the first level of Escape from Atlantis is more difficult than the end boss of Sonic.
With this system, + a game is popular, - there will be points.
We must stop looking constantly to shake things up in a system that has always worked perfectly.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 12:26
If the only goal of a game is:

Press start
Kill the monster
Ending screen

There should be 400 points earned by killing the monster ... easy or not.
If the player wants the 400 points, he has only to play. It's more logical than having to re-balance all Retroachievements points for the sole reason that the game "PressStartandKillTheMonster" is too easy. It's still time and discussions for nothing.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 13:03
What do you prefer?

Alternative A:
"PressStartandKillTheMonster" = 400 points
"LongRPGWithLotsOfContent" = 400 points

Alternative B:
"PressStartandKillTheMonster" = 50 points
"LongRPGWithLotsOfContent" = 1000 points

I think the set cap removal is very positive. We have a few sets that had the score forced up to reach the 400 mark and other that had lots of content but had to give very few points per achievement because this limitation also.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 13:32
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2019 13:48
I prefer Alternative A
Why should I play RPGs or popular games to earn more points?

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 13:44
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2019 13:48
And then, 1000 pts for an RPG, it would encourage developers to make more RPGs than other games with fewer points. And since most RPGs are in English, this would further limit the number of players.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 13:48
I don't think "Percentage of players with the achievement" is reliable enough of a metric to accurately determine what an achievement should be worth; websites that use that metric often give a substantial boost to achievements that are boring and/or essentially require the player to actively pay attention to the achievement than ones that are difficult. They also don't have a reliable way of accounting for games that lots of people boot up without having intent to play through, and if the site doesn't section off DLC achievements the problem is ultra amplified since the achievement didn't even exist when most players put the game down.
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