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Official Topic Post for discussion about Crystalis (NES) Crystalis (NES)


1. Crystalis (USA).nes
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Pretty basic stuff, my brain isn't large enough yet to come up with/figure out anything more fancy. It's growing though, I can feel it! I really like this game and I hope you do too. If you get turned around while in a cave/dungeon, I feel your pain!


EDIT -- hit SELECT then START to save (while in town/safe area) or load your progress! :D

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So had an interesting thing happen. When I started this game up I unlocked most of the level up achievements while I was still on the title screen. Not sure how that happened.


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The icon has been outvoted and replaced, here is a backup:

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How can i request a hash link for a translation of this game? I have all the rom data info for it


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Revision plan:

Equip Deo's Pendant
Equip the Warrior's Ring
Equip the Power Ring
Equip the Shield Ring
Equip the Iron Necklace
Send the mountain climber to their death by talking to them in the cafe
Get your mp refilled some from using the Telepathy spell
Beat General Kelbesque at Mt.Sabre with the rabbit boots on and no magic equipped
Beat Sabera at Goa with the rabbit boots on and no magic equipped
Ride around on the dolphin slowed down using Change magic for 5 seconds
Get the extra free money in the beginning
Write Rich Presence

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Write Rich Presence?

Also suggestion: why not one for max money?

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