Batman: The Videogame

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FernandoFFS05 May, 2014 21:15(Edited 07 Nov, 2019 13:35)
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Created 05 May, 2014 22:15 by FernandoFFS

1. Batman - The Video Game (USA).nes
Batman (U) [!].nes
Batman - The Video Game (1990-02)(Sunsoft)(US).nes
V14- RA Checksum: fbf2e70abc9f089765ff1b9a00a0a977
V15+ RA Checksum: 341f6fd28fcdc7e246ded2750dd1c1e9
ROM Checksum: 2e9f52556273aa735d0e75649541d812
CRC32 Checksum: 395569EC

Plus 3 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (4 total)
Batman (U) {[o1]}, {Batman Happy (Hack), [b1]}
Batman - The Video Game (1990-02)(Sunsoft)(US){[h Vimm][iNES title]}

2. Batman (U) [o1].nes
Batman - The Video Game (1990-02)(Sunsoft)(US)[h Vimm][iNES title].nes
V14- RA Checksum: fbf2e70abc9f089765ff1b9a00a0a977
V15+ RA Checksum: 5b51b64ae68d2b77aef4923c7d227c09
ROM Checksum: 946e1bb0929a5fdfcc1c1a19aace167c
CRC32 Checksum: 31623E21

3. Batman - The Video Game (Europe).nes
Batman (E) [!].nes
Batman - The Video Game (1990-09-14)(Sunsoft)(EU).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 7a4ffee9265b8af62f9dfcb938b20134
V15+ RA Checksum: f483943a8fee4fb7d9bd636ada925a01
ROM Checksum: 68d67f65d99ca89f62a96f8d6c92e806
CRC32 Checksum: FA6406A4

Plus 1 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (2 total)
Batman (E) {[b1]}
Batman - The Video Game (1990-09-14)(Sunsoft)(EU){}

4. Batman (Japan).nes
Batman (J) [!].nes
Batman (1989-12-22)(Sunsoft)(JP).nes
V14- RA Checksum: a04066d0847d8ab49969ff3db0f36123
V15+ RA Checksum: 8d62789736881122e00fe876fedc4a4c
ROM Checksum: a091c9ed79e98139e51937f48c2bcc73
CRC32 Checksum: 15F9A645

5. Batman (U) [T+Bra100%_BRGames].nes
Batman - The Video Game (1990-02)(Sunsoft)(US)[tr pt BR Games][v1.0-2000].nes
RA Checksum: 57d74ed7a1404a1a75087668eb821627
ROM Checksum: 2f24a947bf63ced63bcb94411d874640
CRC32 Checksum: 607142000000000

6. Batman (E) [T+Fre].nes
Batman - The Video Game (1990-09-14)(Sunsoft)(EU)[tr fr YF06][v1.1-98%].nes
RA Checksum: 8e0968ae988df50b1181c71a2f1d5527
ROM Checksum: 1458f84002c08cbe91ca571a859aac08
CRC32 Checksum: 49316624

7. Batman (U) [T+Swe1.0_TheTranslator].nes
Batman - The Video Game (1990-02)(Sunsoft)(US)[tr sv The Translators][v1.0-20000316].nes
RA Checksum: 545d09a7671b0ab846bfd1145e5ebc18
ROM Checksum: ddbeedd0c81056c52cf3c893e42eef4d
CRC32 Checksum: 6FDFBA9E

8. Batman V1.2 by Macbee (Batman Hack).nes
RA Checksum: a487974fb9f72c1cdbbd01cbe3037840
ROM Checksum: ff24d883bf49f15ed0063efac58de549
CRC32 Checksum: 68BE0FB6

FernandoFFS05 May, 2014 21:40
I suggest achievements as:
"You Cleared Stage Without Taking Damage" and points achievements....

If possible of course. :D
auty28 Jul, 2016 13:18(Edited 28 Jul, 2016 16:03)
Is there any reason the game doesn't have a leaderboard ?
I like to keep a mark in game with scoring. Well, I must finish him first. :D

Otherwise, I have two achievements who unlocked alone at level 3-3, near the device who spill foes just before the climbing part. There are "Discobatus" and "Rocket Fishing". I wasn't use these weapons when achievements popped up, and I'm sure I was far from the account of deaths. I am using RANes with Hardcore Mode.
ENZYME128 Jul, 2016 15:41
"Is there any reason the game doesn't have a leaderboard ?"

No particular reason, originally there were no score achievements for , and very few games have leaderboards because its not as simple as making achievements (the script/coding has a loose end we have to work around)

If I get around to it, I might create one, but Rdannylor2 was the original dev, so I'd need to give him a heads up.

auty28 Jul, 2016 16:03
Ok, thx for the details!
Salsa30 Jul, 2016 16:31(Edited 30 Jul, 2016 16:32)
"very few games have leaderboards because its not as simple as making achievements"

There are other reasons for that also. Some developers are only going for achievements, because they aren't interested neither with rich presence nor leaderboards. I personally don't like leaderboards in the present state, simple because of underdeveloped overlay, and partially due to the problems with cheating, which makes them rather pointless in the collective point of view (just like global points leaderboards). I don't have nothing against if other developers are adding them - a matter of choice.
ENZYME130 Jul, 2016 17:25
It's done, was about to promote it. We slightly differ on this matter, but go for it.
auty30 Jul, 2016 19:16
Thank you ENZYME1. :D

Salsa, i think even for achievements, you can find cheaters. That don't make them useless for all that. I like achievements and leaderboards because they push me to improve myself in a game.
After, if some players want use tricks or others methods, it's just their problem.:)
Mutawarrior08 Sep, 2016 14:19
I question the legitimacy of the current top 2 scores (128013800 and 128005200). I beat the game 4 times in a row without dying so far as I have been attempting this and my score is 1113200. I actually counted the number of points in my 4th completion and I got 258400 without any point farming from the dropping mines. Each playthrough with no continues gives the player 100 points per enemy, 1000 points for every B points powerup collected, 10000 points for each of the first 5 bosses (Killer Moth, Machine Intelligence, Electrocutioner, Dual Container Alarm, and Firebug), and 100000 points for the Joker.

So based on that 258400 points I measured in my 4th run, for someone to get 128013800 points without farming mines, thy would have to play the game 450 times back to back without getting a game over. Or if they did 1 playthrough after getting 258400 points, they would have to kill enough enemies to get around 127000-128000 B powerups (worth 1000 points each), which don't drop all the time, to make up the 127755400 point difference. I looked at the time stamps of the players who got the scores and I don't know if it's possible to get that many B powerups from the time they started playing the game until the time the high scores were recorded (about 2 hours for the 1st place player and 3 hours for the 2nd place player).

Even if it is possible, I think the high score leaderboard for a game that has infinitely spawning enemies and point drops should have additional reset conditions because at the very least it turns into a point farming festival where whoever has the top score is the one who has the most patience to sit and collect B powerups from dropped mines.

For this game, I suggest having a high score leaderboard for the highest score a player can get before taking their first hit while only using their fists and maybe one that also allows weapons. That would make things much more interesting and relevant because farming at dropped mines especially without weapons can cause damage which would instantly end the high score challenge. You can also make one for highest score they can get until their first death, but that one may be more likely to have farming abuse since chances are much lower that a player will die while farming points at dropping mines, as hearts are also dropped.
ENZYME108 Sep, 2016 18:34
Thanks Mutawarrior, for bringing that to my attention. I reset the first and second place scores, and I will look for an additional condition to protect that leaderboard. The other ideas you suggested are for rank in difficulty level, but I think the board results would be too grindy for taking first hit, and your right, the one life learderboard could entice some player to grind for points on end in a level. But I like the idea of having a 'fists only' or 'weapon only' challenge, that could work here.
auty08 Sep, 2016 19:09(Edited 08 Sep, 2016 19:11)
I didn't know we can make more than one run without reset the score. I remember when I finished the game and the score doesn't save and just thinking "it's a bug...". Why not just stop high score at end screen ?
That will not stop enemies farming but limited huge and delirious high score.

I have test the farming of foes who drop on the ground of the device hang on the ceiling. It's very easy to destroy them without being touch with batarang and a good timing allow the same possibilities with fists.

Unless manage to limite points scoring at one unique enemy destroy for cancel farming, resolve high score problem seems near impossible (maybe i'm pessimistic, maybe too rational, choose your advice :p).
ENZYME108 Sep, 2016 19:35(Edited 11 Sep, 2016 21:52)
It submits on a game over but should submit at end game also. It also resets at the title screen. I think there was some kind of abuse going on, but I will investigate it further to make it a tighter leaderboard.

EDIT/UPDATE: this leaderboard is now "Earn the highest score on Game Over" So your high score submissions only reflects the gameplay before a game over literally. The seemingly infinite looping can't be blocked since I can't track the loop in RAM. This was how Sunsoft made their game. and most Konami games are similar, where the score keeps adding after a loop.
Mutawarrior08 Sep, 2016 20:24(Edited 08 Sep, 2016 20:30)
No problem. Would you be able to make a high score leaderboard for highest score achieved up to the 1st hit taken in addition to the one there is now? The site does support multiple leaderboards per game. For example, Streets of Rage 2 has multiple leaderboards. I think the leaderboard coding would be mostly the same as the one you made with a couple reset conditions added on.

The game itself actually adds on to the score if you didn't game over as long as you continue playing. I went through I think 6 runs of the game without resetting and without getting a game over to get the score that I got.

If you want to have the score get recorded after 1 loop, then you can always use the music address of the game so that when the ending scene music plays (when the Joker is knocked to his death off the cathedral) the score gets recorded. I just hope if you do that it doesn't start recording from the previous loop's score should the player keep playing.
Mutawarrior08 Sep, 2016 21:19
Oh yeah I've been meaning to bring it up, quite a few months ago I made a bunch of achievements for this game that I'll be uploading in the near future. The achievements are for beating each non-boss stage without taking a hit where some have additional conditions like using no weapons.

I will leave all of them as unofficial achievements and will not promote them to the core set since I was told it would be considered too challenging. But those who want to take on the challenge can always activate them in the emulator and give it their best shot.

Hopefully some day there will be sets of "Challenge achievements" for each game in addition to the Core achievements per game. That would give achievements like the ones I will be uploading much more visibility.
ENZYME109 Sep, 2016 03:26(Edited 10 Sep, 2016 22:44)
Yeah, Ive done multiple leaderboards for several games already where there is an available difficulty option, but I have not had enough time to create more unique and challenging ones due to my current schedule. These days, I only have time to develop on the weekends, unfortunately.

I still think a 'no hit' leaderboard isn't a good idea here, especially a game where the playable character has a value of health (intended to be hit) EDIT: I would have done a leaderboard which could cancel if you didn't beat the game, but If I can't get this current leaderboard to submit only for the 1st loop, it's not possible with these current dev tools. If someone tries to violate the 6553500 mark (players can't accumulate more then that score) their leaderboard entry will just get deleted.

I have not looked yet, but I'd like to see those unofficial achievements. Who's saying they are too challenging? I don't know if making the internal RA dev tools as an a optional-playing configuration for players would be a good thing, kinda backwards regarding the subject on the leaderboard. I rather have harder achievements than greater cheat risk-factor.
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