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RA News - March/2019


Posted: 01 Apr, 2019 23:07
Last Edit: 01 Apr, 2019 23:09
Before listing what we did in March/2019 I would like to highlight the commitment and exceptional work done by the code reviewers, helping jr-devs with their learning process to create achievements. Thanks to you guys our achievement library is growing at a fast pace! If you don't know how to create achievements yet, check this doc and join our discord server. ;)

Oh! It also worths to mention the work being done by , keeping his global leaderboard statiscs up to date. There are some interesting info there and the competitive users will surely enjoy:


Here is what people did in March/2019 to keep moving RA forward (see also: January and February/2019 editions).

Please, let me know if I'm missing something.


- RAWeb:
-- Only developers can create "official forum topics" for a game. By meleu.
-- Supporting SG-1000 games.
-- Layout changes on the game's page. By kdecks and luchaos.

- RAEmus:
-- RASnes9x 0.26 released. By Jamiras.
-- RAP64 0.60 released. By Jamiras.
-- RAppleWin 1.0 approved, but not yet released (it'll be released later with RAIntegration 0.76). By Euclide and Jamiras.
-- RAVBA 0.57 released. By Jamiras.

- Events:
-- Achievement of the Week. Hosted by ikki5 and Flara.
-- Leapfrog. Hosted by televandalist.
-- Retro Clean-Up 2019. Hosted by SporyTike.
-- VGM Contest. Hosted by Rimsala.


- RADocs:
-- Translation of achievement creation documents to spanish. By eldexter.

- RAEmus:
-- RAOricutron and RASCV. By Euclide.

- RetroArch:
-- One more step towards integrating rcheevos into RetroArch. By meleu and Jamiras.

- Events:
-- RA Challenge League. Hosted by StingX2.

Posted: 02 Apr, 2019 00:41
So what should we expect from RAIntegration 0.76?

Posted: 02 Apr, 2019 03:37
So what should we expect from RAIntegration 0.76?

sharks with frickin laser beams

Exciting stuff happening! Great work as always RA developers/staff!

Posted: 02 Apr, 2019 15:27
Great to see these reports, thanks !

Posted: 02 Apr, 2019 18:54
What changes in RAIntegration 0.76?

Posted: 02 Apr, 2019 22:29
would be cool if there was a section for achievement road map guides or something =)


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