[Tutorial] How to make AES BIOS work in RALibretro or RetroArch

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Salsa17 Feb, 2019 13:34(Edited 10 Jun, 2021 02:22)
To make AES BIOS emulation mode work in your emulator:

1. Make sure your emulator works correctly.
2. Put neogeo.zip or neogeo.7z in the "system/fbneo/" directory or the folder you keep your Neo Geo ROMs in.
3. Make sure the neogeo.zip contains at minimum all of the files you can see here:

Important! The files which are highlighted on this picture (neo-epo.bin and neo-po.bin) are the only ones actually related to AES mode, and you may need to add them to your archive to make AES mode work for you. neo-po.bin is the Japan AES bios (Japanese language), while neo-epo.bin is the Asia AES bios (usually English).
4. Load any FBNeo compatible Neo Geo ROM.
5. Open core options (Settings > Core Settings in RALibretro, Quick Menu > Options in RetroArch) and change Neo-Geo mode either to "Use AES bios" (will default to Japanese if that bios is present) or "Use bios specified in the BIOS dipswitch below" (recommended).
6. If you used the BIOS dipswitch option, go down further to "[Dipswitch] BIOS" and select AES Asia (for English in most titles). This setting is per-game, so you can easily keep some games set to AES and others set to MVS.
7. Restart the game to apply the bios change. If you see a garbled green flash before the BIOS splash screen, it's still loading MVS and you'll need to review the steps.

Admin edit: Instructions were significantly outdated and thus have been updated for modern setups.
alissongamer17 Feb, 2019 18:00
Where do I find these files that you have highlighted? Well in my neogeo.zip file that I have here do not have them and I could not find them anywhere.
LootusMaximus17 Feb, 2019 18:48
U have the mame neogeo . zip then u need a different one
Salsa17 Feb, 2019 23:35
BIOS files are like any ROM file - they are copyrighted material, and sharing any direct information about how obtain them on this site is prohibited. I can only tell you what is needed, the rest is up to you.
jamphlett13 May, 2019 12:12(Edited 26 Jun, 2019 01:42)
I struggled to get AES achievements to unlock in Retroarch (on a mac), despite using the correct BIOS and ROMs. Turns out if you use the 'FBA Neo Geo 2012' core, they won't unlock. Instead use the most recent vanilla FBA core.
Alexjovi13 May, 2019 23:39(Edited 15 May, 2019 00:13)
Boa noite Salsa! Fiz todos esses procedimentos e mesmo assim nenhuma Jogo como Aero Fighters, Alien vs. Predator, Marvel Super Heroes funcionou :( !!! Os únicos jogos que funcionaram foram Cadillacs and Dinosaurs e Final Fight. Teria como me ajudar? Obrigado
Affengitarre19 May, 2019 22:10
I can't get achievements working. I use a retropie system with fbalpha and have the same 6 files with the same crc-checksum in my neogeo.zip. AES-Mode is selected in the options. The games I tested so far do start and play well, but there are no achievements shown. Can someone give me a hint?
Nikus14 Sep, 2019 22:34
I'd like to know too. I have the proper bios and rom versions, but it "fails to load content". I've tried with every FB version. At some point it worked with the vanilla, but not anymore.
Ranthalion7512 Feb, 2020 22:56
Also, make sure that there isn't a neogeo.zip file in any other places that it may look, because FBNeo may use it instead of the one you want. I had a neogeo.zip file in my arcade games folder (MAME Installation) and that's not the one I wanted it to use.
KickMeElmo03 Apr, 2020 14:33(Edited 03 Apr, 2020 14:37)
Since this hasn't been updated in a bit, FBAlpha is only around for compatibility reasons. Always use FBNeo if your system can run it. For AES, on a per-game basis (including variants as different games) you'll need to go in your options with the game running, change the neo-geo mode to "use bios specified in the BIOS dipswitch below" (it should default to that) and change the BIOS to "AES Asia" (or AES Japan if you want Japanese text). As noted above, you need neo-epo.bin in your neogeo.zip or neogeo.7z for this to work. After updating your dipswitches, close and reopen the content to finish enabling the bios.
GegeT217 Apr, 2020 09:30
hi everyone somebody success to play this game in mvs WITH cheevos?
i try everything mvs usa ver6 mvs usa ver.5 NOTHINg. somebody sucess, please give me your exactly configuration. thanks and sorry for my english
KickMeElmo18 Apr, 2020 08:29(Edited 18 Apr, 2020 08:30)
MVS is generally intentionally blocked in NeoGeo sets. You need to use AES for most of them.
GegeT218 Apr, 2020 09:08
ok, unfortunetly metal slug 3 is hardest than others metal slug and is only one who must be played in AES so with 4 credits...it's very hard. sadly
lot of people (like me) don't want to play in hard, just enjoy the game with no stress :)
for this one i give up very too hard for me
thank you
fravin25 Dec, 2020 22:55(Edited 27 Dec, 2020 02:43)
I got the achievements working following all the Salsa instructions, but using the FinalBurn Neo core.
My neogeo.zip bios file has only the necessary files, so no unibios or any other mvs bios file.

Thank you, Salsa for all the instructions.
Masso12 Apr, 2021 14:26
i have been fryinh my brain trying to get neo geo working. The only way i can is if i add them manually. Only certain zip files work , only the neo geo roms with bios inside them but they still wont automatically scan and be added.

im hoping i can get it working but i dont like my chances honestly.
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