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RA News - January/2019


Posted: 02 Feb, 2019 18:37
Last Edit: 02 Feb, 2019 20:00
This is what people did in January/2019 to keep moving RA forward.


- RAWeb:
-- banned users are logged off. By meleu.
-- fixed a [url=][/url] bug for forum posts, by meleu.
-- fixed a bug of some codenotes with 2 chars not being displayed, by luchaos.

- RAdocs:
-- revamped the FAQ. kdecks and meleu.
-- the script used to generate the doc pages now adds a changelog with the last 10 commits at the end of each page. By meleu.
-- added a page showing some RABot's commands, by meleu.,-The-RA-Discord-robot/
-- added a page detailing the hashing methods for each emulated system, by Jamiras.

- RABot:
-- added !event-news command, so users can add/remove the @event-news role to/from them. By meleu.
-- new command: !calculator, by meleu (request by SporyTike).
-- new "meme system", where the users can promote funny messages to be a meme by reacting with 🤖 (details in the #community-news).

- Discord
-- The Discord channel structure was streamlined, merging removing and renaming many channels. It feels great! kdecks
-- The Icon Gauntlet is an improved method for community determined game icons getting selected. Basically the standing icon and a challenger are pitted against one another via a popular vote. The winner takes all! (Previously it was a less organized king-of-the-hill system that was influenced by forum debate.) Original idea from Thoreau, implemented by kdecks and currently maintained by Spawncalibur.
-- A Jr. Devs Discord channel was created to foster better communication between Code Reviewers and Jr. Devs. Organized by kdecks and currently maintained by Keltron3030. ❤️

- RAIntegration:
-- confirmation dialog to delete note. Jamiras
-- retry achievement unlock on network error. Jamiras.
-- require latest emulator version for hardcore mode. Jamiras
-- and many other fixes and cool improvements. Jamiras and SyrianBallaS

- Emulators
-- New, and more reasonable, hashing method for NES, SNES and Lynx ROMs, coded on RAEmus, RALibretro and RetroArch. Jamiras, Euclide and meleu.
-- RANes: added a cheat prevention related to TAS videos. Jamiras

- A 2018 Retrospective was compiled by meleu, with some input from Jamiras and kdecks.

- A 2018 Achievement Year in Review was compiled by kdecks showing all the sets created in 2018, and some other site stats too.

- The Achievement of the Week contest has been revamped by Flara and ikki5. A trophy system based on the number of weeks you've completed AotW's and the top three players will be given permanent site awards!

- Many hashes (maybe thousands of them) have been updated, identified and labeled, by caricatur and televandalist.


- RAQUASI88, a NEC PC-8000/8800 emulator with RetroAchievements support. Mainly by Euclide, with some support from Jamiras on the RAEmus front and meleu on the RAWeb side.

- RAppleWin (not sure if the name will remain be RAppleWin), an Apple II emulator with RetroAchievements support. Euclide.

- RA toolkit: Support for AndNext and Prior memory types (which will open a new world of possibilities in the achievement logic), by Jamiras. It's actually already done, but unable to go official yet because we need to first integrate rcheevos into RetroArch (solve rcheevos issues #3 and #7).

- RAdocs: revamped . By kdecks.

- The Devs have agreed that we want to remove the set cap and rescore all sets. Details are not yet settled.

Posted: 02 Feb, 2019 18:37
please, let me know if I missed something.

Posted: 03 Feb, 2019 11:38
Awesome! Thank you to everyone who works hard to keep the RetroAchievement dream going.

Posted: 04 Feb, 2019 10:49
Apple II? wtf?
Where's RAPSX, RASegaCD, RA32X??

Posted: 04 Feb, 2019 10:57
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 11:21
RAQUASI88 is not really WIP anymore, just awaiting release.
Of course there is always work left, patches welcome for outstanding issues.
Also WIP is RAOricutron.

Posted: 14 Feb, 2019 03:18
Last Edit: 19 Feb, 2019 13:07
Its so really cool to see how nice the site is on how people are working on these roms/emulators


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