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Achievement of the Week 2019

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Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 08:25
World 5 achievement on trip world just didn't want to unlock for me. Beat the game 3 times on Gambatte (the one I usually use and where all the other achievements for this game were unlocked), once on sameboy, and finally on gearboy where it unlocked. So if you have trouble unlocking that one, use gearboy.

Posted: 21 May, 2019 18:40
Last Edit: 21 May, 2019 19:11
I earned these cheevos in their respective weeks:


However I have 8 points instead of 9 so far. First I thought that maybe I didn't earned one of these cheevos at the right time, but I checked them all and it doesn't seem to be the case. It is possible that there have been a miscalculation?

Posted: 23 May, 2019 11:02
Last Edit: 23 May, 2019 11:03
So if you have trouble unlocking any achievement on GB or GBC, don't use RetroArch.
Fix'd for you. This what you should know in general.

Posted: 23 May, 2019 13:37
Alekon88 I've updated/fixed your score.


JAM, about RetroArch, the compatibility increases only when people use it and report the problems they found so we can fix them. Issues will never be fixed by themselves.

Posted: 27 May, 2019 00:20
Last Edit: 27 May, 2019 00:20
Thanks a lot ! ~ ♫
Since I did'nt join AotW at the beginning of the year, I can't lose much more points if I want to earn any of the AotW special awards :P

Posted: 20 Jul, 2019 09:12
Just to be sure, there is no way to really take part in the AOTW contest without screwing with my badges order?

I mean their order is a reflection of your account and of everything you did on RA so it sucks when things get out of order. I'm not even really an OCD person to start with.

Same question with the top 10 leaderboard of players that 200% the game (Shmelyoff kinda answered this on page 2 but just want to be sure)

Thanks in advance

Posted: 20 Jul, 2019 13:58
What many people like to do if they don't want to reset progress for a game or interfere with the order of their badges is use an alt account. It's completely acceptable to use an alt, as long as you let or I know you're using it. It's easiest to PM us either here or on Discord to let us know.

Posted: 20 Jul, 2019 17:34
Thanks I will probably do that then, and I'll send you both a PM once I've created an alt and earned this week achievement

Posted: 21 Jul, 2019 22:48
Last Edit: 21 Jul, 2019 23:13
i got the achievement all-stars for the aofw but im not on the board D:

Posted: 21 Jul, 2019 23:14
The leaderboard gets updated once a week, on Saturday nights. We'll be updating the list with those who have won "All Stars" this Saturday, July 27th.

Posted: 26 Jul, 2019 17:31
sorry, just realized that -.- my bad i understand how the system works now. yay 1 point :D thank you Flara

Posted: 28 Jul, 2019 01:28
No worries!

Also, in case you're wondering why your score is 2 rather than 1, we're in the middle of a double points event - it runs until August 2nd. This week's featured achievement is also worth 2 points if earned in Hardcore mode.

Posted: 11 Aug, 2019 16:00
Last Edit: 11 Aug, 2019 16:02
When started the double point event ? and why ?

Posted: 11 Aug, 2019 17:04
Last Edit: 11 Aug, 2019 17:17
It was announced on Discord community news at July 4th:

Posted: 19 Aug, 2019 16:49
Last Edit: 19 Aug, 2019 17:09
Hi, sorry but I'm new here and I'd like to know how to join this competition
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