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[Not really bug report] how do i make the games in RAGens keep the aspect ratio?


Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 05:02
up there

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 07:23
Do you mean, save 10:7 resolution in full screen mode? Try to uncheck the stretch.

Posted: 09 Nov, 2018 04:24
i mean the 4:3 format in maximized window

Posted: 03 Jan, 2019 17:32
I do not find any option too.
Either in Full Screen mode or in Full Windows's size, this is stretched horizontaly.
Is there a way to keep the original aspect ratio ?

Posted: 03 Jan, 2019 19:25
10:7 is the display aspect ratio for genesis games. I thin the pixel aspect is different for different games. But they only look right to me in 10:7 DAR which is slightly wider than 4:3. Retroarch has an option to display the PAR but it just doesnt look right to me

Posted: 03 Jan, 2019 22:35
@Lootus >

* 10:7 looks almost like the 4:3 aspect ratio and I'm fine with it too.

* But when I display Gens or RAGens on fullscreen mode, this aspect ratio is no more respected so the display is the size/aspect ratio of my screen.
Other emulators do not have this problem.

* And if I want to resize the emulator window rather than displaying it in fullscreen mode, I can but there is no aspect ratio lock so i can stretch it as I want.

Posted: 06 Jan, 2019 23:32
Last Edit: 07 Jan, 2019 02:01
i edited the options on Gens.cfg, opening with notepad, in line "Render Fullscreen=5" which means with scanline 25%.

Posted: 07 Jan, 2019 05:15
You can change scanline 25% to something better by pressing F11 or F12 several times. Make a backup of gens.cfg before you do.


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