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October 22 2018, 9:55am, edited March 22 2022, 5:13pm

Official Topic Post for discussion about Sonic CD (Sega CD) Sonic CD (Sega CD)
Created 22 Oct, 2018 09:55 by Alfex

Sonic CD (Europe).bin + 60Hz Patch
RA Checksum: 9098e511e738cc6492989342562d36b6

Sonic CD (USA).bin
RA Checksum: a17215f3dafcc420ef25a1d1fc65c2e8
MD5: ed96420538f989e94480f810d5f90685
CRC32: a6184e05

Sonic The Hedgehog CD (Japan).bin
RA Checksum: 204f8d81ecf13aa7dc75cbafaf4c4ca3
MD5: 5595a2f1bc28f045fee385ffc074581b
CRC32: 4c9fb365



Joined Apr 21, 2018

November 7 2018, 2:10am

i am so so soooo excited for Sonic CD


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November 7 2018, 3:10am

It's probably still going to be a bit before Sega CD is fully supported.

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September 19 2019, 4:18am, edited September 19 2019, 10:34pm

Any updates on how Sega CD support is coming along?

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September 30 2019, 3:08am

I hope those who make the achievements will explore the possibilities a lot. Like: Complete bonus stages in a certain time without having collected the clock ufo and stepping on water, finish certain stages without taking a hit and of course some interesting challenges. I just played the steam version until now. I will be very glad if the set happens someday!

Joined Jul 24, 2018

October 5 2019, 3:38am

Soon I will send the list of Achievements of the game

Joined Jun 23, 2016

October 5 2019, 4:28am

And pleeease reference to the song names for the achievements. (I know I'm asking a lot, sorry)

Joined Jul 24, 2018

October 7 2019, 2:45pm

what's the name of the game's songs for achievements?

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October 7 2019, 4:37pm

The moment when you realize...

Sonic CD did the whole time traveling bit first.
(And to a much better result. Unlike...that one game.)

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October 8 2019, 3:30am

what region of the game can it be? jap, us or both?

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November 5 2019, 4:50am

Saw your chat comment about getting a set going for this game. Did you want name suggestions for achievements you already have designed, or suggestions for achievements overall? I have a few gimmicky ones that would be easy/moderately difficult to accomplish.

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November 5 2019, 5:35am, edited November 22 2019, 5:58pm

Hi Kouga, just as you asked here are some achievements ideas for the Sonic CD. As I said earlier, I just played the steam version, so I'm not sure if some of the ideas here will be prudent for the set and I intend to change some. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Oi Kouga, assim como você pediu aqui estão algumas ideias de conquistas para o Sonic CD. Como eu já disse antes, eu só joguei a versão da steam, então não tenho plena certeza se algumas das ideias daqui serão prudentes para o set da versão de SEGA CD, e eu pretendo mudar algumas coisas, acho que vou atualizar a lista amanhã. De qualquer forma, espero que goste!

Sonic CD achievements ideas

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November 5 2019, 5:44am

Ah, e você tinha perguntado que nomes e versão da soundtrack poderiam ser. As versões das soundtracks não afetam muito no nome até onde eu me lembro, mas se você puder, coloque o nome "Cosmic Eternity" na conquista de fazer o final bom, (esse é o nome da musica). E se você resolver por a conquista de ver a mensagem secreta do soundtest, ponha "Fun is infinity with sega enterprises", (é a mensagem traduzida que aparece junto na tela). Acho que por hora é so, se eu lembrar de algo amais eu edito o post. :)


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November 5 2019, 2:00pm

Just to make it clear: No one is working on this set and it's open for development. If anyone is interested to work on it please make a proper claim on this thread.
Posts like "Claimed!", "I plan to work on this game" or anything similar is considered a valid claim. Posting achievement list ideas are not claims.

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November 5 2019, 2:42pm

Kouga said in chat that he was working on the set and asked for some ideas, I just wanted to help btw. I hope someone officially works on the set soon
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