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Official Topic Post for discussion about Halloween (Atari 2600) Halloween (Atari 2600)
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Reach a Hi-Score of 500 points
Reach a Hi-Score of 1500 points
Reach 2000 points without saving kids
Reach a Hi-Score of 2500 points
Reach a Hi-Score of 3500 points
Reach 5000 points without losing a life
Reach a Hi-Score of 6000 points
Reach a Hi-Score of 10000 points
Avoid Michael in every room of the house
Be in the same room as ten different kids fall victim to Michael
Stab Michael while the lights are off
Avoid Michael for one minute while the lights are off


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Tip: He’ll always chase the kid in the room before the babysitter.


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The mastery icon has been outvoted and replaced; heres a backup of the old one

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Lumi Review~.

It is a decent set for an "okay" game. But I suppose it is not too bad for its era. But there are a few things to say.

I do quite like the milestone score achievements threshold because it does not really force tedium. Alongside the "ignore children" one. It definitely gives a new way to play without being too long. Also, the Stab in the Dark was not too bad either, and not too unfair. So that is good for the set.

Unfortunately... The game is very janky with the whole button to call the children nonsense and the fact they like walking into their deaths... I know life can be miserable, but please! Aha... Due to this, the damageless and no child death achievement feels a bit stretched on and frustrating compared to the rest of the achievements. Especially with our serial killer (mostly) randomly choosing sides. If I was to develop the set and implement this, I would set it around the lower middle threshold as to not overshadow the rest of the set in the typical category of damageless ALONGSIDE get the highest score.

Also, tips for anyone reading~! Always try to find the children near the edge of the map. I am sure that is self-explanatory, since they are easier to transport. And always make sure to refresh rooms when our stabby stabby friend appears in the other end during high speeds. It is for the best... Also do it when he is approaching a child from the other side of the room. Just be aware he can suddenly appear right behind you without warning when entering a room so it might be best to be aware of that and go down so you are not frame-one head-popped. As for surviving in the dark for one minute... Just bait him down then dash past him whilst going up and repeat that. ...at low speed, of course.

So those trying to play this set... Best wishes!

The scariest thing is RNG.


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