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Created 20 Mar, 2014 00:04 by Gaians

1. U.N. Squadron (USA).sfc
RA Checksum: affecaf49a6bd32188f62d9ad1f833ea
CRC32 Checksum: 231F0F67

2. UN Squadron Arcade OST Relikk, v1 PepilloPEV [uns-msu1].sfc
RA Checksum: e5156bbd19c27e4000a3371db4dba04b
CRC32 Checksum: FE390648


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March 20 2014, 12:20am

Hello retro achievers!

This game is great, but the achievements list only cares about score and planes... I'm thinking to add some achievements for clearing missions and/or defeating bosses without losing health.

Are there any rules to add achievements to a game that already has a list of achievements? Does the community has any interest in this game at all?

See you later... happy gaming!

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March 20 2014, 1:17am

the more achievements that're put out for a game, the more interest the community will have in the game. if you'd like to make said achievements, feel free!

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March 20 2014, 1:29am

I'd like to see a full set of cheevos for this. It's easily one of my top 5 most favorite shmups of all time.

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March 20 2014, 2:15am

did you know it was an anime/manga? check out area 88, decent stuff.

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March 20 2014, 2:27am

Thanks for the feedback!

Will get the cheevos done as soon as possible :)

Wow.. I didnt known area 88 was an anime, I will check for sure, tks for the recommendation!

Hey Cirellio, keep the awesome work with FFVI, it deserves... best RPG of all time and one of my favorites OST.

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March 20 2014, 2:43am

You bet ^_^
What are you showing on your phone in your profile pic? I can't quite tell.

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Actually it's not a phone, it's the box of MegamanX Collection for gamecube.

I was looking for a profile pic and I thought this could work.... at least it's a retro collection ;)

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ohh nice :D

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I kinda wanna see achievements for clearing the game on a certain difficulty. I also had in mind for several achievements (also funny named ones) for defeating bosses on the hardest difficulty (Gamer mode)
Wasn't he supposed to be easy!? (Defeat the missile tank on Gamer mode)
Death from... EVERYWHERE!!! (Defeat Nuclear Submarine Seavet on Gamer mode)
^Seriously. On Gamer Mode planes come in super fast and bombard you with bullets, its one of the hardest bosses to do on Gamer Mode. ;_;
The Fortress of DOOM. (Defeat the Forest Fortress on Gamer Mode)

I would very much love to make the achievements myself, however i have zero idea how to code it lol. Think someone could make this happen? That would be pretty awesome!

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Hey, I'am here to report achievement glitch, after completing the game, if you take another character you unlock the achievement "get XXX plane with XXX"

(I complete the game with Mickey, I take greg after and I immediatly unlock the achievement with him)

Also, it will be great if you add a new achievement with the "Gamer difficulty", you can unlock this difficulty by doing this :

"Plug in the 2nd controller. Go to
the option screen with the 1st controller and highlight the
difficulty setting. Hold down the A and X buttons on the 2nd
controller, and then change the difficulty with the 1st
controller. You should see a new level called "GAMER"

Source GAMEFAQ. Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

Edit: If you need new achievements:

Beat the game with F14 (final boss) Gamer mode. (I did it when I was 14)
Beat all the stage except the last stage and the stage with the Ceiling Machine with the first plane hard mode.
Beat the game without killing submarine and the 3 purple plane.

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