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May 3 2013, 4:25pm, edited June 18 2022, 10:03am

Official Topic Post for discussion about Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES) Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)

1. Contra III - The Alien Wars (USA).sfc
RA Checksum: ede82658dafdd6febbfbe6a9c9082500
CRC32 Checksum: 84DA7CFE

2. Contra Spirits (Japan).sfc
RA Checksum: 4531c7aed14908a432f175351508f8e7
CRC32 Checksum: B8CFE377

3. Contra III - The Alien Wars - MSU-1 (Conn) [c3taw_msu1].sfc
RA Checksum: 01e10d6afdd0c4a3e160ebb7286c18ba
CRC32 Checksum: 43ABB771

4. Contra III - The Alien Wars (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, v131)
RA Checksum: 438e5496dc5dc09d0ff3693b2aea2f96
CRC32 Checksum: E8D52073

Without a doubt one of the best titles on the SNES, I don't think many would disagree. I'd love to see this supported soon.

A few suggestions.

Guns Only! (10) Complete stage 1 without using a bomb
Don't Burn Up (10) Avoid the fire on stage 1
Terminated (10) Defeat the stage 3 boss without using a bomb
(30) Defeat the game on hard difficulty/easy/normal

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July 31 2013, 2:01pm

I'm working on it now.
Honestly, it's hard to get stuff done when there's enemies infinitely spawning and I either have to give myself a ton of lives, invincibility, or both, every time I go to a new stage.
The boss health locations are reused a lot too.
On side scrolling stages, I'm using the camera's location as your X/Y because you can't go backwards. The problem with this, is if you load a savestate, the camera's X/Y goes back to zero. I guess it would make the achievements harder by not being able to savestate, but I don't know if I want that. Enemies and boss values are different per difficulty so I've gotta go through on each one to find out what they are, usually multiple times because I end up damaging something I want the health value for, then I need to go back and find out what its max health is.
Achievements in progress: (more to come probably)
- Complete the game without using a Bomb
- Complete Stage 1/2/3/4/5/6 on any difficulty
- Complete Stage 1/2/3/4/5/6 on Hard difficulty
- Complete Stage 1/2/3/4/5/6 without getting hit on any difficulty
- Complete Stage 1/2/3/4/5/6 without getting hit on Hard difficulty
- Complete the game without getting hit
There's no in-game timer, so I can't add things like "Defeat the first boss in X amount of time"
Score achievements are too easy to exploit, you can stand in one spot and kill infinitely spawning enemies.
- Kill X boss with X weapon
- Complete the game without upgrading your weapon (I've seen it done)
- Dual Wield Attack with X and X weapons
- Complete Stage 1 without using the Tank
- Complete the game without changing the active weapon
- Maybe an achievement for each miniboss as well. But I'll keep those down to 1 achievement each, maybe.
These total more than 30 achievements already.

If you can think of any more ideas, post them!


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July 31 2013, 6:09pm

Hey Brian - if you load a savestate, assuming the achievements haven't changed, you will also load the state of the achievements at that previous savestate. I.e. all the hitcounts should be restored to how they were when you made that previous savestate, meaning that in essence, using savestates shouldn't ever affect achievements. Not sure why the camera X/Y returns to 0 on loading a save state, that's v odd :S

Is there a variable storing the number of enemies killed anywhere?

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July 31 2013, 6:53pm

Nope, killing just increases score, and the score is increased in different ways as well.
It's not doing it anymore, the camera X/Y doesn't change to 00 when loading a savestate. I still have a couple of savestates that have wrong camera X/Ys in Stage 1 yesterday, but I don't know how that happened.
Shouldn't be a problem anymore, but I'll try to recreate the issue.
Stage 2 is completely different. The death status and invulnerability status is moved to a new location and it doesn't work the same way. On the sidescrollers there's 3 values, like dead != invulnerable value. But on the top view levels, there's only 2 values. So dead and invulnerable are the same value.
When getting teleported to the boss on Stage 2, it changes it to the dead value, you start the fight 'invulnerable' for a few seconds.
For a deathless run of Stage 2, I figured I can reset the achievement progress if the death value hit count is higher than what you HAVE to go through during the boss teleport. (Of course I'll exaggerate the value, to make sure you don't go past it on accident without dying)
Also the X/Y coordinates of a player or camera are completely different in Stage 2.
I should be able to figure it out.

Do you ever get a problem where the achievements don't pop up when you achieve them?
Another problem, can't deactivate an achievement without earning it.
One more, editing a Local Achievement while it's active changes its active status to "No", but actually remains active. So when you try activating it again, you don't get a dialogue popup asking if you want to do that. Switching to Core and back to Local makes it show "Yes", but no way to deactivate it without earning.
Edit: Reverting a selected Local Achievement just deletes its contents and adds 0x000000 = 0x00 with no Size. (And still keeps it active if it was active when reverted)

Edit:I want to pause the achievement if the death value hit counter goes higher than 350.
Edit: I think it works if I do this:
PauseIf: Mem 8-bit 0x000ed7 = Value 0x00(Dead) 350(Hit Count)
Edit: Not working. It unpauses as soon as the character is made vulnerable again.

Edit: This is very frustrating.

Edit: Just got lucky. The X/Y coordinates change to unique ones when teleported to the boss and don't change at all no matter how far you move. 4/8 don't change, and the last 4/8 change to the same value when the boss is dead. I still have an issue though.

Edit: It's impossible to know if the player died before the boss area with the required setup. It's possible to say if they died in the boss area though. But I need the whole stage.

I can't even explain it, when it all comes down to it, it's not possible. I'll upload it to unofficial and you can look for yourself.
Maria Calderon Highway Pro Maria Calderon Highway Pro (10)

Could set the 4 X/Y coordinates that stay the same in the boss area to ResetIf != (The ones that are 0x00f0 and 0x0110), so all of the hit counts become zero when you enter the boss area. Problem with that: No way to tell if you died beforehand.

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August 1 2013, 12:12am

"Do you ever get a problem where the achievements don't pop up when you achieve them? "

Yes. This'll be about the Directdraw thing. In the Display Settings choose the Directdraw in the "output method" point.
I experienced this in the case of the SNES and the Gameboy as well. Sometimes if you don't choose the Directdraw then you still could get the achievements but they don't pop up, Although it's very unpredictable because in some case you don't get them. I don't know it depends on what..but as we talked earlier in an other topic the Directdraw's the supported display method with that theoretically all of the achievements should have to pop up.

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August 1 2013, 12:14am

I mean when DirectDraw is enabled it still happens, I knew about the overlay only being supported on DirectDraw, but thanks for replying anyway!
It always works in the very beginning, but they'll randomly stop popping up after a while, and I have to restart the emulator.

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August 1 2013, 12:22am

Hmm..then I don't have so much idea.
Maybe it could be something with the rom. Try it out with different rom versions and maybe it'll work with some of them.
Or maybe it's an emulator error but I think that has got a small chance.Still it's really interesting.

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August 1 2013, 12:26am

Maybe it's linked with editing achievements, since I do that most of the time. It happens on every game.

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August 1 2013, 12:28am

Hmm..I don't know. I didn't expect these thing till now but I didn't edit SNES achievements in the last few days so maybe then it could be about the new version of the emulator or the upgrade of the "Toolset".
I guess Scott could look after these problem soon.

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August 1 2013, 12:29am

About the not being able to deactivate without earning it. I've been having that problem for a while however as the values can now be changed on the mem view section you could just change them to comply with the rules to make the system think you have got the achievement and then change them back.

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August 1 2013, 12:35am

Yes..these deactivation thing's an old problem and it's really a "general" editor problem(I mean it's the same in the RAGen,RASnes,RAVBA as well). Although very easy to avoid..simply clone the achievment then you'll have got a "deactivated achievement" and you can delete the "activated":) and then you don't have to "earn it" :P
Still I know it's not the most convenient solution but still works:P

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August 1 2013, 12:37am

I tried cloning and they were both Active :/

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August 1 2013, 12:44am

Hmm..that's strange.
It has worked on these way,but then something has really changed.

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August 1 2013, 3:31pm

I tried to explain the issue a bit.

Edit: I figured it out when Scott got me thinking about gates and it's in Core achievements now, tested and working properly, exactly as planned. :)
Thanks to this, I'm also using a more efficient way to check if a player died. Delta on the life counter.

On Stage 2+5, it's top-view and you get to choose where you spawn.
There's a value that says you've decided where to spawn. 00=Undecided, 02=Decided.
This value remains 02 until you enter the boss area, it resets to 00.
How I made this work:
| | 8-bit | Mem | 0x00152a | > | Delta | 8-bit | 0x00152a | 1(Hit Count)
When you're selecting where to spawn, it's 00, but it increases to 02 when you've decided, and when you get teleported to the boss, it decreases to 00.
So this requires that the value increases once for you to get the achievement.
Now, if you die, everything resets, so you won't earn it, because this value doesn't increase during the level, only decreases when teleporting to the boss. When you restart the level however, you'll have a chance at the achievement again, because you get to choose where to spawn.

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August 3 2013, 7:05am

33 new achievements done, I think that may be all I'm adding. They're very tough.
Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES) Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)

5 need to be moved to Unofficial:
Ground Zero v1 Ground Zero v1 (1) Tearing Up the Turnpike v1 Tearing Up the Turnpike v1 (1) Neo Kobe Steel Factory v1 Neo Kobe Steel Factory v1 (1) Road Warriors v1 Road Warriors v1 (1) Nesting in the Sands v1 Nesting in the Sands v1 (1)
Level Select cheat allowed these to be unlocked instantly upon loading the stage, and they needed to be redone anyway.

If there's any issues or if you have a suggestion for a new achievement, post something. :)
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