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Pablo20013 Sep, 2018 02:50(Edited 13 Oct, 2020 03:20)
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Created 13 Sep, 2018 02:50 by Pablo200

0168 - Mario Kart DS (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).nds
RA Checksum: 57afd3c093764002a17a6aa376f1eefe
ROM Checksum: 8cbf438d5a7c0d9acbe56a9b627ca6c5
CRC32 Checksum: D47555BE

MaddieKittyTV24 Jan, 2019 19:01
Achievements please
SporyTike24 Jan, 2019 19:23
The emulator isn't created yet
MaddieKittyTV25 Jan, 2019 03:16
rabbids4eva11 Jun, 2019 01:29
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Kart Racing
Release: 2005
MGNS8M15 Dec, 2019 01:12
Well, not sure exactly how things are going with the confusion, but as others are starting, I suppose I'll post my intention to develop as well. I'll respect what comes out of it, but I'm also basing this on what I last saw was the case anyway, which was mostly just me and Draco655 stating to work for this.

So, I intend to develop as lead for this game along with Draco655, who is still currently a Jr-Dev. We're still a bit undecided as to exactly what we will do, but more or less our plans are:

Basic-Progression for unlocking all Cups, Classes, Missions, Characters
Advanced-Progress for unlocking 7-Karts, All-Karts, 3-Star completions
Possible bonus-challenges, including various points on boosting and possibly some speed-running if that can work out fine.

Also, since you can eventually have any character in any kart, we will probably be figuring up some character/kart combination challenges if they do much for changing things. We'll see how it goes.
Nevermond1214 Jan, 2020 15:53
I think it would be cool if some of the retro tracks had cheevos from the original game the track's from (like donut plains 1 would have this ).
MGNS8M15 Jan, 2020 03:14
I don't have a problem with it, but I don't think every track has a corresponding achievement(partially my fault, but the toolset back then didn't have the AndNext type that it does now that I would have wanted for middle-of-the-map shortcuts).

I'll add it to the list of what we're thinking about.

Sorry for the long delay, but it's hard to get time scheduled to divide things up between two people to know what we're planning and what we agree on, especially during one of the busiest months in the year, so while we have some stuff mostly-coded, it's not quite in a position to just upload and hope for the best. And this is also giving time for people to make their suggestions now, of course.
MGNS8M18 Jan, 2020 21:46
After tossing ideas around a bit, I think we're going to opt to not have shortcuts in, maybe could be part of any bonus sets later, it feels like the Mission stuff uses a lot of that in itself, as well as the 3-Star challenges, you'll likely be using shortcuts often in those anyway.

Current list is as follows:

8 "progress achievements" linked to their Unlockables... all 8 unlockables correspond to getting a Gold Trophy or better on all 4 Cups of Nitro or Retro in each Engine Class, so that will represent those nicely. These require that the item is not already unlocked on your save file.

3-Star Rank Achievements, for every Cup and every Engine Class, 32 in total. These do not require a new save-file, it is evaluated in-race, so they can be done at any time you have access to them.

7 Mission-Boss-Defeat Achievements and 7 three-star-rank All-Specific-Mission achievements, 14 in total. Uses "Measured" to keep track of progress for 3-Star Rankings, which are adding all 9 missions in a Mission-set together.

Lastly, 12 achievements based on the last unlockable, All-Karts achievements will give a small challenge having a character assigned to an unlikely kart and a cup. Mostly meant for mixing things up and as a fun/cool-down section.

Currently 66 achievements at 730 points, give or take on any adjustments.

We'll be uploading to Unofficial soon, unsure how long we will be testing, but I'm not really feeling well this weekend so probably won't be too soon.
Blazekickn18 Jan, 2020 21:52(Edited 18 Jan, 2020 21:54)
i haven't played much mkds but i think shortcuts would be nice as long as they're humanly doable. no ultra shortcuts obviously because glitches aren't allowed in core but looking at a mk game i do know pretty well, mk64, the set is pretty boring as is and could really benefit from having shortcut achievements in core. it's not like ctr where you would have to use the shortcuts anyway to 100% the game. At least have some time trial achievements where the time would be very hard to do without knowing and using the shortcuts.
Draco65518 Jan, 2020 21:55
Me and mgn work into that set and i know from me and him we dont think those shorcut are really worth to make it into. We have a pretty good list and stuff on this but if we do add those it will be on a bonus set
Blazekickn18 Jan, 2020 22:02
like i said i know basically nothing about mkds, i just know that the earlier games i have played would greatly benefit from shortcut achievements
Draco65518 Jan, 2020 22:07
Of course shorcut are very great into mario kart but this one have not a lot of great use shorcut there.

Because of those reason i dont see a reason why i should give them point for doing those little shorcut.
Xan070725 Jan, 2020 17:03
Which region is this acheivement set using? I didn't get my achievement for the Flower Cup 50cc.
SporyTike25 Jan, 2020 17:14
The set uses the europe rom of the game. Also you only get an achievement for the cup when you get three stars. The leaderboard looks like you needed over 13 minutes, the 3 stars are only obtained with 11min 53s or less
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