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Developer's Code of Conduct


Posted: 08 Sep, 2018 15:45
Last Edit: 08 Sep, 2018 15:45
After days of intense (and heated) discussions we finally reached a point where the Developer's Code of Conduct is good enough to be officially announced and applied.

Some of our active developers already follow the "best practices" recommended on that doc, but we realized that it should be written on a doc to be followed by every dev. Then here it is:

Here is a TL;DR version, highlighting the most important points:
- State your intention to work on games in the forum.
- As soon as you have a plan for your set, post it on the forum.
- Keep your set free from unwelcome concepts. (we clearly define this on the doc)
- Use protective code preventing potential cheating and exploits.
- For set revisions, follow the revision policy.
- Resolve tickets, and leave notes each time you do.
- Once you publish you set you are giving it over to the community to be reviewed and reworked over time.

While on discussions for that doc we also collected enough information to create the How to Become an Achievement Developer doc, describing all the steps that any aspiring achievement developer must follow before getting Developer status:

Please guys, be aware of those docs.
Any feedback is welcome. When in doubt, ask a @mod in Discord or send a message to .

And keep rocking!

Posted: 12 Sep, 2018 10:57
What is if death has no bad consequences and triggers an easter egg? Can it be added then as achievement? For example, if one would die at the very beginning of Secret of Mana before reaching Potos Village, you'd be resurrected by the sword (it makes sense in context), something you won't see ever afterwards.

Personally I believe that would add to the experience, as not many people know that easter egg/secret, as it is too easy to not die. The first boss in the village offers a different resurrection experience which is very famous.

I think rules should be taken as guidelines, but there may be circumstances where the rules might not apply, such as this. What do you think?

Posted: 12 Sep, 2018 12:16
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2018 12:22
The rule only prohibits dying without any purpose, but if you're dying to view a special scene then that should be alright.

Here's an example of it being done right: and here's it being done poorly .

Posted: 12 Sep, 2018 14:37
Sorry, I have misunderstood then, thank you for clarification!

Posted: 27 Sep, 2018 06:07
Good work; I hope everyone is on board and discussed these points before it was made official. This Code of Conduct post (or rather the link to the rules page) should stay on the home page indefinitely.

I know that there are a lot of opinions on the way things should work, and nostalgia for amazing retro games can get in the way.

Although I don't agree with all aspects of this code of conduct, I'm not a part of this community anymore anyways, so my opinion isn't as valid as it used to be. Feel free to not read any of the following:

I think you guys should be really restricted with adding and deleting achievements in games with full 800 leader-boards. I see that in the guidelines that there needs to be approval for it, but 2 or 3 "yeah I agree" shouldn't be enough, it should be a very large number.
Editing, adding, and deleting achievements will immediately dethrone the top 10 players of that game, successfully pissing off at least 10 players.
I remember when Turtles In Time had a full set revamp. I wasn't very thrilled about it since I already beat the game 4 times over.

If at all possible, it would be amazing if only one game version/revision is playable on the RA emulators. For example, Super Mario World (U)[!] would be the only version able to play, all other versions would be locked out. I know this would be a huge undertaking, but personally, I have spent a large amount of time deleting bogus tickets from games that were loaded from a (E) or a [b] file,
even though the games had a full 800 points won by dozens of players. It's one of the reasons I've quit.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons for myself leaving, most disheartening was the DEMOLITION of my own achievements that others would clone and re-upload as their own, as well as the mentioned giant flood of tickets from achievements that were the wrong file-size/ version / the introduction of retroarch...and I can't stress the giant number of tasteless, grammarless achievements with no color or charm in achievement badges... But I'm not going to get into that... there are [were] way too many.

I hope this current and upcoming generation of developers can turn this site around.
Things have been done wrong and below any par of standard in the past... Too many rules, permissions, and waiting for approvals will slow things down a bit, but I trust you guys can lead the way. (It's also [was] a little too easy to become admin, I hope this has changed.)

I say that I've "quit" but I will always poke my head in to see what's going on with this community.
I've finished because of the ugly, but I'm proud of a lot that this community has done, thousands of achievements worth millions of points.

Special thanks to:
Brian, with constructive discussions about how things should be done/dealt with/deleted.
Scott for creating this behemoth.
Mickyt888, jackolantern, SamuraiGoroh, cirellio, JonnyRetro, Altomar, MeCKooLL, Marverick23, coczero, Groomperoo, Popoki, and dude1286.
Friendly and skilled co-developers.
And GREAT JOB to Salsa! one of the besties that gave amazing advice and tasteful opinions on things that needed to be discussed, as well as putting an overwhelming amount of work into the community.

And thank you to the hundreds of compliments from players and fellow devs for the games I made achievement sets for... You're the reason I kept going after Lufia.... Sorry that I kind of turned this post into some rant about myself...

Feel free to PM me, as long as it isn't a ridiculous ticket.

> Rewsifer.

Posted: 27 Sep, 2018 15:29
> I hope everyone is on board and discussed these points before it was made official

Yeah, we discussed it. It was very stressing and tiresome, but in the end I think the result is pretty good.

Regarding achievement set revisions, they only happen with a good reason, and only for improvements. Achievements can't be added/removed without a reason.

I completely understand that it can be frustrating for the players. In a hope to make them understand why revisions are important, I wrote a message for achievement hunters and completionists about revisions.

> In fact, there are a lot of reasons for myself leaving, most disheartening was the DEMOLITION of my own achievements that others would clone and re-upload as their own.

On discord we have some automation tools keeping an eye on what happens on the Core set, then we can take an action if something is wrong (like people demoting/promoting achievements to the Core set out of nothing).

We also currently have a nice staff (not all of them are admins here on the site), and all of them care for this project and help to keep an eye on what's happening here. The "anarchic days" is part of the history now.

Keep in mind that the most important reason why we spent our time discussing and writing the Developer's Code of Conduct: respect the work of the original dev.

I really hope you recover your interest on RetroAchievements and be active on our community again. ;)



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