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Double Dragon


Posted: 01 May, 2013 19:29
Last Edit: 24 Mar, 2018 19:31

1. Double Dragon (USA, Europe) (Unl).md
Double Dragon (U) [!].bin
Double Dragon (1992-04-29)(Ballistic)(EU-US)[p].bin
double dragon (euro, usa).bin
RA Checksum: 6c34e2fd2b6800194dfad16fadaef820
CRC32 Checksum: 054F5D53

Just a few ideas for Double Dragon (Mega Drive) Achievements
I'd love it if anyone can do something for this game

Street Smarts (10) Finish mission 1
Industrialist (10) Finish mission 2
Hulk smash (10) Finish mission 3
To be continued...(25) Finish mission 4
Untouchable (20) Finish mission 1 without taking damage
Conveyor of doom (25) Defeat an enemy using the conveyor belt
Chip off the old block (25) Avoid being hit by the blocks in mission 4
Throwing Elbows (15) Complete the game by using only the elbow smash move
The Bigger They Are (10) Hit Abobo with a baseball bat
Up In Smoke (20) Defeat an enemy with dynamite
Weapons Expert (10) Pick up every weapon
Leap Of Faith (10) Clear the broken bridge without falling
Thicker Than Water (10) Defeat your brother and win Marion's affection

Posted: 26 Jun, 2013 17:48
Rescue Marion (30)
Finish The Game

9 users have unlocked the levels 1 to 3
10 users have finished the game, looks like there may be faults with this one, i'll take a look

Posted: 30 Jul, 2014 03:20
Ideas for remaining achievements? Game lacks a hard mode :(


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