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May 31 2018, 3:28am, edited December 4 2018, 7:24am

Official Topic Post for discussion about Alien vs. Predator (Arcade) Alien vs. Predator (Arcade)
Created 31 May, 2018 03:28 by Salsa

Parent set: avsp
Alien vs Predator (940520 Euro)


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September 25 2018, 8:49pm

Here is a sheet that consist of concept in ultimate form:

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September 26 2018, 2:19pm

Não estou acertado a versão certa da rom. o jogo trava e os que abrem não aciona a lista de conquistas

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September 27 2018, 1:32am, edited September 27 2018, 7:16pm

Rub88 use a versão Alien vs Predator (Euro 940520) eu encontrei ele no [edited by meleu: don't mention places where copyrighted material can be downloaded].

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September 27 2018, 6:34pm

This game will only load in FBA 2012 CPS2 in retroarch but cheevos dont work in that core

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September 27 2018, 8:48pm, edited September 27 2018, 8:48pm

The proper ROM size is 12.76 MB (13 378 352 Bytes)

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September 27 2018, 9:03pm

Já consegui jogar. Obrigado...

September 27 2018, 9:41pm

Thanks for another arcade set Salsa :)

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September 27 2018, 10:45pm, edited September 27 2018, 10:45pm

Glad to hear that Kat! 🍎

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October 3 2018, 11:46am, edited October 3 2018, 2:49pm

Let me summarize as i believe more ppl have the same issue.
OP said this should work with plain FBA core, euro 940520, from mame set 0.185 (edited from a typo, I wrote 158 by mistake).
OP also mentioned the rom should be 12.76 MB.

I looked everywhere the last few days, and the only rom i am able to find which matches these features is 10.45 MB.
I cannot find an @ 12.76 mb anywhere.

The rom i have does not work under plain FBA core on android OR desktop, last RetroArch with updated cores.
On my desktop, it only opens under FBA CSP2.
On android, it opens under FBA CSP2 and FBA 2012.
Every other core crashes.

Please assist, if this is some convoluted unpopular version/rom of this game I am not sure why it was chosen as the basis for the achievement set.
Not criticizing, I appreciate the effort into bringing my fav beatemup to retroachievements and i am sure there must be some logic behind the decision to go with this rom, I just don't find it anywhere.

Finally, thank you again for looking into making these arcade achievement sets, I appreciate it.

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October 3 2018, 12:31pm

Interesting. A member sent me the source from which he downloaded the same rom, and it worked on plain FBA core and unlocked.
The rom I had was presumably the same, but was not working.
very weird.
In any case, thanks for the help by sending me the proper source.

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October 3 2018, 12:54pm

Hey, I've said 0.185 (or newer), not 0.158. It's cool it works for you now, regardless.

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October 3 2018, 2:49pm

Sorry that's what i meant (i have a tendency for typos). will edit the above, not trying to say you gave me wrong info at all.
Thanks again for making the set.

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August 23 2019, 8:13pm

how configure the dificult of the game?

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January 3 2020, 11:09pm

Does not work on any emulator
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