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Ninja Gaiden

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Posted: 06 Mar, 2014 22:06
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2022 01:47

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Created 06 Mar, 2014 22:06 by JonnyRetro

1. Ninja Gaiden (USA).nes
RA Checksum: 07c1b92ae9b78f209075a8cc6d3eebf0
ROM Checksum: 0c2cccda6ba6cab7bede0ff05e7f6852
CRC32 Checksum: 11F953F6

2. Shadow Warriors (Europe).nes
RA Checksum: 60e2600fa999530ea5b3964d1048e143
ROM Checksum: 4453741f86e1c503cbc2df755e819589
CRC32 Checksum: 1D2FB2B7

3. Ninja Ryuuken Den (Japan).nes
RA Checksum: b0430c155e39e89cbba8f3d143027387
ROM Checksum: 8cba2ce8b55408b6c8cd1387467abc07
CRC32 Checksum: BA7818A1

4. Ninja Gaiden (E) (VC).nes
RA Checksum: ef16d191e4c731b2f8a763b362347063
ROM Checksum: f61bb402d19d046efe3e7c95fb5610c1
CRC32 Checksum: 4257976B

5. Ninja Gaiden (U) [T+Rus_Magicteam].nes
RA Checksum: 0f02199282cb9f546f9e7251872e445b
ROM Checksum: 2bb9961856f6306295cdff8372d10f78
CRC32 Checksum: 738AE5F4

6. Ninja Gaiden (U) [T+Ita1.1_SadNES City].nes
Ninja Gaiden (1989-03)(Tecmo)(US)[tr it SadNES City][v1.1].nes
RA Checksum: 278373248ddef20a2a89a02e29181a6f
ROM Checksum: e59a988d38b02149815e2a3657ce77ea
CRC32 Checksum: D0C0C4F7

7. Ninja Gaiden (U) [T+Spa_DJ Traducciones].nes
Ninja Gaiden (1989-03)(Tecmo)(US)[tr es DJTraducciones].nes
RA Checksum: 2e1f85e394f16a93528250d64b6b9490
ROM Checksum: 9fac529b59dc77bed2c33375010a73ca
CRC32 Checksum: 7407661E

8. Ninja Gaiden (U) [T-Bra1.0].nes
Ninja Gaiden (1989-03)(Tecmo)(US)[tr pt EmuSamba][v1.0].nes
RA Checksum: 6ac9aa62b9662df811d61b4f7566b132
ROM Checksum: c936099425e0167f241b13e7de234759
CRC32 Checksum: 96A4DFD2

9. Ninja Gaiden (U) [b1][o1][T+Bra1.1_Hellmatic].nes
Ninja Gaiden (1989-03)(Tecmo)(US)[h][tr pt][iNES title, trans v1.0].nes
RA Checksum: 878254ce70f1e47b8cc9e750440af167
ROM Checksum: 87faa285123a49152fc4bc049aa67b7d
CRC32 Checksum: 6915200

10. Ninja Ryukenden (Ch).nes
Ninja Ryukenden (1988-12-09)(Tecmo)(JP)[tr zh TPU][v.20030301].nes
RA Checksum: 9cb73b71ff6fd0c09f8e1e848e06422c
ROM Checksum: 74102e8c75eaa8627047a4dd2deb0d6e
CRC32 Checksum: DB58837B

11. Ninja Gaiden (U) [b1].nes
Ninja Gaiden (1989-03)(Tecmo)(US).nes
RA Checksum: c45493db311042ff311c714028c7dc66
ROM Checksum: 22c277248ec89e6bde1ffc8c533ef3ab
CRC32 Checksum: 5CDD943B

12. Ninja Gaiden (U) [b5][o1][T-Bra].nes
Ninja Gaiden (1989-03)(Tecmo)(US)[h][tr pt][b6][iNES title].nes
RA Checksum: d6c91d4619b6836bfc7ca93a93178436
ROM Checksum: 13ac1b26bb154c525d3ba71376b2ddd6
CRC32 Checksum: 73CBEF35

13. Ninja Gaiden (U) [T+Bra100%_IPS Point].nes
Ninja Gaiden (1989-03)(Tecmo)(US)[tr pt IPS Point][100%].nes
RA Checksum: fb321fbde64d15463fd106137ff9ec79
ROM Checksum: 9a62d5ff8da39cb7d94ceb1eb78fa133
CRC32 Checksum: 8182B398

Game Manual
Posted: 07 Mar, 2014 09:38

I have 5 achievements up. I'll have most of them made if not all in a few days.
Posted: 07 Mar, 2014 12:42

nice one.. look forward to it!! :)
Posted: 11 Mar, 2014 01:52

I finally have all of them uploaded. If anyone has trouble unlocking them let me know. Have fun with this challenging game.
Posted: 11 Mar, 2014 02:32

Posted: 11 Mar, 2014 02:44

sweet. thanks. i've always kinda sucked at this game but i guess i have more reaspon to play it now.
Posted: 28 Mar, 2014 05:47

PManning, I'm having a hard/impossible time unlocking this one:

The Demon Jashin Mastered (15)
You Defeated The Demon Jashin Without Taking Damage!

So honestly, I can understand this one being a bit weird unlocking as doing this is a real pain in the ass in practice. Pretty much you have to die on purpose the first go-around, as you don't get to keep your subweapons when fighting him normally. And with no subweapon, it's basically impossible to avoid one point of damage from his head that comes flying at you.

But that's really not my point, that aside it's still outright not unlocking. I at first did the regular "take that one required point of damage but otherwise killed him with no fireballs hitting me" run, which I should have assumed wouldn't count and in fact didn't. So, I went ahead and let him kill me the first time, ran back through 6-1 to 6-3 and beat him while taking no damage against him using the Spin Slash. It still didn't unlock. Does the unlock remember the first death and count that?

EDIT: Nevermind, false alarm! I had taken damage during the level on my last attempt because of the wording on that achievement. I should have assumed it meant full health when the boss dies like the other Master Ninja ones, and not just, "don't take damage against him". Went finally able to get it again with full health and it worked like a charm!
Posted: 05 May, 2014 02:12
Last Edit: 05 May, 2014 06:17

Ninja Gaiden,fechado com uma vida...vamos aos outros troféis xD
Posted: 05 May, 2014 21:42

Show Gaiden, ainda tem algumas bem difíceis como os de passar das fases sem perder energia e sem usar magia. :)
Posted: 08 May, 2014 02:59

You Defeated Jaquio Without Taking Damage!
You Defeated The Demon Jashin Without Taking Damage!

Posted: 05 Jun, 2014 04:42

Just one minor issue:
I finished Stage 1, by killing the boss without taking damage.
I won the 'Clear Stage 1 (Mentor)', but not the 'Clear Stage 1'.
(I got it normally after beating the Stage 1 again)

I tested the same situation on Stage 2, I won both achievements correctly.
Posted: 05 Jun, 2014 07:54

Right, I'd just suggest doing it again. Unlocked fine for me and I'm really beginning to understand that there's always gonna be hiccups with this, haha.
Posted: 05 Jun, 2014 07:55

Sorry didn't read it correctly, you did my suggestion. Yea, I don't know what all can be done to make them more consistent.
Posted: 05 Jun, 2014 21:11
Last Edit: 05 Jun, 2014 21:12

Oh man, I sure wish I had read here before starting Ninja Gaiden myself. I beat Jaquio and replayed the game too many times before finding out the Jaquio achievement wording was misleading.

I also discovered late into the game how good the spin attack subweapon is. It is definitely the way to beat Malth, Jaquio, and the Demon Jashin without getting hit. Probably any of them though, really. The hardest part about that is carrying the spin attack through the stage itself.
Posted: 05 Jun, 2014 21:19
Last Edit: 05 Jun, 2014 22:29

When I get home I'll change the wording of the achievement. Sorry for all the trouble.

I changed the wording of the achievement. Sorry for the misleading. When I tested the achievement it seemed like it was unlocking the way it was described.
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