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Kirby's Dream Land 2

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Corkscrew07 Nov, 2017 21:28(Edited 08 Nov, 2017 18:36)
I did a full badge revamp to this set in order to make the images more coherent, properly scaled, use the gb pallete variations for the black and white ones, and to not use pictures from outside kirby media, and more specifically, from this specific kirby game. I'll leave every old badge link here, to report the changes made and to save the old nones in case someone feels they're more suitable.



Corkscrew07 Nov, 2017 22:25(Edited 07 Nov, 2017 22:25)
Also updated the game icon to a non-stretched version of the same concept art.



TheBatman28 Nov, 2018 15:50(Edited 29 Nov, 2018 06:48)
The following achievements have been fixed to work on the Japanese version as well:
Rainbow Drop #1
Rainbow Drop #2
Rainbow Drop #3
Rainbow Drop #4
Rainbow Drop #5
Rainbow Drop #6
Rainbow Drop #7
(these did not work because the Japanese version stores the rainbow drop data at address 0x00dd62, while the English version stores it at 0x00dd63)

Apples and Stars
Woah Nelly
So Many Spikes
Icicle Dodger
Nature Bonus
Cloudy Stars
(for these, the Japanese version stores the number of stars collected at two addresses lower than the English version, which means Nature Bonus and Cloudy Stars would not unlock at all, while the other four would unlock from the wrong bonus game)

(like above, the stars collected in each minigame is stored differently, so four of the addresses this achievement checks for stars are complatible across versions, while two were only for the English version)
MGNS8M30 Nov, 2018 03:27
The bonus-star achievements weren't working, and in fact were triggering at the wrong times, so I fixed them on request.

However, I was only asked today by JAM to work on these, so I did not see the message about including the Japanese version, I've already overwritten them as they were not working correctly, sorry about that. I'll have to adjust those tomorrow when I have more time, otherwise for the main US version they have been fixed.
TheBatman30 Nov, 2018 04:33(Edited 30 Nov, 2018 04:37)
I adjusted them so they're compatible with both versions again. (that Perfect jingle is stored at a different address in the Japanese version too)
MGNS8M30 Nov, 2018 21:46
I don't have the Japanese rom to test them, but as far as I can tell I think they'll work like that then, thanks.
TheBatman30 Nov, 2018 21:57(Edited 30 Nov, 2018 22:25)
I've verified they (and all other achievements) work on the Japanese version, so yeah. Only achievement I didn't get yet is beating Dark Matter damageless, and from the code I can tell that one works fine as well. It was only a tiny couple of relevant addresses that were different between the two version.

On another note, would it be fine to revise the "Beat Dark Matter damageless" achievement to work in the main game as well? It's the only fight in the game that's identical between the two modes, and the issue with Kirby getting his health back at the end of the battle shouldn't be present for this one.
MGNS8M01 Dec, 2018 00:25
Eh... well, I understand the idea of wanting to go right to it rather than spend all that time trying to get through Boss Rush to do it. Doing Boss-Rush-damageless wasn't necessarily a challenge to make the player do them in Boss Rush mode, it was mostly due to the fact that the bosses are gone after one attempt in the main game. So it makes sense to let the player decide on what method they use to defeat Dark Matter(and probably Dark Dedede as well since I think you always need to do that first).

But it also works at the moment, and I'm not sure what sort of new problems might happen if it gets changed. Since it's attached to my account and I'd be the one responsible for any error reports, I'll think about modifying it myself later, but if you make a possible change, maybe send your local file(or if you open it in Notepad, just PM me the code and I can manually add it to my local file myself) so I can look it over first.

I'm not sure, but I'm feeling like a hazy memory of attempting to do that once before and it didn't work too well... can't remember why.
TheBatman01 Dec, 2018 00:42(Edited 01 Dec, 2018 00:53)
Well, boss rush locks you into using regular Kirby instead of letting you cheese the bosses with powers or friends (Dedede forbids friends, but lets you use powers), so I think having the other bosses require you to be in boss rush mode is a good thing. There's minimal challenge involved otherwise. The Dark Matter fight is unique in that it locks you into using the rainbow sword no matter which mode you're in.
Blazekickn01 Dec, 2018 01:23
Actually you can get the cutter and fire powerups from the stars mr. shine and mr. bright shoot out
TheBatman01 Dec, 2018 01:34(Edited 01 Dec, 2018 01:57)
Yeah, I heard that, but I never figured out HOW you're supposed to do it.
Oh, from the STARS? Damn.

Finally got the Dark Matter Damageless cheevo and can verify that Works in the Japanese version too, so the set should be 100% compatible now.
Blazekickn01 Dec, 2018 02:28
you can also get hi-jump from kracko, but cutter is way more useful
Androxilogin22 Mar, 2020 01:12(Edited 23 Mar, 2020 17:54)
So the achievements dialogue pops up in the bottom corner of the screen while starting the game but I've gotten to world 6 now and none of the achievements have triggered.
KingS1zzle16 Aug, 2021 00:54
The old icon was outvoted via icon-gauntlet. Here's a back-up of the old one:
Spark5S11 Mar, 2023 15:06
In my opinion, the no-damage boss achievements would be better in a subset considering how much more difficult they are compared to everything else. There should be an achievement for obtaining Chao/Girl blob, especially since finding them is required for 100% completion.
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