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Created 24 Feb, 2014 19:09 by PrinceKaro

1. Trip World (Europe).gb
Trip World (E) [!].gb
trip world (europe).bin
RA Checksum: c46e059a69d9b3b4b0b9d8d303c559b3
CRC32 Checksum: 85D910B9

2. Trip World (Japan).gb
Trip World (J).gb
trip world (japan).bin
RA Checksum: e0a81dcc3aa0db3896c6f46e0ed3fc80
CRC32 Checksum: 11568E64


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July 22 2015, 1:13pm

Should definitely be an achievement for the huge Yappou you can get by collecting the ball then tail powerups in World 5 (separate from the super strong 'tall' yappou), also probably ones for the hidden health-giving minibosses in worlds 2 and 3. I might try adding these myself sometime if the original creator's no longer around.

Either way this is a great little game and I highly recommend anyone play it. It only takes about half an hour and is full of charm.

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September 25 2016, 1:39am, edited September 25 2016, 11:11am

I realized a movie for the MEGA YACOPU if it can help ;) (sorry for my bad english)

et si vous voulez voir d'autre vidéos ou me suivre dans ma quête des 1000 jeux rétro en live pensé à me follow sur twitch ou sur youtube ;)
Si ce message gène faite le moi savoir ou supprimer le ;)


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April 27 2019, 1:30pm

Don't use stage select or stage achievements will not work. Use RAVBA or gambatte core.

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The point values for this set make no sense. Here is a plan for a simple revision that should make things more reasonable. This plan would result in a total of 300 points, leaving room for future challenge-type achievements for ideas like not transforming or killing X enemies. Platformers are not my thing, and I had no prior knowledge of this game before yesterday; otherwise, I would attempt these myself. I did add some deathless achievements since those should be fairly simple to implement. They also shouldn't pose too great of a challenge, given the game. The level select (only for the beginning of levels, no checkpoints) would be allowed for all achievements except the two for completing the game.

Original Rich Presence script
0x00=World 1
0x01=World 2
0x02=World 3
0x03=World 4
0x04=World 5



@World(0xhc0e0), @Health(0xhffa0) Health, @Lives(0xhc0e1) Lives

Original Achievement Set
World 1 (25): Beat World 1
World 2 (25): Beat World 2
World 3 (30): Beat World 3
World 4 (40): Beat World 4
World 5 (50): Beat World 5
Flight Yacopu (20): Transform to Flying Yacopu
Fish Yacopu (20): Transform to Fish Yacopu
Flower Yacopu (25): Transform to Flower Yacopu With a Special Power-Up
Tail Yacopu (25): Transform to Tail Yacopu With a Special Power-Up
Ball Yacopu (25): Transform to Ball Yacopu With a Special Power-Up
Mini Yacopu (35): Transform to Mini Yacopu With a Special Power-Up
Tall Yacopu (35): Transform to Tall Yacopu With a Special Power-Up
Mega Yacopu (45): Transform to Mega Yacopu With a Special Power-Up

Original Badges

Revised Achievement Set
Showdown on Mount Dubious (10): Clear World 1.
World 1 Expert (15): Complete the first world without dying.
In the Heart of the Temple (10): Clear World 2.
World 2 Expert (15): Complete the second world without dying.
Cave Diving (10): Clear World 3.
World 3 Expert (20): Complete the third world without dying.
The Bakery (10): Clear World 4.
World 4 Expert (20): Complete the fourth world without dying.
The Ruler of Mirror Land (20): Clear World 5.
World 5 Expert (30): Complete the fifth world without dying.
Peace Is Restored (30): Complete the game. (Do not use Stage Select Menu)
Trip World Expert (50): Complete the game without dying. (Do not use Stage Select Menu)
Fish Form (0): Transform Yakopoo into a fish (B+Down).
Flight Form (0): Transform Yakopoo's ears to gain the power of flight (B+Up).
Ball Form (5): Gain the ability to bounce by eating a special fruit.
Tail Form (5): Gain a powerful tail by eating a special fruit.
Flower Form (5): Gain flower powers by eating a special fruit.
Invulnerable Form (10): Combine the effects of the Ball and Tail fruits.
Mini Form (10): Combine the effects of the Ball and Flower fruits.
Ultimate Form (10): Combine the effects of the Tail and Flower fruits.
A Light Snack (5): Consume a special flower to restore some lost health.
A Shabubu Delicacy (10): Consume a special herb to gain an additional life.

Updated Badges



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April 28 2019, 10:15am, edited April 28 2019, 10:24am

More ideas for you:

*No damage bosses.
No comment

*5000 points
*10000 points
You get points in this game very rarely but you can farm points. So maybe beat the game with >10000 points.

*Freeze the hedgehog on world 1 by flower attack
*Freeze 3 enemies on world 1 by flower attack
You have limited seed amount.

*Get to small enemies in world 2 in mini form (if possible)
Duration is limited. You must run.

*Don't turn into fish form and clear world 3.
I just did it. It's real.

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April 28 2019, 5:33pm, edited April 28 2019, 9:20pm

I don't like the idea of damageless bosses for this game. It would be prohibitively difficult for many of them due to how limited you are with Yacopu's sole incredibly short-ranged attack. Also, hitboxes don't seem entirely consistent.

I considered doing something with the points, but they seem to be completely meaningless since some enemies will infinitely respawn.

As I said in my initial plan, I think challenges for not transforming over the course of a world or for defeating specific numbers of enemies are good ideas, but I'll most likely leave this for another developer to try.

That being said, I think I will try to make achievements for finding all of the extra lives.
(Edit: I only found the one extra life in World 5. All other hidden items seem to only restore HP. If anyone found an extra life outside of World 5, let me know.)

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May 1 2019, 7:08am, edited May 1 2019, 7:27am

I now know quite a bit more about this game, so I decided to add some challenge achievements myself. My idea is to make a 20-point achievement for each world. This will bring the set up to 400 points. I apologize since I was not able to think of unique challenges for the first two worlds.

Master of Mount Dubious (20): Complete the first world without being injured.
Master of the Temple (20): Complete the second world without being injured.
Master Explorer (20): Discover a secret area in World 3.
Master of Self-Restraint (20): Complete the fourth world without transforming.
Master of Metamorphosis (20): Perform every transformation in World 5.


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May 2 2019, 1:53am

As I played through the game, something that I kept thinking is "I wonder how far I can get before this transformation fades". Perhaps you could add some challenges along those lines.

Also, I'm not sure if it's really considered a secret - I think you might have referred to it via the extra life, but you can get into the room behind the engine block conveyor in world 5 by purposefully falling through a collapsible bridge. There's an umbrella guy back there that you can repeatedly kill for extra lives. He's also worth 1000pts every time you kill him.

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May 2 2019, 5:37pm

It might be a good idea to do a "Pacifist" achievement, since many of the enemies don't actually harm you, and it's as if the idea of the game isn't to necessarily beat everything you find on the way.

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May 2 2019, 8:13pm

Thanks for the suggestions.

The combined transformations are the game's way of rewarding you for reaching as far as possible with one transformation. (e.g. becoming Tall/Ultimate in World 4, becoming Mega/Invulnerable in World 5, etc.) I think that the "Master of Metamorphosis" achievement covers this idea reasonably well.

In World 5, there are two paths to reach the factory, one high and one low. Neither one is really a secret, but this is technically covered in the set plan with the extra life achievement since this is the easier of the two extra lives to find. (The harder is in World 3)

The only problem with a pacifism-type achievement is that this is the default way to play the game. It's not even remotely challenging. I would have actually liked to do the opposite and have one of the world challenges be for killing every enemy in the world, but this game has infinite respawns and a few of the enemies seem to become invincible.

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September 16 2019, 9:18am

Since I haven't had much luck getting the game icon replaced, I decided to post the Japanese box art I've been using, on the off chance someone has better luck making something that community likes.

Also, here's a record of my failed attempts:

Finally, once the current icon-gauntlet poll expires, I'll probably post the following designs as a last attempt to get the current icon replaced.

The first is the same icon that's currently being used, but from a better scan of the box art. The second is a picture of Yakopoo from the game manual that I placed on a small section of the map from the Japanese box art. The third is a screenshot of the Maita flower taken from an in-game cutscene.

October 9 2019, 10:59pm

The old icon was outvoted and replaced, here's a backup of it:


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November 20 2022, 5:51pm, edited December 12 2022, 4:08pm

Added triggers to the following achievements
World 1 Expert World 1 Expert (5)
World 2 Expert World 2 Expert (5)
World 3 Expert World 3 Expert (10)
World 4 Expert World 4 Expert (10)
World 5 Expert World 5 Expert (25)
Trip World Expert Trip World Expert (25)

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