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Animal Forest | Doubutsu no Mori

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Posted: 20 Jan, 2018 23:42
Last Edit: 26 Sep, 2019 11:44
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Created 20 Jan, 2018 23:42 by

1. Doubutsu no Mori (Japan).z64
Doubutsu no Mori (J) [!].z64
Doubutsu no Mori (2001)(Nintendo)(JP).bin
RA Checksum: a4f7c57c180297b2e7ba5a5feb44fe0b
CRC32 Checksum: 9503E3F1

Because of gamebreaking glitches including a softlock in dialogs and a hardlock when loading the character, the English translation isn't compatible with the set. If a completely working patch is known it will be added.

If you play on RAProject64 please use GLideN 4.0. It doesn't crash and the graphics are fine. (Except flickering when loading the game sometimes but it's fixed by opening the inventory)

If you play on RetroArch, use Mupen. Parallels has graphical glitches in the menu.


Posted: 19 Feb, 2019 02:59
Added Rich Presence, but not planning on doing anything more any time soon.

Posted: 19 Feb, 2019 04:54
Last Edit: 19 Feb, 2019 04:54
Here's my plan/ideas if I/anyone works on this:

New Years (would trigger at midnight)
Fishing Tourney (win)
Boy's Festival (Buy a Samurai Suit)
Girl's Festival (Buy a Hinaningyo)
Cherry Blossom Festival
Mushrooming Season (Find all 5 mushrooms on one day)
Halloween (Get a Spooky Series item from Jack)
Toy Day
Villager in an igloo during winter
An event I have marked as "event" where you get a present in the mail from a villager of the opposite gender.

First bug
Half bugs
All 32 bugs
First fish
Half fish
All 32 fish

Nook upgrades:
Nooks Cranny -> Nook 'n' Go
NnG -> Nookway
Nookway -> Nookingtons

Paying for your house:
initial loan
1st expansion
2nd expansion
I think that's it in AF?

Special Visiting Characters:
Cray Redd

Casual Friday (Take off uniform while working)
Retirement (Finish Job)
Striking Gold (Dig up 1,000 bells from a glowing spot)
Exterminator (Kill 2 cockroaches in your house)
Get reprimanded from Mr. Resetti
Make a Villager angry
Have KK Slider play KK Song (Totaka's Song)
Get a fossil identified
Get all bells from a money rock
Get stung by bees
Something with the Happy Room Academy (certain score?)
Something with the Famicom Games (suggested by Euclide)

Posted: 20 Feb, 2019 05:53
Last Edit: 20 Feb, 2019 05:54
That list of holidays isn't 100% accurate, here is a list. (not going to translate it all here but leaving it for future reference)

A few other ideas in there err too far on the side of non-achievements IMO like resetting, getting stung or making NPCs mad. Killing cockroaches probably falls under that too if it means that you need to neglect your house for a while. There is a lot of content in this game so I don't think it's necessary to add achievements for negative behavior.

For Famicom games my thought was to have one relatively simple achievement for each one.
I would also add filling out the catalog or some high percentage of it depending on how hard it is to do. I would have to play it to get more ideas but I'm sure a lot more could be added, especially related to interacting with other villagers.

Posted: 21 Feb, 2019 08:30
I agree with probably cutting the ones for getting stung and killing cockroaches, though I think the others could work fine. A huge part of the game is interacting with the villagers and getting interesting dialogue, so things like pissing off Mr. Resetti multiple times to get his final dialogue (since it's a fun little easter egg of sorts) or annoying the other villagers fits in my opinion.

Also, I like the idea of 1 achievement per Famicom game, keeps things nice and simple.

Posted: 27 Feb, 2019 02:04
Last Edit: 27 Feb, 2019 02:14
I uploaded an example achievement for Donkey Kong. The requirement is to clear one loop on Game B, which is pretty easy, so perhaps adding a deathless requirement would be better (in my opinion that would be a decent balance between offering some challenge and being relatively frustration-free). Acquiring the item in the game is also part of the "challenge", so I don't think the in-game achievement should be too challenging. If you have any comments on this or ideas for the other games please post them here.

It assumes that the head of the Famicom memory space is set to 0, because it gets initialized to all zeroes when starting to play a game, but that may not be enough protection.

I could only get the Famicom games to show up when using the Angrylion graphics plugin and static interpreter RSP plugin. It does not run at full speed on my system.

Finally, the memory allocation does not seem the be exactly the same as on common NES/Famicom emulators, so it is necessary to find corresponding addresses again instead of just adding an offset to those already made for the NES sets.

Posted: 27 Feb, 2019 02:16
Add the entire ra set for the nes games achievements

Posted: 03 Apr, 2019 15:14
Last Edit: 06 Apr, 2019 00:40
Achievement ideas:
-Acquire all tools (Fishing rod, bug net, shovel, axe)
-Fill an entire fully expanded floor in your house with furniture
-Acquire maximum villagers in your town
-Spend a full 24 hours playing the game
-Catch a bee from a beehive
-Send a letter
-Dig up a gyroid
-Acquire a Famicom Game
-Fill the museum

These next achievements are for the Famicom games (2 per game):

-Kill 5 enemies in one level of Clu Clu Land
-Complete 5 levels of Clu Clu Land

-Pop 15 Balloons Trip Balloons in Balloon Fight
-Make it to phase 6 of Balloon Fight

-Break 5 barrels with a hammer in Donkey Kong
-Make DK fall in Donkey Kong without dying

-Get all the fruit in a stage of DK JR
-Free DK in DK JR without dying

-Make the seals dance in Pinball
-Get 50k points in Pinball

-Complete a set without losing a single game in Tennis (complete a match without losing a game might be too hard)
-Win on game mode 3 (or 4. not 5. 5 is REALLY hard.)

-Complete a game of 18-hole Golf
-Get a birdie in Golf

-Complete 10 rounds in Wario's Woods
-Get 30 gold in Wario's Woods

-Win a game of Baseball
-Hit a home-run in Baseball

-Earn a perfect 1000 points in either Medium Addition or Medium Subtraction in DK JR Math
-Complete either Hard Multiplication or Division without failing a single equation in DK JR Math

-Shove DK into a beehive in DK 3
-Earn 5k points in DK 3

-Beat 5 stages in Clu Clu Land D on the hardest difficulty
-Reveal all spots in the bonus round of Clu Clu Land D

-TKO anyone but Glass Joe in Punch Out!!!
-KO anyone but Glass Joe in Punch Out!!!

These last ones MIGHT be impossible... Apparently you need to hack the game or something to unlock Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Ice Climber and The Legend of Zelda.

-Reach phase 10 in Mario Bros
-Reach phase 5 without using the POW block in Mario Bros

-Grab the condor after grabbing 4 vegetables in Ice Climber
-Break 100 blocks in one stage of Ice Climber

-Save Peach or a Toad in Super Mario Bros
-Climb a vine in Super Mario Bros

-Collect a piece of the Triforce in The Legend of Zelda
-Reach 5 hearts in The Legend of Zelda

1: I feel like two achievements per game is better than just one, since when you find any Famicom game it's more rewarding. I mean, if you FINALLY find a Famicom game after looking for SUPER long only for it to give you a single 5 points achievement. Two would make finding the games more rewarding.

2: You can't get Mario Bros, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros or The Legend of Zelda through normal means... Maybe they shouldn't get achievements.

Posted: 25 May, 2019 10:58
Wow, I think this game have one of the best RSP in the entire site, good job Euclide 👍

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 19:30
So because I'm working on the set now I want to release a small achievement plan. I still play the game and try to find achievement ideas so I don't know exactly what will be included but that're the basic ideas:

- Catch all fish/bugs
- Find all fossils
- Collect all furniture of a series (e.g. Blue series/Modern series)
- pay off every loan after expanding the house
- pay off the final loan with four characters (getting money in this game is easy because of Coelacanth and every time you pay off the final loan you get a statue)
- every Nook shop expansion
- dig up 10.000 or more bells from a glowing spot
- hit a money rock perfect
- have 50.000 or more bells in the pocket
- achievements for helping or interacting with some characters (e.g. Gulliver, Grazie, ...)
- specific amount of songs acquiered
- be part of some events (e.g. Halloween, Fishing Tournament)
- sell turnips for a specific price
- one easy achievement for getting and playing each NES game
- get the golden ball in Nooks game at the end of the month
- fish piece of garbage out of the water

Also I think about creating achievements for the Happy Room Academy score but I can't find any memory addresses for the score so I think it's impossible because it's calculated by the furnitures itself.

If you have any other ideas I would like to hear them. But check if they are really possible because there are small differences between Animal Forest and Animal Crossing for the Gamecube.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 22:42
Last Edit: 05 Jul, 2019 23:10
"- pay off the final loan with four characters (getting money in this game is easy because of Coelacanth and every time you pay off the final loan you get a statue) "
Just seems tedious for its own sake to me (even if it is easy to get money). There is no other reason to create 4 characters.

"- be part of some events (e.g. Halloween, Fishing Tournament) "
Why "some"? What would be excluded?

"I think about creating achievements for the Happy Room Academy score but I can't find any memory addresses for the score so I think it's impossible because it's calculated by the furnitures itself."
Do you get prizes for high scores? If so, that is easy to detect.

Why nothing for interacting with "normal" villagers? It is a big part of the game.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 23:10
Okay, the "some" events sounds different than it was meant. The idea is to make achievements for every event which happens within a year but because I'm not totally familiar with the Japanese year I don't know if I will miss some or not.

I don't really know which achievements with normal villagers could exist. And even if there are some ideas it's hard to find a way to check if something special happens. Because the only way I could find would be to check the dialogue ID but every villager has a bunch of dialogue IDs and it would be annoying and very time consuming to get every ID of every villager.
If you have any ideas which achievements with interacting to villagers could exist, let me know but I can't promise that I can add them.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2019 23:21
Last Edit: 05 Jul, 2019 23:23
I did not play this version very much so I'm not sure what can be done either. I can think of a few options that would apply to sequels and don't have to rely on dialogue IDs, such as getting photos, making someone happy (when they whistle while walking around), trading items, receiving items, fulfilling requests, having someone over at your house or vice versa, maybe celebrating a villager's birthday (that might be more difficult to detect)... I think most of these are likely to have more straightforward methods to detect state and maybe I can try to help find addresses but I'm not sure which apply to that version. I would assume that there is at least some kind of "friendliness" stat or similar that can be tracked for all villagers.

As for the events, sounds good to me. See the list I linked in a previous post. You can machine translate it and if there is one you cannot figure out let me know.

Posted: 12 Jul, 2019 13:03
Last Edit: 12 Jul, 2019 13:07
I accidentally hit Submit at the bottom of the page, and posted a blank post. Whoops!

Since this post is here now, though, I'll take the chance to say thanks to everyone working on this set! This isn't usually a game that lays out a bunch of goals for you, so I can see it being a lot of fun to play the game with a different mindset than usual. I'm looking forward to it! :)

Posted: 14 Sep, 2019 00:07
Some more ideas:
-completing a chain trade of over 5 villagers
-Eating one of every fruit within about a minute
-stealing from the lost and found
-turning on the lighthouse for a week (tortimer asks you to)
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