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Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber

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Posted: 14 Apr, 2021 14:36
Last Edit: 14 Apr, 2021 19:09

looking forward to starting this game!
Posted: 30 Apr, 2021 03:07

Claiming for real this time.

If you have ideas for achievements please let me know.

Current plan:
Recruit all unique characters.
Recruit all top level allies.
Special quests (Like the dragoon).
All the endings.
As well as a good number of stuff that jeftah suggested.
Posted: 23 Jul, 2021 19:24
Last Edit: 31 Aug, 2021 04:53

Renewing my claim.

Progress has been slow. I am still ram digging.

Here are all the planned achievements. This list is subject to change and this post will be updated accordingly.

Story Related

Complete Scene 1 ✅
Complete Scene 2✅
Complete Prologue
Complete Scene 3✅
Complete Scene 4✅
Complete Scene 5✅
Complete Scene 6✅
Complete Scene 7✅
Complete Scene 8✅
Complete Scene 9 ✅
Complete Chapter 1
Complete Scene 10✅
Complete Scene 11✅
Complete Scene 12✅
Complete Scene 13✅
Complete Scene 14✅
Complete Scene 15✅
Complete Scene 16✅
Complete Scene 17✅
Complete Scene 18✅
Complete Chapter 2
Complete Scene 19✅
Complete Scene 20✅
Complete Scene 21✅
Complete Scene 22✅
Complete Scene 23✅
Complete Scene 24✅
Complete Scene 25✅
Complete Scene 26✅
Complete Scene 27✅
Complete Scene 28✅
Complete Chapter 3
Complete Scene 29✅
Complete Scene 30✅
Complete Scene 31✅
Complete Scene 32✅
Complete Scene 33✅
Complete Scene 34✅
Complete Scene 35✅
Complete Scene 36✅
Complete Scene 37✅
Complete Scene 38✅
Complete Scene 39✅
Complete Scene 40✅
Complete Scene 41✅
Complete Scene 42✅
Complete Scene 43✅
Good Ending✅
Bad Ending✅
Bad Ending 2

Character Recruitment
Gain the Loyalty of Diomedes Rangue.
Leia Silvis ✅
Recruit Troi Tyton ✅
Katreda Birall✅
Asnabel Birall✅
Aisha Knudel✅
Liedel Klein✅
Vad Orok Zlenka✅
Saradin Carm✅
Sheen Cocteau✅
Ankiseth Gallant ✅
Meredia O'Keife✅
Europea Rheda✅
Paul Lukische✅
Biske La Varet✅
Quass Debonair✅
Destin Faroda✅
Gilbert Oblion✅
Carth Forleizen✅

Jobs from Quests
Vampire - Not Realistically Possible to Code, and Save Protect

Hidden Item Achievements
Tenne Plains✅
Volmus Mine✅
Crenel Canyon✅
Zenobian Border✅
Gunther Piedmont✅
The Highlands of Soathon✅
Audvera Heights✅
Sable Lowlands✅
Mount Ithaca✅
Mount Keryoleth✅
Azure Plains✅
Gules Hills✅
Fair Heights✅
Vert Plateau✅
Tremos Mountains✅
Temple of Berthe✅
Fort Romulus✅
The Blue Basilica✅
The Tundra of Argent✅
Aurua Plains✅
Castle Talpaea✅
Posted: 06 Aug, 2021 15:33

Looking good!!
Posted: 06 Aug, 2021 15:33
Last Edit: 06 Aug, 2021 15:34

(double post for some reason)
Posted: 31 Aug, 2021 00:33

The set is live! Missables are not marking since about 90% of the set is technically missable.

2 Playthroughs minimum are needed to master the set.

When going to recruit an enemy Black Knight and a Saturos I highly recommend you make backup saves.
Posted: 31 Aug, 2021 00:36

Awesome work Slash! I've never played this one before, definitely looking forward to experiencing it for the first time with this set!
Posted: 31 Aug, 2021 01:15

Also, you can use the Rich Presence to monitor your Chaos Frame during gameplay.
Posted: 31 Aug, 2021 03:25

Linked Rom:

Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber (USA).z64  
Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber (U) (V1.0) [!].z64
Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber Rev 0 (1999)(Atlus - Nintendo - Quest)(US).bin
RA Checksum: f666e020218392e52662fddfa1ea4f21
CRC32 Checksum: A05AEA85
Posted: 31 Aug, 2021 23:33

Other achievement ideas I had but did not implement:

Getting an Angel Knight without Love and Peace - Too much RNG
Evolve a Ghost from a Skeleton by hitting it with a fire/thunder combo spell. - Too much RNG and no realistic way to code.
Magic Users Combine Spells - Couldn't find a reliable address for this.
Getting two Sphinxes to combo cast together. - Same as above.
Have all obtainable beasts in your army or reserve. - No realistic way to code and save protect.
Vampire Quest - No realistic way to code and save protect.
Posted: 26 Sep, 2021 18:35

Down scored the Treasure Hunt Achievements. I feel 5 was a bit too much for each one so I lowered them down to 3 each.
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