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Pokemon - Silver Version

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PrinceKaro22 Feb, 2014 00:01(Edited 20 Dec, 2021 17:05)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Pokemon Silver Version (Game Boy Color) Pokemon Silver Version (Game Boy Color)

Set coded by dude1286 and SlashTangent
Game badges by blendedsea


1. Pokemon - Silver Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible).gbc
Pokemon - Silver Version (UE) [C][!].gbc
pokemon - silver version (usa, europe).bin
RA Checksum: 2ac166169354e84d0e2d7cf4cb40b312
CRC32 Checksum: 8AD48636

Ralphie22 Jun, 2016 16:41
Is there anything wrong with these achievements? I'm going to beat the elite four and many achievementes didn't get unlocked, like the badges won against Morty, Chuck, etc...
SnaPPaGentleMan15 Aug, 2016 22:40
"Rock Hard Defense" "Seclusive Flame'"One Time Champ" they didn't pop for me. I went through the game four times..
Protoblubb07 Oct, 2016 15:03(Edited 23 Oct, 2016 18:52)
Two of the "Rocket [...]" achievements unlock for me at the start, without even playing, just in the intro.
Orpheus18 Aug, 2017 11:01
Went around beating several Kanto gyms when I realized,
the achievements don't unlock...
Decided to reset the game back to before I went to Kanto (hadn't saved yet luckily)
and tried again... Again, Lt. Surge does not get unlocked in the achievements.
Considering I had issues with some Johto ones earlier (Although I suspect those were because of internet issues, which is not the case now)
I suspect there is something wrong with the Pokemon Silver achievement set.
Screenshot showing I beat Lt. Surge and the achievement didn't fire:
Gyazo screenshot
DrackosFlare06 Mar, 2018 10:15
I can't find a Rom that links with this set. I'm not asking for a download link or anything. I just want to know what's the Checksum that links to this set, or perhaps fix it?

Every Rom I can find has the Checksum 2ac166169354e84d0e2d7cf4cb40b312.

All of them link to Pokemon Silver Version [Subset - Professor Oak Challenge] (Game Boy Color) Pokemon Silver Version (Game Boy Color) SubsetProfessor Oak Challenge instead of Pokemon Silver Version (Game Boy Color) Pokemon Silver Version (Game Boy Color)

Not sure what to do?
Blazekickn06 Mar, 2018 11:17
The set has 1 linked checksum, which is ce370bc9198f121675c7a6ee94e9cc98. I'll see what version that is in a sec.
Orpheus06 Mar, 2018 16:56(Edited 06 Mar, 2018 16:56)
Anyone managed to find a working version yet? I had one last year but I no longer have that one and every copy I find has the wrong checksum same as DrackosFlare
Shikamaru9106 Mar, 2018 18:22(Edited 06 Mar, 2018 18:25)
caricatur is doing a good job unlinking wrong md5 but he kept the wrong one for this game, should now work if you use Pokemon - Silver Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).
DrackosFlare07 Mar, 2018 00:53
It works perfectly now, thanks!
chazychaz11 Oct, 2018 00:21
Hello everyone! I'm playing this game with RetroArch for android with the Sameboy core and the RTC function is not working, is someone having the same issue? Or if you know how to fix it that would be great. Thanks!
SporyTike05 Apr, 2019 18:47(Edited 05 Apr, 2019 20:45)
I added a rich presence to all Gen 2 games to show some more informations about the player.

Also leaderboards are created for the Magikarp guru on Lake of Rage for each game.
DrPixel23 Nov, 2019 00:07(Edited 23 Nov, 2019 00:10)
Same deal as Pokemon Blue, I'll be rescoring this tomorrow to match Pokemon Gold Version (Game Boy Color) Pokemon Gold Version (Game Boy Color) unless someone objects to it, along with fixing any inconsistencies I find in the titles and descriptions.

The score changes:

Bug Catcher Bug Catcher (5) 10 -> 5
Friendly Ghost Friendly Ghost (5) 10 -> 5
Karate Island Karate Island (5) 10 -> 5
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden (5) 10 -> 5
Old Man Winters Old Man Winters (5) 10 -> 5
Training Dragon Training Dragon (5) 10 -> 5
All Unown All Unown (10) 25 -> 10
Rock Hard Defense Rock Hard Defense (5) 10 -> 5
Watery Love Watery Love (5) 10 -> 5
Volt Military Volt Military (5) 10 -> 5
Aromatherapists Aromatherapists (5) 10 -> 5
Poisonous Ninja Poisonous Ninja (5) 10 -> 5
Twisted Spoons Twisted Spoons (5) 10 -> 5
Seclusive Flame Seclusive Flame (5) 10 -> 5
One Time Champ One Time Champ (5) 10 -> 5
Master of Whirlwind Master of Whirlwind (5) 20 -> 5

New total: 271
missiray18 Dec, 2019 00:59
Healing the sick Miltank would be a nice achievment to have
missiray18 Dec, 2019 01:04
As well as keeping Shuckie after his trainer let's us keep him forever because of Shuckies high friendship towards us
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