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Crash Team Racing

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Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 19:59
Last Edit: 24 Dec, 2021 16:59

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Created 19 Nov, 2017 19:59 by Salsa

CTR - Crash Team Racing (USA) [SCUS_944.26]
ctr - crash team racing (usa) [SCUS_944.26]
RA Checksum: e5e13057a965c79ba7fc2334993baec2

Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 19:59

List of ideas/planned achievements:
Posted: 10 Jun, 2019 19:52

Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Kart Racing
Release: 1999
Posted: 10 Aug, 2019 01:33
Last Edit: 09 Oct, 2019 01:13

For this set i do a collaborative work
Posted: 18 Aug, 2019 00:39

I was thinking for the chevos
100% on each track (in story, including extras not needed for the story, like the gems)(~30 chevos (16 regular, 5 boss, 5 arenas, 4 gems(I'm feeling like I missed some but dunno)))
Each star in time trial(32 chevos(16 n. Trophy. 16 nitro))
Each star for each cup(12 chevos(4 easy, 4 medium, 4 hard))
Then beating the (story mode) game (1 chevo)
Posted: 23 Aug, 2019 19:30

Penguin Yay One! - Unlock Penta Penguin.

Set isn't complete without this.
Posted: 03 Sep, 2019 15:20
Last Edit: 04 Sep, 2019 00:06

I got some ideas: (points are tentative)

"Boneless Pizza (10) - Use an invincibility mask (Aku Aku or Uka Uka) after getting squashed."

"Tiki Masala (20) - Hit Papu Papu with a rocket or TNT crate at least 6 times in his boss race."

"Around the world in 80 seconds (20) - Race around each of the hub worlds in 80 seconds or less."

"Sponsored by Cootyear (25) - Drift boost X times in a row." (I couldn't think of an appropriate final number)

"A look into the future... (?) - This is a secret. Unlock to find out more." (Just play the Spyro 2 demo)

"Adventure Time! (?) - This is a secret. Unlock to find out more." (This is just a placeholder name)

"CNiKt! (50) - Win all the CNK tokens" (the name is in reference to the 'snikt' sound effect from Marvel comics)

"Racing for scraps (50) - Unlock the Scrapbook"

"You deserve a beard of awesome! (500) - 110% the game and unlock all the other achievements." (Shout out to Jirard Khalil aka The Completionist)

"Buckle up your eyeballs! (5) - Start Adventure mode." (Shout out to James Caddick aka Caddicarus)
Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 23:58
Last Edit: 08 Sep, 2019 00:04

This was one of salvadorc17's requested sets, but as he is unable to work on it at the moment, so I'm taking it for myself as a WIP. Depending on what happens, I might also have salvador help me with Time Trials and Arcade modes later when he has time.

Of course, planning to work on Adventure/Time-Trials/Arcade, but would like to see what can be done otherwise. I'll consider some of the things mentioned here if I'm able to find stable RAM that supports them.
Posted: 11 Sep, 2019 05:12

Please ignore "CNiKt!"
Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 22:20
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 22:26

Well, I do intend to include the CTR tokens, just individually rather than all-of-them. It's easier to prevent save-card-loading when they're done in sections or small groups rather than having them ALL together.

I think Penguin Yay One and the Spyro 2 Demo should be there, but activating Penta would only be zero points for the fact that all you do is enter a cheat code, and it's literally the only acceptable-RA-way to get him. As for Spyro 2, I could make up some challenge achievements as an attempt to pull the most out of it to make doing it worthwhile(beat each demo level, get all gems in each level, MAYBE timer-based achievements for each level but I doubt it)... but I'm not sure how people feel about needing to enter a cheat code to get to those achievements, just in case someone... somehow.. can't enter them? I'm not sure. I think they should be represented in some way, though.

Me personally, I like making subtle references to relatively-low-sub-Youtubers' phrases now and then ... but I don't like making direct references to overly-popular Youtubers, so will probably not be using any of those names. Or awarding 500 points... I can't do that anyway, but I also wouldn't. 50 for the worst of the hardest things to do, sure. Although some of those platinums are looking like 100 each to me...

I don't think I can detect racing between each area.. mayyyyybe I can? I'll have to check on that.

Ah, by the way, if anyone wants to help with testing, all Time Trials Leaderboards should be done and ready...also included the bonus unlockable track that I don't actually have yet. Just be warned, I don't like the idea of making people who waited on achievements to feel like they missed out on the leaderboards, so it's possible I'd like to reset them when the achievements are finished and uploaded? Not sure on that. I'm pretty sure they all work fine now, but if you're waiting on the game and want something to do, the leaderboards should be active.

(And yeah, I know the timer is just slightly "off" from what the game says, but that address is much more stable than the others that worked similarly. If it's off for you, it'll be off for everyone.)
Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 22:42

ingame cheat codes are perfectly fine imo. The problem is when you have to use a save editor or gameshark codes to access the content and even then if a save is provided i don't see an issue.

Considering Spyro 2 is already gonna be getting a set with it's own achievements i don't think we should focus on it too hard here.
Posted: 13 Sep, 2019 01:05

I don't mind either way on Spyro 2, I just know if I didn't include it, someone would be asking for it. And it's kind of interesting to think of getting Spyro 2 achievements in a different game. But it's not like I'm hurting for content in the main game anyway, it's just hard to know what people will want.

In that case, I'm not sure what it would entail, like whether it saves with save-games or if it's really worth doing even if it does, but there is that Super Hard Mode as a code... I'm just not sure if it would be too much to ask for a second round of Adventure while in Hard Mode. Although I guess that's what DKR makes you do. Just need to find out if it stays active in your save file or not...also need to finish finding cheat-code-activations if I can, not all of them appeared in the same area of RAM like some of them did.

Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 01:15

I have created following 32 achievements:

-3 Cup difficulty challenges.
- 18 N tropy time trial challenges.
- 10 N oxide time trial challenges.
- Custom N tropy turbo track.
Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 01:22

I had salvador help me with the time trials since I'm not quite good enough to beat most of the ghosts, and together we found the different addresses that showed where they are, so as he was originally going to make the set on his own, I'm having him help me with those and some others.

I also set up and inspected the code for them all. They are all set to load only if a change happens when you are in a race; none of them should load when a save-card is loaded. You should start with a new save.

Mine are:
- 6 boss achievements
- 5 token achievements
- 5 gem race achievements
- 18 "gold or platinum" relic achievements
- 1 custom penguin challenge
- 8 Oxide Time Trial Challenges

Total of 43, altogether 75 achievements, which we will have in Unofficial for a bit.
Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 06:31

Any reason why you arent promoting the set? If its to have people test first basically no one will bother since you dont keep unofficial achievements when you earn them anymore. Itd be better to promote to core and deal with the tickets in that case.
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