Crash Bandicoot

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Joined Sep 2, 2022

February 22 2023, 2:49pm, edited February 23 2023, 4:38pm

if they did i would be grateful

Joined Apr 23, 2023

May 8 2023, 10:17am, edited May 8 2023, 11:11am

Time trial achievements like the ones they made for crash 2 would be nice

Joined Aug 18, 2019

May 8 2023, 11:44am

Hard disagree on this; time trials were not a mechanic in the first two games for a reason, these games are not meant to be rushed and the experience is better off them. Thank you!

Joined Apr 23, 2023

May 8 2023, 2:57pm

I see. So, how was your experience with Crash 2 time trials? Just curious, thank you.

Joined Aug 18, 2019

May 8 2023, 3:36pm

I'm very familiar with the game so they weren't that tedious to me, especially given the devs coded achievements without time boxes as the game wasn't build around it, plus the fact they set reasonable limits. Getting the platinum relics are nightmares in the original two games when it comes to the N.Sane remakes. Not to mention Crash 2 controls way better than Crash 1.

Joined Apr 23, 2023

May 8 2023, 4:06pm

Thank you for your response, Dumelax. I agree with you on some points, but I also see the potential benefits of having time trials in Crash 1. I understand that these games were not originally designed with time trials in mind, but I believe that it could add an extra layer of challenge for players who are looking for it. I also agree with you that the developers of the achievements in Crash 2 were able to set reasonable limits, and I think that the same could be done in Crash 1 while still providing a challenging experience. After all, it will surely not be as tedious as getting the platinum relics in the N.Sane remakes as you very well point out.

Joined Aug 18, 2019

May 8 2023, 4:34pm

The issue I have with this, JoseLuisCarrasco, is the fact you're required to be perfect running through stages that are filled with traps, meant to be taken slowly if you want to avoid dying. One mistake and you start over, not to mention Crash Bandicoot 1 has the longest stages in the original trilogy. I wouldn't mind a bonus set with these, for people who look forward to a challenge; but not in the core set. The original game is challenging enough as is, adding more difficult challenges would just create a bigger split in the community, as witnessed by Crash Bandicoot 3's update and the state of Super Mario 64.

Joined Apr 23, 2023

May 8 2023, 4:48pm

Thank you for bringing up the potential split in the community, Dumelax. I wasn't aware of this and can see how it could be an issue. I agree that a bonus set for those who are up for the challenge would be a good compromise, and if not, there is always speedrunning I guess. Thank you for your insights on this topic.

Joined Oct 16, 2019

May 8 2023, 5:00pm

Bunch of crybabies with no determination I say they probably never even got the platinum relics in the Nsane trilogy or completed Crash 4 106%, I wouldn't mind some time trials cheevos after all Mastery badges are for mastering the game not just completing them.

May 8 2023, 7:25pm, edited May 8 2023, 7:32pm

There is just a few long stages, the majority you can do in less than a minute or two.
The times in the insane trilogy was way more generous than crash 2 and 3, most stages i got platinum relic without much effort and if some dev make time trials with just a little more time as the insane trilogy this will be totally achievable.

Joined Dec 16, 2019

June 2 2023, 2:14pm

Bonus set with time trial, no death run and collecting box gems without taking damage would be pretty cool.

Joined May 15, 2023

June 22 2023, 8:27pm

any patch to go to 60fps?

The game goes to 30, no matter what settings I use in duckstation

Joined Apr 23, 2023

June 22 2023, 9:24pm

Maybe try contacting Duckstation support, I doubt that is caused by retroachievemts.

Joined Oct 16, 2019

June 22 2023, 9:28pm

Dunno what the issue is, the game runs at 30 FPS.

Someone would have to make a 60 FPS cheat or patch specifically for Crash 1 but either wouldn't work in hardcore mode or RA in general.

Joined Apr 23, 2023

June 22 2023, 9:43pm, edited June 22 2023, 9:45pm

NTCS should run at 60FPS and PAL at 50FPS, Duckstation does have in fact a feature that allows to force NTCS timings on PAL(60hz) on Settings/Enhancements/Display Enhancements.
Also try updating Duckstation maybe that is the issue.
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