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Created 19 Nov, 2017 17:47 by Salsa

Pac-Man World (USA) [SLUS_004.39]
Pac-Man World - 20th Anniversary (USA) [SLUS_004.39]
pac-man world (usa) [SLUS_004.39]
RA Checksum: 85d0d1540ea1871ab1e7ac6fd81a0cd1

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November 19 2017, 10:39pm

List of ideas/planned achievements:

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February 8 2020, 9:00pm

I am reserving this game. Right now, I am in the digging memory process because there are currently no notes in the memory inspector.

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It has been awhile since I last posted so here is an update. The achievement set is nearly done after making the last achievement yesterday. Still need to test that and make badges for several others before submitting this for code review. Here's a preview:

- 6 achievements for every area cleared.
- 6 achievements for rescuing each friend.
- 6 achievements for finding all P-A-C-M-A-N letters in each area.
- 6 achievements for finding all hidden mazes in each area.
- 20 achievements for high scores. Just about every level has a high score to beat and all of these high scores add up to 1,000,000 to unlock a special item.
- 6 achievements for beating a boss while taking no damage. Only exception right now is Anubis Rex boss fight which is currently a no death run. This is due to being an obnoxious fight for a boss really early into the game. I'll change it into a no damage run if there is enough demand.
- 1 achievement for marathon mode.

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Achievement set has been promoted to core. A few things I want to mention:

- Use the USA version of the game. It is also the only hash currently linked.
- High score achievements already factor your pellets after grabbing the Namco token at the end of a level (5pts per pellet). These achievements should pop-up during the bonus round which are required to achieve these high scores.
- Only missable achievement is [ach=]. Gallery replaces marathon mode upon completion. However, you still have to go out of the way and complete a level to save those changes. Marked it missable in case that scenario does happen.

That is all. Enjoy!

EDIT (27/3/2020): Rebalanced scores today after playing through the levels again.


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June 13 2020, 8:46am

Revision Score for Pac Man World since it's current achievement set scores do not match the current point system.
+ Achievements for rescuing friends should have their points kept the same
- Every single high score achievement set should be set at 10 points for every single one due to the unconventional gameplay change this can create (mostly maze ghost farming, which is frustrating due to ghost AI not cooperating as much with you as you'd like). Not to mention 100%'ing bonus rounds is an absolute requirement.
- Achievements for finding all of the PACMAN letters and finding all of the hidden mazes should grant you 5 points each.
- HMS Windbag should have his normal and no damage achievement points upgraded to 5 points each to be in line with the other bosses.
- The normal achievements for beating King Galaxian and Anubis Rex should be upgraded to 5 points each to be in line with the other bosses.
- The difficulty of beating Anubis Rex without dying should garner you 10 points.
- Beating King Galaxian's stage with no damage is both heavily skill and rng dependent, the no damage achievement should be worth 25 points. (if there was an achievement for beating Anubis Rex with no damage added later that also should be worth 25 points)
+- Mr. Pac-Man's Maze Madness [m] achievement, which requires you to beat maze marathon with only 2 or less deaths in 36 unconventional mazes, can either stay at being worth 50 points or upgraded to 100 points (it can probably stay at 50 points due to healing after eating 4 ghosts in a row. However, it could be considered 100 points due to many of the mazes in this game having cheap maze hazards that serve only to make the player wait).


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June 18 2020, 4:53pm, edited June 18 2020, 4:56pm

Revised Revision Score for Pac Man World (some new point changes and a cleaner presentation. Only new explanations for new changes + overall point count).

+ 6 friend achievement points 5 -> 5 (stays the same)

- Achievements for high scores in each level and specific bosses changed to be more specific
* High Score for HMS Windbag change 2 -> 5 points
* High Scores for the following levels all changed to 10:
~1 achievement for Buccaneer Beach 1 -> 10 points
~3 achievements for Corsair's Cove, Crazy Cannonade, and Crisis Cavern 4 -> 10 points
~5 achievement Space Race, Far Out, Gimme Space, Clowning Around, and Barrel Blast 5 -> 10 points
* High Scores for the following levels (due to difficulty and/or length) all changed to 25:
~1 achievement for Manic Mines 4 -> 25 points
~2 achievements for Bosses King Galaxian and Clown Prix 5 -> 25 points
~4 achievements for Spin Dizzy, Perilous Pipes, Under Pressure, Down the Tube 5 -> 25 points
~3 achievement for Ghostly Garden, Creepy Catacombs, and Grave Danger 10 -> 25 points

- Achievements for collecting all P A C M A N letters increased to 5 points
~2 achievements for Pirate and Ruins worlds 3 -> 5 points
~3 achievements for Space, Funhouse, and Factory worlds 4 -> 5 points
~1 achievement for Mansion world 5 -> 5 points (kept same)

- Achievements for finding all of the mazes increased to 5 points
~3 achievements for Pirate, Ruins, and Space worlds 3 -> 5 points
~2 achievements for Funhouse and Ruins worlds 4 -> 5 points
~1 achievement for Mansion world 5 -> 5 points (kept same)

- Normal achievements for beating bosses revised to be more reflective of their difficulty
~1 achievement for beating HMS Windbag 2 -> 5 points
~2 achievements for Anubis Rex and King Galaxian 3 -> 10 points
~2 achievements for Clown Prix and Krome Keeper 5 -> 5 points (kept same)
~1 achievement for Toc-Man 10 -> 10 points (kept same)

- Achievements for beating a boss without getting hit or dying also revised
~1 achievement for beating HMS Windbag (no damage) 3 -> 5 points
~1 achievement for beating Anubis Rex (no deaths) 5 -> 10 points
~1 achievement for beating King Galaxian 10 -> 25 points
~1 achievement for beating Clown Prix 5 -> 5 points (kept same)
~1 achievement for beating Toc Man 25 -> 25 points (kept same)

* Mr. Pac-Man's Maze Madness [m] achievement for Maze Marathon either increased 50 -> 100 points or stays 50 points depending on what you think. Will edit later if the community comes to an agreement on its worth.

Overall Set Score Change: 305 -> 600/650 (610 -> 1200/1300 for 200% completion)


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October 15 2020, 10:28am

The old icon was outvoted and replaced. Here's a backup of it:

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July 10 2021, 1:42am

you can add those chevos:
the mightiness of keys.
reach 1 000 000 on gran high score and receive the magic key a.k.a the real key of doors.
the A-mazed immortal.
reach 100 life on game.
the cake is real.
reach the 98% of progress on quest.
happy anniversary dotman.
reach the 100% with marathon before defeating tocman.

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October 8 2021, 11:55pm

Can you add support for SCES-02279 version?


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August 31 2022, 4:50pm, edited August 31 2022, 4:55pm

reversed changes since dev is still active.

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February 17 2024, 4:34pm

You should have kept all the 100 percent achievements per level and not that max score ones. This achievement list have not sense at all for most players. And definitely not for a children game.

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@DeathHalt pretty much what most people are saying for years now in the comment section, no one likes those max scores achievements, they're doable yes but they require some obscure knowledge of the game of what actions gets you maximum amount of points but also require perfection and some levels are RNG depended which is never good.
I've tried mastering this set a year or two ago and gave up after getting max score on the first stage after countless attempts which took quite few hours to figure everything out with no guides which is a surprise for me as I'm masochistic enough to master sets like Rayman Brain Games or Croc on Saturn.

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@foxsevent :0
in that case, put in a bonus set that nightmare "max scores achievements" but without any glitch skill, really is a alternative tech game xd
i need to see the PAIN in red in that game for fun,also i ve played mr perfect and robot tester of megaman : power up (ps vita) i am already crazy coconut to play like that Nightmare XD

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