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Digimon World 2

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Posted: 19 Sep, 2020 19:12
Sorry to bother @msdmario , any way you could make dw2 achievements set compatible with this improvement fix also? just ignore me if it's too much work, many thanks for the set!

Posted: 20 Sep, 2020 01:22
yeah! that would be great!

Posted: 23 Sep, 2020 08:01
Loved it. I have one question, about the one you need to use dinos to beat the boss, what are all the digis that count for that?

Posted: 23 Sep, 2020 22:43
Last Edit: 23 Sep, 2020 22:50
, the full list for the Jurassic Park achievement is:

Spoiler (Click to show):

Also , adding that improvement patch would take an additional playthrough to see if the achievements are compatible. I am burnt out on this game so it won't be anytime soon. Maybe sometime in the future, I will check it out.

Posted: 24 Sep, 2020 23:41
Thanks a lot =)

This set is massive, hope you can enjoy some good rest, any further check can wait =3

Posted: 25 Sep, 2020 07:55
That's totally understandable, thanks a lot for the great set and thanks for the answer!

Posted: 25 Sep, 2020 16:30
Last Edit: 25 Sep, 2020 16:55
i just finished the last boss while playing dw2 using hard mode patch, it's actually compatible with most achievement. except for most of domain boss achievement since hard mode patch having a different digimon lineup for the boss battle

Posted: 25 Sep, 2020 18:22
Very interesting, this is another patch I was looking into checking, although I really wanted to play the improvement patch, solely for the extra digimon available. But it seems this patch is almost compatible so it sounds like great news!

Posted: 26 Sep, 2020 00:25
oh, and i also forgot to mentioned, while boss domain achievement is cannot be obtained, digivolving achievement seems to work as well but on a different way.

hard mode patch had different evolution chart from the regular/vanilla version, so if i digivolved into the mega digimon (ex:MegaSeadramon), most of the time i didn't unlocked the achievement because it digivolved from different ultimate digimon intended in vanilla version.

but it's not as if the achievement is unobtainable since i can just capturing them in terra domain.

and on another note, it's actually become easier to obtain fladramon and raidramon achievement using hard mode patch

Posted: 26 Sep, 2020 01:58
Nice! i have started the vanilla version, but ill try the hardmode patch!
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