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November 19 2017, 4:07pm, edited April 6 2023, 12:29pm

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November 19 2017, 9:40pm

List of ideas/planned achievements:

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October 25 2019, 2:49pm

Here are some ideas for cheevos:

- One for each level after getting every monkey (not simply completing them the first time)
- One for your first, your 50th, your 100th and your 204th monkey
- One for your first, your 10th, your 20th, your 40th and your 60th Specter coin
- One for defeating Specter the first time, one for catching him in the true ending

- Maybe one for defeating each boss battle without getting hit? I don't know which are replayable in the post-game and which not, though.
(the Knight and the Giant Knight in Crumbling Castle, the thing on top of TV Tower, the Clown and the Car in Specterland, the two Specter boss battles)
- Beating the rollercoaster segment in Specterland without getting hit
- Beat the two Jake races in less than something (1 minute?)
- Get a gold for each stage's time attack

- Ski Kidz Racing: Win a race for all 3 tracks
- Specter Boxing: Win the championship
- Galaxy Monkey: Reach a certain level (I haven't played this yet, so I don't know which number is humanly possible) and reach a certain score in Time Attack

- Catch a monkey while they have a blue light (without being discovered)
- Use a cheat code to make Spike perform an idle animation
- Use a cheat to increase both your bullets' capacities to 99
- There is four monkeys in Dark Ruins which are named after the protagonists of South Park, and one named Crash in Cryptic Relics. Something could be made from them, but it's not important at all.

Unfortunately I'm not good with memory inspecting and programming, but I'd really love to help creating a set for one of my favourite games of all time. If someone wants to help me, or has some good ideas for other cheevos, that would be appreciated!


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January 21 2020, 5:57am, edited January 27 2020, 10:21am

WIP - Will post an overall plan soon.


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January 27 2020, 10:26am, edited February 9 2020, 6:10am

Still to come:

To go:
- 2-3 Achievements for Ski Kidz Racing minigame
- 2-3 Achievements for Specter Boxing minigame
- Some misc. challenges

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February 9 2020, 9:09pm

This is a dual shock specific game. Is there any special controller set up we need to do using RALibretro? Ive been using my ps4 controller with no issues with other psx games but never needed the analog.


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February 9 2020, 9:50pm

Make sure your core is up-to-date - after loading the core, go to settings > core settings > controller 1 > DualShock


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February 10 2020, 3:32am, edited February 12 2020, 11:19pm

Beetle PSX HW setting suggestions:

I recommend using 3-point texture filtering if you upscale. Fixes texture errors and smooths things out, but doesn't kill performance. The game plays well with max performance dynarec, DMA only invalidation, and 1024 cycles on x86 platforms. Widescreen works fine, but some objects will disappear at screen edges. Skip bios works fine. CPU overclock isn't recommended as it speeds up various intros, cutscenes, etc, but can be used to prevent framerate dropping from 30 fps down to at worst about 20 in certain areas. If used, I'd recommend keeping it to 150% at most, but you'll get desynchronized audio in the cutscenes proportional to the increase. Increasing CD Loading Speed can cause some significant graphic bugs. Thus far up to 6x seems to work, but if you want to be safe, just leave it at 2x. Pushing that too high can result in monkeys disappearing entirely or teleporting out of range when trying to catch them. I personally enable GTE overclock just to prevent potential slowdown, but it doesn't seem necessary in this game.

And of course, make sure you set your controller to Dualshock or you won't get far.

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February 10 2020, 10:18am

Something's screwy here... I went to Core Settings, and was immediately brought to the "Beetle PSX Settings" menu, NOT an option to select a controller. Then, it says "Analog Self-Calibration" and "Enable Dualshock Analog" are enabled... and yet the game itself says it's NOT enabled.
And yes, I made sure I had updated the core before trying this. What's going wrong here?


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February 10 2020, 11:32am

If RetroArch: In the quick menu, you went into Options. The controller type setting is under Controls > Port 1 Controls > Device Type. If you don't want all PS1 games defaulting to dualshock when you change it, you'll also want to save a game remap file.

If RALibretro: First option under core settings is Controller 1. Change that to Dualshock. If it doesn't work, you'll need to update your RALibretro to a newer version.

In either case: Analog Self-Calibration dynamically changes the movement range reported for the analog stick based on observed range. With that on, you want to spin both sticks once each time you start the game so it'll know how far they move. The other setting's name gets cropped in RALib, but it's "Enable Dualshock Analog Mode Toggle". It allows the Dualshock's analog toggle button to be used (if the controller is set to dualshock) by pressing start+select+L1+L2+R1+R2. In most cases you'd want that to stay turned off.

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February 10 2020, 2:53pm

Is it possible to link the European and Japanese versions of the game to this set?

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February 13 2020, 4:15pm, edited February 13 2020, 9:10pm

I second the request above

Whilst with a number of games using another region isn't particularly an issue as its more or less the same game, with ape escape however the European and American versions have a completely different Dub to each other and if i'm being somewhat honest....the american dub is the worse of the 2 (nothing in comparison to ape escape 2 though, that dub is awful which ever version you listen to)


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February 14 2020, 3:54am

My only concern (assuming compatible memory) would be that the PAL version would have lowered difficulty due to 50Hz refresh rate. That was a frequent issue, and is why most console sets are made for US versions.

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February 14 2020, 2:48pm, edited February 14 2020, 4:41pm

Assuming memory lines up, perhaps a compromise for easier difficulty would be to reduce to total score given to achievement set. I can see that not being something some might like but it would be a fairer compromise for giving players addition choice for games with larger changes due to region.

Honestly, I'm not particually fussed by it any more than I am at other childhood games haven't been added yet at all hahaha. If I knew where was best to start learning I'd probably try to help flesh out the games available to the community, especially now given that the ps1 has been added which was the era of my childhood essentially.

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February 14 2020, 5:19pm

upon finding the dev documentation, I now sorta see why my suggestion doesn't really work as you'd probably need a new entry as it doesn't look possible to have differential versions achievement score inside one game and tbh a dub cast is probably not a large enough change from the initial experience to warrant a specific EU version in the database.

Still if its possible to link the versions it be great but i understand the concern regarding the inherent issues surrounding 50Hz
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