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November 19 2017, 3:54pm, edited October 13 2020, 12:37am

Official Topic Post for discussion about Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (PlayStation) Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (PlayStation)
Created 19 Nov, 2017 15:54 by Salsa

Klonoa - Door to Phantomile (USA) [SLUS_005.85]
klonoa - door to phantomile (usa) [SLUS_005.85]
RA Checksum: d32b1c377c9ca6454e64063c84f03f5f

List of all developers interested in working on a set for this game:


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November 19 2017, 9:06pm

List of ideas/planned achievements:

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November 19 2017, 9:10pm

Interested in this one.

August 23 2019, 9:51pm, edited September 17 2019, 8:07am

Pretty much done with the Jojo set, so I'll tackle this one next. If anyone has ideas or wants to help out, feel free to let me know or join in!

Current Plan [WIP]:

-Basic progress stuff [~7, probably one for each boss]
-Collecting stuff [150 gems + 6 prisoners in each level; ~12 for the regular stages, 9/12 done so far]
-Unlockable stuff [the bonus level + fireworks]
-Boss challenges [probably will try to make each one different if possible; 4/7 done so far]
-Individual level challenges [speedrun/pacifist/damageless type stuff perhaps]
[~28-40 achievements total]

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September 9 2019, 2:22pm

Even after completing the Wii remake recently, I still hunger for more! So, I'll just leave this comment here so that I'll be notified once the set is ready.

September 17 2019, 8:18am, edited September 17 2019, 8:29am

Well....it's probably not the comment you were hoping for, but I'm taking a break from working on this for now. I've just kind of lost interest - I went in without having played it before and enjoyed it at first, but after ~30 hours working on the set I'm not really enjoying forcing myself to work on it.

I uploaded what I've finished so far - it's not really tested besides the first two boss achievements, but hopefully the code works fine. I gave up on trying to think of names for the 100% achievements (I'm lazy), so if someone wants to work on the set you should probably change those. Just a quick warning about the boss achievements though - the boss health values seem to change sometimes (when you die or load the level again, etc), so I added alts for the different addresses I found. There's probably more out there, so I'm sure they'll need more testing.

For Plants are cool.....right? Plants are cool.....right? the boundary is around here: (just don't go past that spring basically, use the two on the right)

Anyway, if someone else wants to work on it feel free to. Also, I have save states and various screenshots for badges (levels, cutscenes, enemies, bosses, etc) up to vision 5-1 if you want them.

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September 17 2019, 10:31am

In that case, I might take a look at what's there, see if there's something my limited skill set can do towards finishing things. Kind of doubtful though, if boss values are that much in flux. At the very least, I should be able to give them good names!

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September 17 2019, 12:26pm, edited September 17 2019, 12:36pm

Well, I can safely say that the first cheev tests fine... which means anything that tested fine for you would probably test fine for me? Haven't thought of any good 100% titles yet though, trying to remember what exactly happens in each Vision. I do like the one currently in place though!

P.S. Considering how many times I've only "just looked for curiosity" at a game's code, only to develop the set anyway (i.e. every time I could make sense of something), I should probably take you up on that savestate offer Doc. That way, if I DO go that route again, I'll at least have the tools on hand right when I make that decision, as opposed to having enough time to second-guess myself.

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September 19 2019, 1:22pm

ShadwSonic I really hope you or someone decides to continue this game's cheevos development! It's one of my favorite nostalgia-trips. :D

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October 25 2019, 12:47am

ShadwSonic I really hope you or someone decides to continue this game's cheevos development! It's one of my favorite nostalgia-trips. :D //2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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February 15 2020, 12:01pm, edited February 15 2020, 12:01pm

Alright, I finally took a bit of a deeper look into this and... sigh. Unfortunately, I don't think I can fix this one up, while 1-1's cheev tested fine, neither of 1-2's did. In the case of the crystals, it didn't trigger at all despite getting all 150, and the boss triggered upon starting it instead of finishing the challenge. There is ONE thing I was able to contribute though: I think I found the value tracking the sound for ringing the bell in that boss fight. Not much, but enough for someone else to code a tiny cheev with perhaps. Emphasis on someone ELSE though, I will not be contributing any code to this set despite having looked forward to it. Still going to brainstorm the 100% titles though, that's something I can do for sure.

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February 15 2020, 12:31pm, edited February 15 2020, 12:32pm

Alright, I've put in some titles for the currently coded cheevs. As for the ones not coded at all, I was thinking the following:

Sounds of Struggle (Ringing the bell during the Rango Lango fight)
A Hard Day's Night (5-2 100%)
Joke's on You! (Joka's Special Rule boss)
Celestial Citadel (6-1 100%)
Prism Palace (6-2 100%)
Curtains for the Cloak (Ghadius's Special Rule boss)
Awaken, Oh Hero! (Beat the game)
Bury the Bully (Nahatomb's Special Rule boss)
Architectural Ascent (Balue's Tower clear)
Treasure Tower (Balue's Tower Crystals)
Speedy Spire (Balue's Tower Time Attack)
Best Dream Ever! (All collectibles across the entire game)

Of course, any of these or the ones I've put in can be changed if you have something better in mind.


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February 17 2020, 4:17pm

Just clarifying that set is open for development if any developer is interested to work on it.

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March 12 2020, 10:02pm

nothing yet? oh man, i want so much to mastered this game.

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March 29 2020, 6:47pm, edited March 30 2020, 9:39am

I dont know how hard this is to make but maybe a " finish and collect everything in ... seconds or less" cheevo for each level
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