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Salsa19 Nov, 2017 04:51(Edited 13 Oct, 2020 00:43)
Official Topic Post for discussion about MediEvil (PlayStation) MediEvil (PlayStation)
Created 19 Nov, 2017 04:51 by Salsa

MediEvil (USA) [SCUS_942.27]
medievil (usa) [SCUS_942.27]
RA Checksum: 270c740d1c4192423152df2376cf7ced

List of all developers interested in working on a set for this game:

Salsa19 Nov, 2017 04:51
List of ideas/planned achievements:
Tutumos19 Nov, 2017 12:25
I'm interested!
alessandrome05 Dec, 2018 13:49(Edited 05 Dec, 2018 21:52)
Re Up: interested
Totaya09 Aug, 2019 03:02(Edited 11 Aug, 2019 11:14)
My 90% set idea, i'm willing to take some requests :

- Complete the game
- Get the true ending
- Obtain the Dragon Armour (done)

One achievement for a full chalice in each level (means the level is totally completed), exact list :

- 100% chalice in the Graveyard
- 100% chalice in the Cemetery Hill
- 100% chalice in the The Hilltop Mausoleum
- 100% chalice in the Return to the Graveyard
- 100% chalice in the Scarecrow Fields
- 100% chalice in the Pumpkin Gorge
- 100% chalice in the The Pumpkin Serpent
- 100% chalice in the The Sleeping Village
- 100% chalice in the The Asylum Grounds
- 100% chalice in the Inside the Asylum
- 100% chalice in the The Enchanted Earth
- 100% chalice in the The Ant Caves
- 100% chalice in the Pools of the Ancient Dead
- 100% chalice in the The Lake
- 100% chalice in the The Crystal Cave
- 100% chalice in the The Gallows Gauntlet
- 100% chalice in the The Haunted Ruins
- 100% chalice in the The Ghost Ship
- 100% chalice in the The Entrance Hall
- 100% chalice in the The Time Device

These could also go into a global count of the number of chalices collected through the game if it's way too repetitive.

Note : achievements to have just completed a level seems not interesting to me. Also, since the weapons are gained from the chalices (in a different area though), it would be too repetitive, so no weapons obtained achievements neither for these get there, EXCEPT if I use the global chalice count.

EDIT : will definitely use the total chalice number now, because it would be too repetitive otherwise.

Achievements that are not directly related to the player progression :

- Turn an enemy into a roast chicken (done)
- Find a Copper Shield (done)
- Find a Silver Shield (done)

That's all I have in mind right now. Please note this is not the full achievements list, because I do want way more creative achievements than that. For example, I'm still thinking of killing a specific enemy with a specific weapon, doing a specific action, or to witness some events. I'd say at least 10 or 15 achievements of that kind, because MediEvil is MediEvil, and it deserves a good set, definitely.

Joining as a lead.

New achievements :
- Kill the Stained Glass Demon (done)
- Kill the Guardians of the Graveyard (done)
- Kill the Pumpkin King (done)
- Kill the Dragon (done)
- Kill Lord Kardok (done)
- Kill Ant Queen (done)
- Kill Ghost Ship Captain (done)

Note : each boss could get an alternate achievement with some specific conditions, like use the arm only to kill the boss

- Destroy all the pods in the Pumpkin Serpent with the Arm without unequipping it (done)
- Kill a certain amount of monsters in any levels (done)
- Kill all monsters in a specific level (done)
- Kill a certain amount of monsters with a specific weapon without unequipping it (could be fun with the arm) (done)
- Have the maximum health possible (done)
- Kill a good soul (done)
- Kill all the villagers in the sleeping village (done)
- Obtain the Crucifix (done)
- Get your first chalice (done)
- Have half the chalices (done)
- Collect all the chalices (done)
- Get the Crossbow (done)
- Get the Hammer (done)
- Get the Broad Sword (done)
- Get the Spear (done)
- Get the Longbow (done)
- Get the Axe (done)
- Get the Flaming Longbow (done)
- Get the Gold Shield (done)
- Get the Magic Sword (done)
- Get the Magic Longbow (done)
- Get the Lightning (done)
- Burn 10 enemies to death with the Dragon Armour (done)
- Collect the 7 amber pieces (done)
- Get an item without killing anyone (done)
- Complete all Jack of the Green riddles (done)
- Save all the fairies in The Ant Caves (done)
- Obtain your first dragon gem (done)
- Obtain your second dragon gem (done)
- Find the secret in Dan's Crypt (done)
- Pacifist Soul Helmet achievement (done)
- more to come

It will have Rich Presence.

EDIT : added more achievements

EDIT : set completed and coded, just need some further testing.
alessandrome10 Aug, 2019 19:39(Edited 10 Aug, 2019 19:41)
Edit: i'm sorry i've wrote this post after the Totaya post edit, i didn't see the edited post

I think that a game like this need achievements about the first playthrough. Something like:
-Exit from the crypt
-Kill the Glass Demon
-Complete all Jack of the Green's riddles
- Ecc...

Then there could be extra achievements like:
-Get all life bottles
-Smash some mouses or some hands
-Found and read all books
Totaya11 Aug, 2019 00:34(Edited 11 Aug, 2019 01:47)
Ahah yeah, some of thse are already in my post right now.

Exit from the crypt is pointless I think. You could get it literally few seconds after you started your game.

Glass Demon is already in.

For the Jack of the green's riddles, good idea. (done)

Life bottles already in.

Smash some mouses or some hands : why not, could be fun too.

Found and read all books : cant guarantee for this one, i'm not sure if the game has a value somewhere for that (since it immediately reset, and it's in different levels), gonna need some deeper look in the memory.
alessandrome11 Aug, 2019 16:09
How is it going? There will be the possibility to test them?

PS: i'm new on this type of development
Totaya12 Aug, 2019 00:13(Edited 12 Aug, 2019 02:33)
Nah you can't, you need to wait the official release.

I'm currently testing them, everything is fine by now :).

EDIT : fully tested. It should have no problems. The game is now ready :).
Renzokuken20 Aug, 2019 21:12(Edited 21 Aug, 2019 15:40)
About a week late, but what about an achievement for -no- chalices?
I'm not sure a no-chalice run is even viable, though.
Totaya20 Aug, 2019 21:59
It's possible, but I think achievements like that suits more bonus sets than normal sets.
Braek20 Aug, 2019 22:08
Great job, can't wait for this :)
MrBlackadder23 Aug, 2019 19:46
Just a name suggestion for the destroying all pods with the arm - No Arm Done?
Totaya23 Aug, 2019 19:50
I used "Pods slayer", but I do like your name suggestion. I'll probably use it then :).
MrBlackadder23 Aug, 2019 19:59(Edited 23 Aug, 2019 19:59)
That's my first suggestion that's ended up used (potentially). Glad you liked it! I live for bad jokes.
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