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Final Fantasy VIII

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Posted: 08 Nov, 2019 23:25
Personally I think the scan achievement is very nice. It's pretty much like comlpeting bestiary or something like that for any other remake. I think completionists will miss it if they remove the achievement (including me, whenever I find time to play it).

Posted: 25 Nov, 2019 17:46
Last Edit: 25 Nov, 2019 18:58
"Scan every enemy"

How boring and annoiyng. Those weird achievements of the "steam" version are no longer enough, you also come up with these weird ideas ...

In the same way, things like "play cards with each person in the world, bububu, etc"...

Oh God.

Posted: 25 Nov, 2019 17:58
The only bad thing about an "Scan-related" achievement, is that VIII doesn't have a Bestiary or something that we can keep track of which enemy we did Scan or not.
By the way, I have a lot of ideas for achievements that I wanted to see in a set...

Posted: 03 Dec, 2019 15:29
Here are my ideias for some challenging achievements!

Liberi Fatali - Defeat Ultimecia with the three characters she chose to fight
The Lion's Roar - Defeat Griever by using Shockwave Pulsar
You ARE a Lion - Defeat Griever-Ultimecia with the Lion Heart Limit Break
Succession of Witches - Defeat Ultimecia's Final Form using Apocalypse with Rinoa
Lion's Heart - Obtain Squall's Lion Heart on Disc 1
Star of Wishes - Obtain Rinoa's Shooting Star on Disc 1
Hyperactive Rowdy Punk - Obtain Zell's Ehrgeiz on Disc 1
Balamb's Dominatrix - Obtain Quistis's Save the Queen on Disc 1

Posted: 03 Dec, 2019 19:17
These are some pretty good suggestions (I especially like the naming scheme you're going with), I'll definitely add most (if not all) of them when I get started on the game again.

Do you have any more ideas?

Posted: 04 Dec, 2019 15:45
Yes I do! But I still have to think a little more hehe. Irvine's Ultimate Weapon, Exeter, can't be obtained on Disc 1 that's why I didn't put on it, but Selphie's Strange Vision can! I just haven't came up with a good name for the achievement.
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