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Chrono Cross


Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 04:20
Last Edit: 11 Mar, 2018 21:34
Official Topic Post for discussion about
Created 19 Nov, 2017 04:20 by

List of all developers interested in working on a set for this game:

Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 04:20
List of ideas/planned achievements:

Posted: 07 Mar, 2018 06:27
I would love to help with this one

Posted: 19 May, 2018 02:54
Last Edit: 19 May, 2018 03:54
Chrono Cross is my favorite game! The "Dialogue art" fits perfectly inside of a 64x64 image here:

Posted: 19 May, 2018 13:26
Having both blacksmiths combine efforts on new game plus would make a good cheev. Getting the final boss pattern right on your first try with the color code would too.

Posted: 16 Aug, 2018 21:13
Last Edit: 16 Aug, 2018 22:44
Hey, I'd like to help with this one. I love this game!

How can I help? You guys just write your ideas here, discuss it over Discord or what?
Whatever the methodo, I'm in! :)

Posted: 16 Aug, 2018 23:14
Last Edit: 16 Aug, 2018 23:15
That depends, do you want to help provide ideas? If so you can post them here and the developers will likely discuss if they'll make good achievements or not.

If you'd like to help develop the achievements you can be added to the list and depending on how they decide to do things you'll be kept in touch. If you decide to go this route I suggest developing for another game to get a feel for how the process works (Or even just developing your own local achievements for a game you like) so you're not completely helpless when they decide to work on the game.

Here's a link that should tell you the basics of becoming a developer:

Posted: 23 Jun, 2019 21:29
Individual character recruitment and having characters interact with their other world counterparts

Achievements for the different game paths, such as how you enter Viper Manor; how Kid gets the cure; etc.

An achievement for when you reach the Frozen Flame called "Le Trésor Interdit" as a nod to Radical Dreamers.


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