Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

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December 6 2022, 11:07pm

I see, well if that's the case then I suppose the need for providing save files just dropped significantly, thanks for clarifying!


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December 21 2022, 3:44am, edited February 23 2023, 6:00am

Revision Plan:
Missing Content:
- Get 105% completion.
- Defeat Cortex again after total completion and view the secret ending.

Boss Challenges:
- Beat Tiny Tiger without moving left or right and without taking damage.
- Beat Dingodile in less than 30 seconds and without taking damage.
- Beat N. Tropy with less than 20 jumps and without taking damage.
- Beat N. Gin with 90% of more life left.
- Beat Neo Cortex without jumping.

Crate/Wumpa Less:
- Beat Toad Village without breaking any box or collecting any wumpa fruit.
- Beat Orient Express without breaking any box.
- Beat Bone Yard without breaking more than 24 boxes.
- Beat Makin' Waves without breaking any box or ever letting go of the X button.
- Beat Gee Wiz without breaking any box or collecting any wumpa fruit.
- Beat Hang'Em high without breaking more than 2 boxes.
- Beat Tomb Time without breaking any box.
- Beat Midnight Run without breaking any box.
- Beat Dino Might without breaking more than 12 boxes. (This one is kinda hard)
- Beat High Time without breaking more than 4 boxes.
- Beat Double Header without breaking any boxes or collecting any wumpa fruit.
- Beat Sphynxinator without breaking more than 5 boxes.
- Beat Tell No Tales without braking any boxes or ever letting go of the X button.
- Beat Future Frenzy without breaking any boxes.
- Beat Tomb Wader without breaking any boxes.
- Beat Gone Tomorrow without breaking any boxes.
- Beat Flamming Passion without breaking any boxes.

All Boxes Deathless:
- Beat X with all boxes without dying. For all 30 levels with boxes, so 30 achievements.
Special Cases:
Motorcycle Levels and Rings Of Power: Break all boxes and finish 1st. Had to deprecate these because position is heavily pointer chained, I think these would be technically covered by just the platinum relics anyways.
Flying Levels: Break all boxes without going under 75% health.

Easter Eggs:
- Find Fake Crash in Toad Village.
- Find Fake Crash in Makin' Waves.

Miscellanious Challenges:
- Beat Bug Lite without using any fireflies.
- 100% the Spyro Demo. Accesing the Spyro demo.
- Get 99 lifes.

Relic achievement changes:
Instead of doing Get any relic in X level, do:
- Get all the Sapphire relics in World 1, 2... etc.
- Get all the Gold Relics in World 1, 2... etc.
- Leave Platinum Relics achievements as they are.

- Rescore where needed, as it really is unbalanced in this aspect.
- Leaderboards for time trials.
- New titles and description, as the old ones are very simple/have typos: "World 1 Boss Tiny", "Red Gem", "World 1 Gems", etc.
- Change the Hot Coco/Eggipus Rex relics to be their intended times.
+ Any other ideas people give me or I come up with while making the set, also any ideas here could change a little or just not happen.

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December 21 2022, 7:22pm

I was writing a big text bitching about deathless achievements when I saw the bosses, but then I remember Crash's bosses in general... Plus the fact the final boss forces you to do that anyways.

Now, I still have my grain of salt: giving the Crash 1 treatment to the game with deathless box completion: there's a reason why they removed it in later games. It's never fun to have to be perfect... Every played Crash 4? I'd be okay with this revision and even willing to accept the crate-less challenges despite Coco levels kinda sounding like nightmares, but having not to die at all for all levels sounds like pure pain. I don't want that.

The rest of the achievements sound like good ideas. Please consider my message, though. Maybe in a bonus set?
Unrelated, but if you're looking for assistance when it comes to naming achievements, I'd be more than happy to help.
Any idea when it's gonna go live, so I can ready up to defend my ranking?


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December 21 2022, 8:04pm

I think you are overating the difficulty of crash 3 deathless all boxes, first, it is the easier one of the original trilogy, by having short levels, dying in the bonus parts dont count as a death, and it also has overall less places to die, there is also the use of upgrades such as the bazooka, I am also not blocking the use of uka uka


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December 21 2022, 8:07pm

I also don't have an approximate time of arrival, and im always open to any creative help in achievement ideas/titles

Joined Aug 18, 2019

December 21 2022, 8:21pm

Guess so. I'm just sharing my opinion here. I just like to open a game and not have to worry about not messing up, as I already do that enough at work, but to each their own. If you're saying they're not that horrendous...

And yeh. Can always brainstorm that at some point
If you hang out in the Discord server we could discuss that through voice chat, or I can come back and submit my ideas later!

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December 28 2022, 6:20am

Deathless cheevos slowly killed the small motivation I had with Wrath of Cortex. So I'm glad I already mastered Warped before it got revisioned xP

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December 28 2022, 5:50pm

Deathless in Crash 3 is a Joke.
This game is so easy, in glad with more difficult and challenges achievements.

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December 28 2022, 9:35pm, edited December 30 2022, 8:49am

Can't wait to play through the main set again with more challenging trophies than just doing 105%.
This game is too easy, these new trophies will make the set more fun.

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December 30 2022, 6:52am

Out of the entire trilogy, crash 3 is the easiest with OP power-ups (fruit bazooka) and has the weakest SET. Bringing a deathless challenge with double jump, superspin and fruit bazooka doesn't seem to be so difficult, maybe in some stages, but I believe that in the end it will be very fun!

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December 30 2022, 3:23pm

a cool Easter Egg cheevo could be getting the two secret 1up's at the start of Tomb Time

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December 30 2022, 9:43pm

Definitely agree with David there


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January 4 2023, 4:44am, edited January 4 2023, 4:47am

Spreadsheet of my progress Here I will be marking off my progress, again, anyone is free to contact me for any ideas or creative help (Badges/Titles/Scoring) in DMs, or in discord Brylefi#1427


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February 22 2023, 3:46am

Badges were outvoted and replaced, here is a backup


Joined Feb 2, 2021

February 24 2023, 1:38am

Revision is done, I couldn't add some cheevos because of pointer chains and I had to modify some a little, hope people enjoy it
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