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Created 14 Oct, 2017 01:37 by gavmanwv3

1. Anticipation (USA).nes
Anticipation (U) [!].nes
Anticipation (1988-11)(Nintendo)(US).nes
RA Checksum: b6d2c6c3196dca33a689df4f02c9832e
ROM Checksum: d30a1064cdd6ddcc4f47e0b5197dffb3
CRC32 Checksum: 31D239D6

2. Anticipation (Europe).nes
Anticipation (E) [!].nes
RA Checksum: a51090f9622c4665b82937201c90d261
ROM Checksum: c374308cfe8dc38489bb520cc6fc4ea0
CRC32 Checksum: B5329F90


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I was without Internet for a couple of days, so I made a set for this as purely just ideas. Although I stink at programming, I love coming up with ideas and giving back to the community that has treated me so well. It would be nice to have some multiplayer achievements too, but in the meantime, here it is.

It is in order of Achievement Title / Achievement Description / Points. Sorry if it is a little messy, I cut and pasted from Excel, so pardon the mess.
Stage 2 Advance To Floor 2 5
Stage 3 Advance To Floor 3 5
Winner's Circle Finish Stage 3 and finish the game 10
Versus Victory Beat 1 Computer Opponent 5
Three Way Beat 3 Computer Opponents 20
Normalcy Finish a game on Normal (vs. CPU, win or lose) 10
The Hard Way Win A Game on Very Hard (vs. CPU) 100
100 Points Score 100 Points In A Game (vs. CPU) 10
300 Points Score 300 Points In A Game (vs. CPU) 20
500 Points Score 500 Points In A Game (vs. CPU) 30
Amazing Score Score 600 Points In A Game (vs. CPU) 50
Pick 6 Get A Picture Correct With The Dice on 6 10
4 Square Get All 4 Colors In A Floor In A Row Without Missing a Puzzle 25
You've Been Warned Miss A Letter 2
Connect The Dots Get A Dot Puzzle Correct Without Any Lines Being Drawn 20
Blind Ambition Get A Puzzle Correct With A Blank Canvas (non-dot puzzle) 30
Bottomed Out Keep A CPU player from going above the 1st floor 20
Spin Out Use A Gray Square on Stage 3 3
Controlling Your Destiny Use A Gray Square to pick the last square you need to win and get the puzzle correct 25


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October 14 2017, 2:49am

I had considered doing a set for this game, but couldn't come up with anything beyond the "complete each board" and "finish a puzzle quickly". You've definitely got some good ideas here, but I'd probably lower the points on several of those and only make a 200 (or 300) point set. Maybe I'll take another look at it in a couple weeks.


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October 30 2017, 3:25am

Achievements and Rich Presence added.

* Complete each board (x4)
* Win against at various combinations of CPU opponents and difficulties (x7)
* Winning challenges (x6)
* Puzzle challenges (x5)
* Board challenges (x8)

I've implemented thirteen of gavmanwv3's suggestions, expanded on some of them, and added a few of my own.


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