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Created 02 Jun, 2017 20:17 by Dexterspet

1. Color a Dinosaur (USA).nes
Color A Dinosaur (U) [!].nes
Color A Dinosaur (1993-07)(Virgin Interactive)(US).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 99dd1d23a46e68b7163dbc5bb69b9929
ROM Checksum: 6e83fc8e10924d6353b90b4c7ff436d6
CRC32 Checksum: 322A6CCA

Plus 1 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (2 total)
Color A Dinosaur (U) {[o1]}
Color A Dinosaur (1993-07)(Virgin Interactive)(US){[h Vimm][iNES title]}

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June 2 2017, 7:19pm

Please share all your amazing dinosaurs in this thread!

Here's one of my personal favorites!

Wow! Isn't that one cool dino? He certainly is a sight for dino-sore eyes!


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June 2 2017, 8:17pm

How did you get all those weird gaps on the main body? It does a really good job of creating a neat lighting effect, but on mine it's all just the same, and it looks really flat.

Otherwise, I would suggest using different colors for limbs that are closer to the background, that way they appear to be shaded differently. Either way, this is looking really good so far, and I hope you will improve as time goes by! Well, I mean, I don't mean to say it like this isn't an improvement already, I just mean that you always improve after your first one no matter how good you do, so it can only get better from here! =) =) =) I definitely like the horizontal stripes for the mouth, it offsets the vertical stripes of the main body, but see, you do have that tooth as the same color, so already there is a smallllll thing that could be improved upon. But don't worry, it's just a small thing, it's good, I like it!

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June 2 2017, 8:59pm

The gaps on the body are, in fact, a HYPER ADVANCED dinosaur coloring technique. You have to color it one color and then color on top of THAT color with the patterned colors. It takes a long time to master the art of mixing colors like that so that is why I decided to make that dinosaur my #1 dino of the day!

I am always looking to improve upon my colored dinosaurs, and I hope I can learn a lot from everybody sharing their dinosaurs and techniques!

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June 3 2017, 12:26am

I think the rich presence script should mention which type of dinosaur you are coloring!

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June 3 2017, 12:50am

I have taken your suggestion and edited the RPS accordingly.

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June 3 2017, 2:17am, edited June 3 2017, 2:19am

Here is mine, I coloured her with all the colours and she's beautiful.

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June 3 2017, 2:20am

That's so colorful and refined, using palettes the lesser skilled can't even perceive. You've truly reached a new height in dinosaur coloring this day.

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June 3 2017, 3:11am

And the musical score was composed by Tommy Tallarico of Earthworm Jim and Wild 9 Fame. What an artist to have the privilege to listen to while selecting a dinosaur to render the color to a such a fine palette the designers picked for us.

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November 2 2017, 12:47am

Good set. Reduced to 50 points.

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November 2 2017, 1:40am, edited November 2 2017, 1:40am

I'm glad I was asked before you did that. Top dino-props.

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November 2 2017, 2:02am, edited November 2 2017, 2:05am

put it back if you want. The change seems appropriate to me.


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February 4 2023, 6:18am, edited February 4 2023, 6:33am

When are we getting a bonus subset where white is the only color allowed, you have to color every part of the dinosaur, AND it has to be in freehand mode? I have nothing but contempt for the world.

I identified this important memory and left a code note. There is now no reason that one of the most frustrating subsets can't be made.


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The icon has been outvoted and replaced. Here is a backup of the previous one:


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Limited Scope/Limited Substance game so I have set all achievements to Progression type.

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