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Posted: 20 Jul, 2017 02:43
How can I help with this? Can anyone give me a hint?

Posted: 20 Jul, 2017 02:46
this game is almost complete.

Posted: 22 Jul, 2017 03:31
Last Edit: 29 Jul, 2017 14:32
Sorry about pacifist. I really wish it could have been done.

To the rest of this thread, kill based achievements cannot be a thing because the level object table moves around in dynamic memory, tracked by a pointer at a fixed location. Cheevos is unable to follow struct pointers. We gave my theory a test with a savestate, the location of the table changes when entering a different world and then coming back to the tracked world.

We'd talked about the validity of giving cheevos an upgrade by using a comment to mark a revision number, so that old games would work with a new engine. This is a dynamic memory issue with achievements and cheevos, and following datastructure pointers is a feature I really wish to be added to the cheevos system. The system would unfortunately have to be worked into a new syntax structure, from discussions on Discord. Unfeasably complex to the devs working on cheevos, unfortunately.


Posted: 29 Jul, 2017 14:32
I will put it very simply this way:

For any achievement that is level specific, the memory is unloaded when you leave the map. You MUST design a wrapper, that is to say, a uniform map ID checker set of conditions when programming any of these style of achievements in Banjo. If Banjo is not on the map and submap in question, you should never begin checking for enemy states, tile completion, Clankers Key, etc., because the data is unitialized until Banjo is on the map you're tracking the achievements for until he is actually there.

1. [ original conditional block for grunty tiles, iron lung, etc , except for the LAST condtiion]
2. Reset HitFlag if Banjo is not actually on the map.
3. Reset HitFlag if Banjo leaves the map to attend to something else, as an example, ResetIf Level map, submap changes from furnace fun to room before furnace fun, ResetIf Level map, submap changes from Clanker's Cavern to Inisde Clanker or Pipe room in Gruntila's lair.
4. [ origianl conditional block's LAST unlock condition, that is to say, the one which would give the full number of htis to the player to unlock. ]

This prevents any uninitialized (though very static when loaded in) memory from being mistook for a completion, or failure in Iron Lung's case. (since you can dive in Treasure Trove cove and an uninitialized memory location could very well look like clanker's key to the current set).

Posted: 02 Aug, 2017 22:07
Are any devs of this set interested in making Rich Presence?

Posted: 14 Mar, 2018 01:47
Last Edit: 14 Mar, 2018 01:54
It looks like the answer is no but that's alright, I went ahead and took care of this game's rich presence. For the sake of documentation here's a backup of the original RP:

Banjo and Kazooie are getting jiggy with it.

Rich presence by kdecks

Posted: 29 Apr, 2018 16:33
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2018 17:29

Posted: 29 Apr, 2018 18:01
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2018 18:02
I'd like to think we have more creativity than to shamelessly rip off another company's achievement ideas.

Posted: 29 Apr, 2018 18:27
Puh-lease those achievements are official! What's the problem?

Posted: 29 Apr, 2018 18:31
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2018 21:10
should be named "I'm the Egg Cheater"
should be named "Fine Feathered Cheat"
should be named "The Last Cheat"

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 18:57
I made a new icon for the game, need an admin to approve it! Here's the link for it :

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 19:37
Last Edit: 05 Jun, 2018 19:40
Changed the game's icon with one made by .

Old Icon

New Icon

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 19:50
Thanks a lot BenGhazi! I hope everyone likes it :)

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 19:53
Much better! thanks Zyndeyqualarrin!

Posted: 01 Sep, 2018 01:50
Last Edit: 01 Sep, 2018 01:51
I saw someone changing the names of the cheevos! take a look at the original:
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