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Posted: 25 May, 2017 04:29
Last Edit: 25 May, 2022 14:55

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Created 25 May, 2017 05:29 by MarcusVinicius


Missables Flagged
Yes. * at the end of achievement titles

Banjo-Kazooie (USA).z64  
Banjo-Kazooie (U) (V1.0) [!].z64  
Banjo-Kazooie Rev 0 (1998)(Nintendo - Rare)(US).bin  
RA Checksum: b29599651a13f681c9923d69354bf4a3
CRC32 Checksum: AD429961

This set is cheat-protected against the following cheats:
- Infinite Lives
- Infinite Blue Eggs
- Infinite Red Feathers
- Infinite Golden Feathers
- Infinite Air Underwater
- 99 Mumbo Tokens
- Instant 8 Honeycombs

Using any of these cheats will block all other achievements.

Posted: 26 May, 2017 04:03
Last Edit: 26 May, 2017 04:04

-Complete the Spiral Mountain tutorials

-Collect all Gruntilda's Lair jiggies

-Collect All Mumbo's Mountain jiggies

-Collect all Mumbo's Mountain notes

-Treasure Trove Cove jiggies

-TTC notes

-Clanker's Cavern jiggies

-CC notes

-Bubblegloop Swamp jiggies

-BS notes

-Freezeezy Peak jiggies

-FP notes

-Gobi's Valley jiggies

-GV notes

-Mad Monster Mansion jiggies

-MMM notes

-Rusty Bucket Bay jiggies

-RBB notes

-Click Clock Wood jiggies

-CCW notes

-Clear Grunty's Furnace Fun

-Clear every section on the GFF board

-Clear GFF with no damage/lives lost

-Defeat Gruntilda

-Get the 100% ending

-Get all of Mumbo's main transformations (termite, walrus, croc, bee, pumpkin)

-Get the joke transformation scenes (washing machine & t-rex)

-Clear all of Bottles' hidden puzzles

-Get all of the hidden transformations (big head, washing machine, etc.)

-Enter Cheatos' secret codes

-Enter 1 of the really secret codes

-Make Gruntilda erase your save file

-Acquire all Stop n' Swap items

-Max out the health bar

-Collect 9 lives
Posted: 26 May, 2017 04:08

Isn't stop and swap only doable in the XBLA version?
Posted: 26 May, 2017 12:14

You can still get all the eggs and the ice key in the original, you just can't carry the items over to Tooie.
Posted: 02 Jun, 2017 00:58

You can only get the Stop N Swop items by entering cheat codes at Treasure Trove Cove, the codes never even being told in-game.
Posted: 02 Jun, 2017 04:30

instead of both how about an optional to save time

- Get the joke transformation scenes (Washing machine or T-rex)

- Get one of the hidden transformations (big head, washing machine, etc.)

- Enter atleast 1 of Cheatos secret codes

This would be more suitable and less time wasting due to bad RNG to average gamers, while still requiring extra effort on their part.
Posted: 02 Jun, 2017 18:03

Ideas achievements : Complete 100% Furnace Fun
Posted: 04 Jun, 2017 03:37

Posted: 26 Jun, 2017 01:36

I just wanted to throw these sadistic ideas out there:

Flawless - Complete the game without getting hit

Pacifist - Complete the game without defeating a single enemy (except Grunty, of course)

God Tier - Win Mr. Vile's second challenge without using Turbo Trainers

What's a Hollow Honeycomb? - Complete the game without extending the Life Bar once

The Little Washing Machine That Could - Collect X amount of Jiggies as Wishy Washy

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge!- Collect the Jiggy inside Clanker with the fast spinning fans without the use of Gold Feathers and without taking damage.

Iron Lung - Release Clanker without coming up for air or using Gloop's bubbles

Grabbin' Grabba's Great Glimmering Gold - Collect Grabba's Jiggy without the use of Turbo Trainers
Posted: 28 Jun, 2017 08:42

For Flawless and Pacifist, that would require completing the entire game in one session, which given the size of it is not feasible.

God Tier isn't actually as sadistic as you might think, I do that every time I play the XBLA version!

Not sure if Iron Lung or Grabba are actually POSSIBLE, and Dodge is FAR too difficult to be worth it, but all could theoretically be coded if they are doable.

I'm not sure if Washing Machine is a skin or not... if it IS, that may be a way to check for Bottles Bonus completion (since that's the LAST one he gives), though people would have to leave some easy Jiggies for later.

Honeycomb is DEFINITELY something that should be implemented, though I can't imagine Grunty will be anything short of aggravating (stupid shots while releasing Jinjos grumble grumble)...
Posted: 28 Jun, 2017 18:21

I can say Grabba is possible, but pretty tough to do. And Dodge isn't as hard as it sounds (there is a very easy consistent trick to do it).

I just played the XBLA version and can confirm Iron Lung is possible, however it was much easier than I had remembered.
Posted: 05 Jul, 2017 00:36

There needs to be an achievement for staring at the ice key for at least ten seconds. Back then we were all wondering what the hell it was.
Posted: 10 Jul, 2017 23:13
Last Edit: 10 Jul, 2017 23:27

Consider naming the Stop n' Swap 'really secret' achievement to 'It's a secret'. Just a jab at the 'Advant', unused Project Dream track that is played in the egg areas (raised sharkbite, Gobi's Tomb, behind the stained glass in HM, through the barrel, and in the igloo when the Ice Key is accessible).

I had suggested Hardcore blocks for some cheat codes that can be entered, like infinite eggs, feathers, health, and no fall damage. Its unfortunate that a hardcore toggle is not implementable. Such a system could perma-block anyone from starting a new file to not cheat, as an example. Lovely Rareware, including in-game cheat codes. :p

Upvote for no honeycomb runs.

No damage can be done with the exception of Grunty Final Boss's cheap shots that are technically difficult to avoid. You'd need to do camera manips to keep the game's framerate sound by looking away from her energy shots to properly avoid them during the Jinjo section.

I have done Blade Dodger with no damage, and there is indeed a consistent setup It requires an angled talon trot that only has about 10 degrees of forgiveness. You can hug the right side of the pipe to get the best window to avoid damage, then angle yourself towards the blade going toward the left side of the pipe, and speed hop through it in talon trot by giving the A button subtle taps. Its hard, but do-able, which makes a good achievement unlock. It is not as hard theoretically to unlock as some achievements I have seen on this website - Example: "Crono Trigger - Crazy Cat lady", which takes 12 hours of in-game grinding to unlock. An hour spent in Clanker's Cavern getting that section perfect isn't a big deal to me.

Heck, I did God Tier as a child, because obviously at that time period limited access to the internet, and I hadn't figured out how to unlock the turbo trainers, so I'd winged it. You can use Vile's collision box to push you into the next fruit. When he is colliding with you it basically overrides your max speed value for a bit.

Does max health also include double health, or just obtaining every honeycomb piece? I was contemplating suggesting splitting that in two for "All honeycomb pieces", and "Double the Pain" for the red, doubled health indicator you are awarded for collecting all 900 notes.
Posted: 13 Jul, 2017 16:42
Last Edit: 13 Jul, 2017 16:59

When these will be available?
Posted: 18 Jul, 2017 03:55
Last Edit: 18 Jul, 2017 04:47

Hey Marcus, I just submitted a whole bunch of code notes relating to Grill Chompas in Clanker's Cavern. These examples are for a "Pipecleaner" achievement in Clanker's cavern, and match specific addresses in the Object Model 1 RDRAM storage range (the area of memory which stores loaded world objects). They look for a state change of 0x18, meaning that the enemy has been killed. Having the addresses I have given you (10 in total so far in grill chompa slots) will help you with world-specific pacifist run achievements. Simply check every 384 bytes for 0x18 from the top of the Object Model 1 stack I located earliest at: 0x1c132b.

An enemy which can be killed from Rareware's Object Model 1 stack (also used in DK64):

will start in state 0x04, at 'idle',
0x06-0x09: 'Walking', 'Wandering', or 'taunting' states depending on how many of these an enemy has programmed,
0x0a: 'startled' when it catches sight of banjo,
0x10: 'giving chase', when it begins taking a path toward him,
0x12: 'attacking' when it sees Banjo within the range of the length of its arm bones [in behavior table].
0x14: 'damage', the state the enemy is it whilst it takes damage from banjo.
and the aformentioned 0x18: 'dead'.

The pointer before this value is irreverent to RA, but its interesting to note this is a program pointer to a behavior program for each class of enemy. They all have unique, object-oriented ways in which they behave, and their own R3400i programs to match.

I hope this makes your roadblock over Pacifist much easier.
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