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Pokemon Snap

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Posted: 25 May, 2017 04:04
Last Edit: 25 Aug, 2019 17:08
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Created 25 May, 2017 05:04 by

1. Pokemon Snap (USA).z64
Pokemon Snap (U) [!].z64
Pokemon Snap (1999)(HAL Laboratory - Nintendo)(US).bin
RA Checksum: fc3c9329b7cdd67cf7650abf63b9a580
CRC32 Checksum: 86A69756

2. nus-npfe-0.u1
RA Checksum: 9b10b9d70dac67ae40953148fbe9cb96
CRC32 Checksum: DF387848

' )" onmouseout='UnTip()' href='https://

Game Manual
Achievement Guide


Unlinked ROMs which are current known/assumed to be incompatible

1. Pokemon Snap (Spain).z64
Pokemon Snap (S) [!].z64
Pokemon Snap (2000)(HAL Laboratory - Nintendo)(ES).bin
RA Checksum: a45d7115be5a06fd1567f9f913c3bdf8
CRC32 Checksum: 371B787F

2. Pokemon Snap (France).z64
Pokemon Snap (F) [!].z64
Pokemon Snap (2000)(HAL Laboratory - Nintendo)(FR).bin
RA Checksum: e9028f9ccc307806695dd81742d05d5d
CRC32 Checksum: EC843586

3. Pokemon Snap (Germany).z64
Pokemon Snap (G) [!].z64
Pokemon Snap (2000)(HAL Laboratory - Nintendo)(DE).bin
RA Checksum: 144b8906dc40534cfbef6d7b994a982b
CRC32 Checksum: 10C27B3C

4. pokemon snap (spain).bin
RA Checksum: e845272b8a282ae4051676574405ec13
CRC32 Checksum: 426A1919

5. Pokemon Snap (Europe).z64
Pokemon Snap (E) [!].z64
Pokemon Snap (2000)(HAL Laboratory - Nintendo)(EU).bin
RA Checksum: f2a8106403d2bf9350bfeab08689d54a
CRC32 Checksum: F824A057

[Edit by Flara: Updated resource links, added link to game manual, added link to achievement guide. 29/01]

Posted: 25 May, 2017 10:50
This game may be harder to do than we thought. We can't get the secrets to work, the pictures just do not register. I never created this thread yet for that reason.

Posted: 26 Sep, 2018 13:35
Last Edit: 26 Sep, 2018 13:36
Planning a set. Kdecks... has been a great help with the memory searching and has told me I can do it.

Ideas and tentative achievement list.

Posted: 08 Oct, 2018 03:28
Last Edit: 08 Oct, 2018 06:54
So I was helping in the set. Found a whole bunch of useful addresses. I've also made leaderboard for every single pokemon, best score and those are live.

I still intend to make some NG+ leaderboards. I'll get to that later.

Now some Poke Snap fan art from reddit

Good luck ikki! I may add one or two achievements to the final set (already discussed with ikki5). We'll see.

Posted: 18 Oct, 2018 00:16
Last Edit: 18 Oct, 2018 00:24
Okay, as promised, I've added the NG+ challenge leaderboards, one for each stage. The are only available after you've beaten the game. That makes for a total of 71 leaderboards.

These are with absolutely the most competitive of the leaderboards. During one course you're judged on the best scores of the total of all your shots (60 max) multiplied by the number of Pokemon shot.

I've made an effort to reduce the number of popups to a minimum by the leaderboards only appearing if you have an improved score. I still recommend turning off at least the challenge notification, and maybe the other two.

The tagline of Pokemon Snap should have been "Shooting Pokemon is a blast!" They really missed an opportunity.

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 23:35
I want achievements for this game

this game is not impossible because Banjo-Tooie has a set

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 23:50
calm down MaddieKittyTV, its not like we're a factory and you can go around demanding games - take your time, we have a huge list of suported games. The rest will be added sooner or later.

Posted: 25 Jan, 2019 16:57
Last Edit: 25 Jan, 2019 17:50
(main dev) and I are near the end of Development for Pokemon snap.

If you have any other achievement ideas now's the best time to suggest them to get them in.

Current plans:

Posted: 25 Jan, 2019 23:55
I never played this one back in the days or recently. Looking for it, the inner 90's kid inside of me can't wait !

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 01:10
Just saw you were working on this set on the main page and I'm crazy excited, thanks to you and for working on pushing this set out!

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 01:16
It's coming along :)

Kdeck and I have been chugging away at it at a good pace and we are close to testing stuff now so it should not be too much longer.

Posted: 30 Jan, 2019 03:51
Last Edit: 30 Jan, 2019 03:52
Ikki5 just published the set! Great work!

Just wanted to say:

Because many Pokemon leaderboards get submitted in quick succession, I'd recommend to turn off some leaderboard notifications. Emulator RetroAchievements Menubar -> Leaderboards Display -> Challenge Notification, and maybe turn off the others too.

Posted: 30 Jan, 2019 04:15
Bloody legends, appreciate the hard work getting this set out!

Posted: 30 Jan, 2019 04:42
If there are any problems, let us know and submit a ticket. Some address... may not be fully stable :P

Hope you all enjoy! :D

Posted: 30 Jan, 2019 19:49
I can't submit photos of PkMn Signs, Can anyone help me?
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